Some mistakes might be so bad that travelers totally neglect an all-inclusive resort because of it. In truth, the mistake might have been one that could be easily avoidable with a basic solution or way to go around it. In this article, we feature some of the most common mistakes - some might be so bad that travelers might opt to neglect resorts following the experience as we stated. However, when resorts are done correctly the exact opposite is true as travelers just can’t get enough when it comes to the overall service and ease provided by such a trip.

We’ll take a look at mistakes such as transportation to the resort, overeating, taking too much sun and not packing correctly for a resort type of trip along with other mistakes. We’ll also discuss one of the most common resort mistakes and that’s boredom setting in. The alternatives are all so easy but in truth, they can completely change the dynamic of a trip. Just by booking an excursion or taking part in the resort activities that same boredom simply will not apply. Instead, the days will fly by. We feature various other points that can make it extremely easy to avoid common mistakes.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a fellow traveler. Without further ado here are 10 mistakes travelers often make when headed to resorts and 10 simple ways to avoid them. Let’s get started!

20 Mistake – Trying To Find Quick Transportation Following Arrival

There is no greater feeling than hitting the airport and knowing you’re about to be in paradise. The anticipation grows once you’re on the plane. Prior to the landing, a traveler might start to think of the easiest way to leave the airport immediately and hit the resort.

This leads to a rushed decision and a costly one. Both new and old travelers tend to make the mistake of taking the first transportation option that is available. This is typically either a cab or private transportation which is more expensive than anything else. We understand the excitement but better choices can be made in this scenario.

19 Solution – Take Your Time/ Search For Bus Option

It can be an overwhelming experience for travelers that aren’t accustomed to international airports, particularly at Caribbean destinations. It’s almost like a circus with so many workers trying to entice the travelers into any type of transportation deal.

The best thing to do is take a deep breath and calmly explore all of your options. If a traveler wants private transportation it is best to ask for the price beforehand. However, it should also be noted that bus transportation from the airport is usually completely free. Designated private buses bring various tourists to their given destination. Be smart and get informed before hitting the airport, it’ll make the experience a lot easier and less costly.

18 Mistake – Laying In The Sun All Day

Travelers that get to a resort usually have one thing in mind once they’re dropped off and that's get changed immediately and hit the beach. Just relaxing by the beach and taking in the sun isn’t the norm for most travelers. Therefore it becomes that much more desirable. Although laying around in the sun all day sounds like a fantasy for most, it isn’t the best idea especially early on during a trip.

Particularly at Caribbean resorts, the sun is no joke. Overdoing it can lead to a terrible sunburn, dehydration, fever, nausea, headache and so much more.

17 Solution – Moderation

Like everything else, the sun is best to take in moderation. Ideally, taking the sun for a little while and then relaxing in the shade with a bottle of water might be the best solution. A traveler won’t relax any less by spending time away from the sun. If anything, relaxing in the shade while getting hydrated is going to result in a much better feeling than ending up like a burnt piece of toast so early on.

Most importantly travelers should always use sunscreen throughout the day. If a traveler is under the sun daily, the sunscreen must be put on multiple times a day. If not, it can lead to complications nobody wants to deal with.

16 Mistake – Eating Large Portions

At most resorts such as an all-inclusive everything food related is usually free. Now some travelers take this to another level and it leads to some serious overeating at the buffets. Plate after plate a traveler continues to pound down food because after all, it’s totally free!

It won’t lead to the best feeling and a traveler might want to snooze out instead. Eating a big meal can slow anybody down, talk about a momentum killer prior to a night out. Free food is exciting but like anything else moderation is key.

15 Solution – Spread Out The Meals/Moderation

A traveler might want to eat everything but the kitchen sink if they go almost the entire day without eating. This is what usually leads to those large buffet portions. The solution is simple and it once again involves moderation. Don’t skip breakfast but instead hit the buffet and indulge. A traveler is likely going to be out in the sun throughout the day, properly fueling is important.

For both lunch and dinner perhaps instead of hitting the buffet it might be a wiser choice to visit the a la carte restaurants. Travelers receive an actual portion and this can guarantee moderation as opposed to hitting the buffet.

14 Mistake – Getting Stuck In The Same Routine

For travelers that enjoy lots of activity throughout the day, a resort might get real old, real fast depending on how you play your cards. Although relaxing by the beach and pool might sound like a dream it can get rather tedious once it becomes day 3 or 4. For that reason, an all-inclusive resort is a one and done trip for lots of travelers that prefer sight-seeing and more activity.

This can be quite problematic. Boredom leads to mind wandering off in less than joyful places. A traveler then might be counting down till it's back home to a normal and active life. However, in truth, this problem can be easily fixed.

13 Solution - Book Excursions and Take Part In Daily Activities

Keeping active is the name of the game. In most experiences, resorts offer this aplenty. Just by taking part in the resort activities a traveler might be dumbfounded to realize how fast a day can pass when keeping active. Whether it be a fun drinking game, poolside aerobics or playing some volleyball these are easy activities to partake in.

Setting up an excursion is also crucial in giving a traveler a change of scenery. It can get a little boring seeing the same things on a daily basis. An excursion can freshen things up while giving any traveler an unforgettable experience.

12 Mistake – Hitting The Gym Too Hard

It is admirable to work on that beach physique prior to a trip. However, for most travelers, they try to maintain that look. This is understandable however workouts needed to be followed in moderation and with half the intensity of back home when at a resort.

Due to travel and the extreme heat hitting the gym too hard can lead to various complications and that includes light-headed symptoms and risk of injury. The body is also dehydrated due to the humidity usually involved at hotter Caribbean resorts. All of this can leave any traveler in regret for pushing way too hard at the resort fitness facility.

11 Solution – Quick & To The Point

Workouts need to be fast and efficient. No need to hammer out intense one-hour workouts. While at a resort the workout time needs to be cut in half. This doesn’t mean it’ll lead to a bad workout. It just means you’re giving that physique a little break and one that is much needed.

In order to keep the intensity high why not perform a circuit type of workout with minimal breaks in between. This will lead to a faster workout while keeping the intensity really high throughout. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the beach totally satisfied with a workout session.

10 Mistake - Only Pack Clothes That Is Suitable For Warm Climates

The last thing any traveler wants to be thinking about is bringing that long sleeve shirt or those lengthy and thick jeans. Typically, a traveler might set up their suitcase with most outfits dedicated to a warmer climate. This isn’t a bad idea, however, a little bit of variety needs to be packed.

Longer pants might be essential depending on the resort. Certain hotels forbid shorts at the a la carte restaurants. It should also be noted that lots of the indoor facilities such as the restaurants and clubs have AC blasting throughout the night. This can lead to instant regret for packing such a one-dimensional suitcase.

9 Solution – Mindfulness When Packing

Dress codes and air conditioning are both just a couple of reasons to pack wisely. Looking at the forecast and seeing 40-degree weather this can be easily forgotten about. However, it can lead to regret and you’re also running the risk of a possible cold by bringing such attire.

A traveler should also be mindful when it comes to the forecast of rain as well. Dressing appropriately according to the conditions is an easy step to take prior to the trip just by looking at the weather for the week. Don’t neglect this aspect of it might lead to unnecessary money being wasted for a hoodie sweatshirt - the same item a traveler might have in bulk back home.

8 Mistake - Bringing Fancy Outfits For Outing (Including Jewelry)

When it’s time for vacation it is only normal for travelers to want to look their absolute best. Seriously, who doesn’t want to take a smoking photo for their Instagram account while rocking their finest jewelry and most expensive outfits?

It all sounds so great. However, in truth, a traveler is just running an unnecessary risk of losing them while on the trip. It is so easy to misplace jewelry in particular. In so many instances travelers return back home missing their valuables due them being lost at an excursion or while partaking in a certain activity on the beach.

7 Solution – Replace The Valuables With Cheap Alternatives

Nowadays, fashion jewelry can be purchased anywhere and won't cost an arm and a leg. Focus on packing those pieces instead of your expensive collection. In addition, consider the daily outfit choices you'll absolutely want to bring with you rather than the things you'll end up packing just for the sake of packing.

A traveler should also bring a carryon with some added clothing in the event that the suitcase is lost or delayed. A traveler should pack some of their most valuable pieces of clothing in the carryon. At the very least, a traveler won’t end up with anything due to this precaution.

6 Mistake - Blasting The AC Unit

The heat can eventually get to lots of travelers. After a long day outside in front of the sun, it might be best to relax prior to dinner and take it easy in the room for a little bit. In order to achieve the ultimate relaxation, it might seem like the best idea to crank up the AC unit.

Travelers also make it a purpose to crank of the AC prior to leaving the room, so when they get back, it is perfectly fresh instead of that mucky heat and humidity outside. Although it might feel great, such a drastic temperature change can do more harm than good.

5 Solution – Keep Temperature At A Reasonable Level

Make sure the temperature in the room is not too cold, Travelers want to feel refreshed after a whole day of being out under the blistering sun, but when the temperatures are too drastic, travelers run the risk of catching a cold or worse, a fever.

Keep the room temperature at a steady rate throughout the trip. That doesn’t mean keep the room as hot as outside. Instead, crank the AC a couple of notches high but nothing too drastic. It should also be a necessity to pack Advil or any type of cold relief regardless - as they say, better to be safe than sorry.

4 Mistake – Overpacking Amenities

All-inclusive resorts usually provide everything a traveler needs during their stay. This means toiletries, towels, and blow-dryers. Why waste luggage space when everything is already provided and included in the price? Some travelers typically pack towels which take up so much unnecessary room in the luggage.

Bathrobes are also usually provided, no need to bring one from home. This is a mistake travelers typically make packing amenities that are already provided by the resort. This can lead to so much more added room for other options.

3 Solution – Do The Research

Do your research and find out exactly what the hotel you are going to provides, if they have a blow-dryer in the room, why waste space in your luggage and bring one from home? By finding out about what the hotel provides, a traveler will really only have to think about bringing the things they absolutely need like a specific conditioner, for example.

Getting informed can avoid any type of nightmare that can consist of forgetting an important amenity. At the same time, it can also lead to an easy bag to pack without having to worry about basic items such as hairdryers and towels.

2 Mistake – Drinking All Day

It’s time to hit the resort. Most travelers envision drinking by the pool or by the beach. Even better, why not drink at the pool bar! This is great and all, however, like most of the other vacation mistakes this needs to be done in moderation.

Overdrinking can lead to dehydration. It can also lead to a severe headache and nausea. Pounding down drinks under the sun can have harmful effects unless you’re properly equipped with a water bottle and are open to drinking moderately. Be very careful of this especially early on when the temptation to drink is quite high.

1 Solution – Water

Water is an absolute must in all cases. Replace that extra glass of rum with a bottle of water - a traveler is going to feel a lot better by making this simple decision. Resorts tend to provide water bottles totally free of change so you won’t have to worry about running out.

Water is essential for your well-being especially after lots of time under the sun. Taking lots of some leads to dehydration within the body - this leads to a loss of water which can cause severe headaches or nausea. Travelers need to consume plenty of water while at a resort. By simply purchasing a reusable water jug prior to the trip this can make all the difference in ensuring those fluid needs are being met.