Being among the most diverse countries one can ever imagine, Kenya's beauty features savannah, mountain highlands, amazing people and cultures, Lakelands, and a booming tourism industry. Some of its incredible spots are wonders of nature, others are man-made, and the rest are mysterious enough to be captured on Instagram! These Intagrammable spots are worth exploring.

10 The African Heritage House

The most beautiful African art collection is housed in this most photographed spot located in Mlolongo, just outside Nairobi. Alan Donovan, an American Architect, and designer owns this stunning exhibition house. Here, travelers can have access to modern amenities with the most amazingly decorated rooms. And it is not only restricted to overnight stays. Tourists can always enjoy day tours, as well as, some of the most delicious Kenyan meals! Built by utilizing a combination of beautiful African architectural fashions, this spot should feature in every traveler’s Instagram feed.

9 Toi Market

Located in Kibra, Nairobi, over 5000 traders call this market a home. Toi Market is a ‘network’ of shops and stalls that offers almost everything one needs for everyday life survival. All types of food, new and second-hand clothes, beddings, and accessories are found in this market. Lovers of colorful African fabric can visit the many shops here and snap some photos for their Instagram! Plans are, however, underway to change this beautiful place into commercial shopping centers. Don’t be left out!

8 Giraffe Manor

Who wouldn’t want to experience the most beautiful spot in Kenya? Ever imagined waking up only to have breakfast with a giraffe? This is probably the most unique and incredible safari experience any traveler can ever have! Although it is an activity exclusively set aside for travelers staying overnight at the Giraffe Manor. Viewing these beautiful creatures and taking photos as they lope across the lawns of the manor and peer through its windows is beautiful and no tourist should ever miss. While direct interaction with these wild giraffes isn’t allowed, the spot is worth visiting and even captured for an Instagram story.

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7 Chyulu Hills National Park

Found in Makueni County, this park was described as the “Green Hills of Africa” by Hemingway Ernest, an American author, and travelers can enjoy various adventurous activities here. One can go hiking, view Mt. Kilimanjaro from the park, bird watching, and go horse riding. Its volcanic scenery is captivating, and adventure lovers can enjoy taking photos as they experience the park's beautiful nature.

6 Ngong Hills

Looking for a place to enjoy the safest outdoor activities with family, while connecting with beautiful nature and taking some of the most attractive pictures for your Instagram? Look no further! While it takes a traveler some time trekking and a little bit of sweat to have the best view, the hustle is worth it!

5 Kitengela Glass Art

Just near the famous Nairobi National Park, is located Kitengela Glass, parked with glass art, mosaic pathways, and sculptures. Visitors can go swimming, attend glass mosaic classes, and enjoy horse riding! With those colorful lights, crushed ice furniture, and some beautiful chandeliers, this spot is truly magical, and it's an ideal place to take a perfect Instagram shot.

4 Nairobi Railway Museum

The Kenyan railways made a significant contribution in making Nairobi the beautiful city it is today, and this museum's exhibits display trains as well the pictures showing the struggle put in developing the railway system. Start with visiting the exhibition inside and then head outside to have a view of the brilliant trains with beautiful backgrounds, one of which was featured in the famous “Out of Africa” American film. Visitors are not restricted, so climbing the locomotives and taking pictures is allowed! Tourists can have the most fascinating experience in this stunning historic safari spot.

3 Giraffe Centre

The endangered Rothschild Giraffe is housed in this spot. It was founded as the core breeding center for the endangered Rothschild Giraffe in 1979. Other than a peaceful atmosphere, travelers can enjoy various activities, including hand-feeding these beautiful creatures. Stopping over in Nairobi for a day or two? Be sure to pass through the Giraffe Centre! This place will rock your world – thanks to the beautiful and gentle creatures. Nothing can be more fun than a giraffe kiss and capturing the moments for Instagram.

  • Location: 3.1 miles from Nairobi’s city center.
  • Hours: Always opened every day, including during weekends and public holidays between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EAT.

2 Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

This organization works towards ensuring environmental conservation, zero poaching, and animal health care. It is home to baby elephants, rhinos, and other animals orphaned in the wild. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust offers these wild animals an opportunity to join new families. Travelers can view and interact with animals in this ‘orphanage’. This place is beyond amazing, and tourists can learn a lot and take the perfect Instagram pictures.

  • Visiting hours: 11:00 and 12:00

1 Lamu Island

Filled with beautiful beaches, fascinating architecture, and amazing history, visitors can have the most memorable travel experience on Lamu Island. One can never know the beauty this historic spot brings until they pay a visit. And leaving cameras behind would be a big mistake as this place is full of life worth featuring in every tourist’s Instagram story.

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