There's a certain North vs South divide that seems to exist within the country of England, and it's something that'll probably never go away. Some people will take it more seriously than others, whereas a few will decide to be quite light-hearted about the situation.

Today, we thought that we'd get rid of a few myths on the southern side of things. A few of these points may seem a bit contradictory in comparison to arguments we've made in the past, but upon reflection, these are the conclusions that we have come to.

Apologies in advance, North vs South warriors.

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10 Everyone Is Posh

This is a silly thing that silly people say because the term ‘posh’ is so broad that you can’t really use it to generalize an entire half of the population.

The variety of accents down south ensures that the myth of everyone being posh quickly gets put to bed once people actually visit the area. The Cornish have different accents, the Cockney accent is hardly posh, and if you count Gloucestershire as being fairly southern, then you’re in for a treat.

Of course, there’s also ‘behaving’ posh, which is usually associated with high-end education and another stereotype that is pretty ridiculous.

9 Football Fans Aren’t As Passionate

The most successful football (or soccer) clubs in English football traditionally come from the north in the eyes of a lot of fans, with Manchester United, Liverpool, Leeds United, Everton, and Manchester City being shining examples of that. Alas, while that may partly be true, it hardly seems fair to immediately suggest that southern football fans aren’t as passionate as a result.

Arsenal and Tottenham alone make up a strong contingent in London, with the dedication of West Ham United fans being well documented.

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8 Cornwall Is Perfect

Cornwall features some of the most breathtaking sights and sounds to be found across the entirety of England, and that much is obvious. However, even with that being the case, we would certainly push back against the idea that it is a perfect county.

One of the primary reasons for this lies in the fact that the Cornish people are quite ‘proud’ of their roots, to the point where a vote for independence from England has been suggested on more than one occasion. If you move there, and you aren’t actually from Cornwall, it almost feels like you’re a bit of an outcast.

Plus, not every town and village is as innocent as you may think with Bodmin being a name that immediately comes to mind.

7 People Aren’t As Tough

Some of the most intimidating and well-respected MMA fighters, boxers, and Olympians come from the south of England, which instantly negates the idea that people from the south aren’t tough.

Also, we find the criteria for such a title to be quite odd. It’s almost as if people think that being more eager to deal with confrontation marks a tough individual when in reality, there’s so much more to it than that.

Strength is a thing of perception, and the idea that this can be properly measured between area codes is bizarre.

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6 The Weather Is Better

By definition, the weather for a certain location is considered to be better if it’s hotter or just generally a little bit warmer. That seems a little bit conclusive, but there we go.

That’s especially the case in Britain, where the weather tends to be a little bit colder than most countries throughout most of the year.

The average low temperature in Liverpool in January is 2.4 degrees Celsius, whereas, in Southampton, it is 2.9 degrees Celsius. While that may mean the world to a lot of folks, we don’t tend to believe that half a degree indicates a substantial change from pillar to post.

Plus, it doesn’t matter where you are in England, because it’s going to rain regardless – with the wind being much worse in the south.

5 The Cotswolds Are Boring

Regardless of whether you’re in Cirencester, Tetbury, Upper Slaughter, Nailsworth, or beyond, we can’t think of anywhere in the Cotswolds that we’d continue to be out and out boring.

It all depends on what you like to see and do, but there’s still a vibrant atmosphere in the Cotswolds regardless of the people who think that it’s where most elderly folks go to live out their glory years.

Whether it’s National Trust houses or quaint little towns and villages, it’s absolutely adorable down there.

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4 It’s Safer

When taking into consideration ASB, burglary, robbery, shoplifting, vehicle, and many more genres, the total figure for crime in June 2019 for Greater Manchester was 32,058. As a direct contrast, the same figure for London was 95,834.

These numbers alone can’t dictate the truth, but the amount of news stories that we see about knife crime in London certainly sticks in your mind.

There are issues throughout the country as you’d probably expect, but it seems to be a more prevalent issue than ever before in places like the capital.

3 Everyone Lives In Mansions

The argument that there’s more money, and therefore more wealthy individuals in the south than in the north, just doesn’t hold up. A multitude of companies continue to re-locate up to places like Manchester and Liverpool, whereas London isn’t considered to be quite as much of a financial hub as it once was just a few short years ago.

Council houses and rough areas are littered throughout the nation, and this stigma that states the working class only originates from the north needs to be put to rest once and for all.

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2 The Drinks Aren’t As Good

Alcohol is alcohol and if you enjoy the odd tipple, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to enjoy the drinks wherever you are.

There are inventive, high profile and generally unique drinks to be found up and down the country, and if you’re more interested in the old classics, then that’s okay too.

There are no limitations in play here, and the same goes for soft drinks. It’s not like you’re going to be banned from having something just because of the area you may find yourself in. That just makes no sense.

1 Life Is More Lavish

While the standard city culprits are well known for being pretty expensive and glamourous, all you need to do is look at the disposable income of cities in the country to learn that people don’t go around splashing their cash as much as you’d think.

In fact, you’ll soon see that living further towards the north tends to be of a greater benefit for people if they want to live a lifestyle that caters to those who enjoy being a bit more "out there".

Everyone can have a good time regardless of where you’re from, but the south isn’t as much of a land of opportunity as you may think.

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