Aside from her cultural diversity, India is also home to some major haunted sites in the world. The events believed to have taken place at these sites have been passed on as popular culture and folk tales. As time passed, these stories have gained some credibility owing to the fear they have instilled in the people of recent generations.

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You might ask, are these sites really haunted? Well, we are in no position to judge that but if events reported by locals are to go by, then these sites may be actually haunted. These sites are believed to be where spirits of people who died from disastrous causes still reside. These causes could be suicides, gruesome murders, curses and so on. These spirits are believed to be the cause of the paranormal activity at these locations. We bring you the 10 most haunted sites in India.

10 Bhangra Fort (The Ghost City of Bhangarh), Rajasthan

Believed to be the most haunted place in India, the dark mystery of this fort instills fear in the locals residing around it. The construction of this fort dates back to the 17th century. As the legend goes, the city was cursed by a holy man who threatened that if the construction of the new site casts a shadow over his abode, he would destroy the entire town. Eventually, the newly constructed palace did cast a shadow over his home and it was said that he did curse the entire village. Many believe that he was buried in this fort and his ghost still haunts the site to this day.

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9 Sharniwarda Fort, Pune

This fort is a common historic location in India and it is quite popular for the haunting story of the gruesome murder of a young prince by his relatives. It is said that the young prince's uncle sent assassins to him in the middle of the night but before he was killed, he ran to his uncle’s room and shouted: “Uncle save me." It is said that on the night of every full moon, people hear a voice saying “Uncle save me” echoing from the fort. The tale of this fort has caught the eye of many all over the world, which has made it a popular tourist site.

8 Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Although, the state hosts a number a large density of population and have some of the most expensive hotels, Kuldhara is a large village that has been deserted. It is popularly known as the abandoned ghost village and there are different stories to the ghost claim. One of the most believed legends is the twisted love story between a tax-collection minister who developed an interest in an unwilling girl in the village. He threatened to increase the tax rate unless the girl accepted his proposal. Although he got what he wanted, the villagers cursed the minister after which they vanished in shame and despair. Many also believe that the village is haunted by wandering ghosts. This site appears desolate and cursed.

7 Agrasen Ki Baoli, New Delhi

This is one of the oldest monuments in Dehli. It was constructed in the 14th century with the intent of being a water reservoir with steps that led down to the water. The well soon became a source of haunting horrors. It is reported that as you move deeper into the well, the only sound you hear is your footsteps and other eerie sounds. This made people believe that it is the residence of evil spirits. During a time the well was filled with black water, a high number of suicides happened, which made these stories more haunting. The stories, alongside the architectural design, make this place spooky.

6 Sanjay Van Forest, New Delhi

Forests can be intensely scary, especially at night, but San Jay Van forest located in the Qutab Institution area brings on a whole new experience. Many people have reported seeing a lady in white on the roads of this forest. There have been several reports of this lady walking along the road, sitting near the road or asking for a lift at night. Witnesses claim that she disappears into thin air whenever they stop to offer her a ride. Some even claimed to have run through her upon sighting. People walking through this forest have reposted seeing her high up in the trees with her glowing scary eyes.

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5 Golkonda Fort, Telangana

This used to be a unique historical monument that served as the center for diamond trade. The name was derived from the Telugu word “Golla Konda” which means round hill. Many have reported seeing images of body-less shadows in the deep ruins of this fort. It is also believed that the ghost of a famous courtroom dancer still haunts this fort. There have been reports of frequent howling sounds and instances where old wall pictures are turned upside down without being touched. It is one of the sites for movie sets and tourist attractions. People who stay in this fort till late at night tend to experience this paranormal phenomenon.

4 Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Beaches are sites of serenity and excitement but it is a different story in the case of Dumas Beach. Even its sight sends chills down one's spine. According to popular legends, it is believed that the winds that blow on this beach carry whispers that attract people to its waters leading them on a journey of no return. There have been several cases of missing persons there. It is believed that the beach was a burial site for Hindus and it’s the resting place for tortured souls. This beach is an exploration site for the brave-hearted and you can go there if you dare.

3 Tunnel 33-Shimla

Ever heard of a haunted railway track? This is what you will find at tunnel 33, a railway track that travels under a mountain. This tunnel has instilled fear in travelers based on a suicide that happened there. The railway was supposed to be completed by a British engineer, captain Barog. He was reportedly fired from the job because he could not complete it. This led to him into a spiraling depression that ended up with him committing suicide inside the tunnel. It is believed that his spirit haunts this tunnel. The tunnel is also called the Barog tunnel after him. There have been reports about other paranormal activities in the tunnel, as well.

2 Kalpalli Cemetary, Bangalore

Although a cemetery is not supposed to come as a surprise on this list, this cemetery near the old Madras Road holds a higher reputation among its contemporaries. This cemetery is also known as St. John's cemetery. There have been reports of sightings from passers-by who believed they saw ghost-like figures in the cemetery at night. Others have reported seeing an old man lurking around the cemetery in the dark. Some have reported feeling unusual around this site. This site is not for the weak-hearted as it has taken the cemetery experience to the real horrors we've always imagined.

1 The Vrindavan Society, Thane

This building is a rather unusual site for mystical events. It was constructed in the '80s and was opened for residency years after its construction. It was said that a man who once resided in the building took his own life and since then, his spirit haunts the building. This ghost is held responsible for the untraceable slaps received by guards of the building at night. Some residents have also claimed to have felt the presence of the ghost in their apartment. Ghosts are usually connected with abandoned sites but the location of this one makes for an unusual one.

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