South America is a continent full of beautiful surprises and many destinations for tourists. Although many people may not talk about this Caribbean region as expected, there is much to experience. The continent has 13 countries, there is a lot of diversity, natural features, culture, man-made attractions, and so much to enjoy.

Many happy memories have been and will continue to be made, in South America. Whether one wants forests, tropical beaches, vibrant cities, or the lush countryside there is somewhere in South America that caters to that wish!

Here is a list of the top-visited countries by tourists in South America.

10 Argentina

Argentina is a beautiful country full of many amazing places to tour and things to do. In 2019, the country received more than 7 million tourists making it the most visited region for that year. Argentina's capital Buenos Aires is a great and lively city that helped the country gain this high number of visitors.

Other wonders of the country such as the Patagonia, Andes, lake district, great landscapes, and friendly people contributed greatly to the high number of visitors.

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9 Brazil

In 2019, Brazil received more than 6.4 million tourists making it the second visited country in South America. Brazil is a big country, and there are many destinations that attract visitors. One of them is Rio de Janeiro which received the highest number of visitors, some staying while others are moving to various locations in the country.

Brazil is also made up of many natural attractions such as beaches and landscapes. With the Amazon region growing in popularity, many visitors are touring the area to enjoy the attractions. Iguazu Falls fetched a high number of tourists in the year.

8 Chile

Chile is a country with a mixture of attractions. Its nature makes it stunning and an attraction to many visitors. The country's land cover is made up of a long stretch of over 4,000 kilometers yet with a width of just 200 kilometers. However, the place is quiet, peaceful, and full of dramatic landscapes.

In 2019, Chile received 4.5 million tourists. The highlight of the country is the Atacama Desert, which received many visitors due to its martian and lunar terrains. Another area is the Patagonian region, capital Santiago, Andean peaks, and the artsy Valparaiso.

7 Peru

Peru is a popular country in the South American continent. It is a country that received over 4.4 million tourists in 2019. What makes Peru so popular is its high number of attractions to visitors. The first one is Machu Picchu which provides the highest number of visitors.

Additionally, the country has a unique culture and way of life that attracts tourists interested in people’s way of living. People also like to visit the Iquitos region in Peru.

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6 Colombia

Although it is ranked 5th with around 4.2 million visitors in 2019, Colombia is a country steadily growing and boosting its tourism activities. As a result, more and more people are identifying the country and willing to visit it. One of the key factors that are contributing to this is an increase in safety levels in the country.

Colombia also has good cities providing a great environment for urban tourists. Medellin and Bogota are the largest and most popular cities in Colombia. The old city of Cartagena has also appeared as a preferred destination for many visitors. This is because the town is along the magnificent Caribbean coastline and has a great coastal culture.

5 Ecuador

Although Ecuador has not been very well known across the world in the recent past, the country has gained great popularity, and many visitors are going there. Ecuador has grown with time, and now it enjoys great peace, and visitors are safe. As a result, it is receiving millions of visitors per year.

The country is made up of beautiful landscapes that are perfect for adventure and hiking enthusiasts. There are many rivers, mountains, and valleys to cross with many wild animals. One of the most visited destinations in Ecuador is the Galapagos Islands. Visitors can enjoy beach life and see a lot of marine wildlife.

4 Bolivia

Bolivia is a country rich in various attractions ranging from their beautiful natural landscapes to amazing architecture, great people, culture, food, and even islands. The country has received a rise in the number of tourists in recent years.

One of the main attractions in Bolivia is Lake Titicaca. The lake is known to be the largest on the continent. Other areas include Uros floating islands which are man-made. Tourists also enjoy visiting Bolivia for its architecture and history in the villages. There are plenty of cuisines to try and enjoy as well.

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3 Venezuela

Although Venezuela has been experiencing some political problems in the past, the country still has many attractions that get visitors there. It is a country that enjoys great weather and fantastic nature. As a result, visitors enjoy the treat of touring various wildlife destinations and exploring natural biodiversity.

Additionally, the country is rich in a special culture that is an attraction. One of the most visited areas in Venezuela is the Angel Falls. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the world. Along the way, there are mountains, rivers, and grasslands to enjoy.

2 Cuba

Cuba is yet another very well visited country in South America. Although Cuba is far away from the rest of the countries, it receives millions of visitors every year. One of the biggest attractions to Cuba is its culture. The country still has a lot of ancient cultures, such as horse riding and the use of classic cars.

In Cuba, there are many places for hiking, water rafting, horse riding, and zip-lining. Other things a tourist can do in Cuba include visiting Chocolate making plants. Havana is the most visited place, and it is beautiful with magnificent old architecture.

1 Paraguay

Paraguay is also a well-visited country in South America. The country has several destinations that are worth visiting, and many people realize that. Top on the list include Monday Falls, Encarnacian, Ybycuí National Park, Asuncian, Itaugua and Iguazu Falls.

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