By this point in life, everyone knows that a professional sport is a business. Sure, it’s entertaining and is considered a pastime but with the millions upon millions of dollars that are at stake, it’s more business than anything else.

Everyone wants their business to be in a beautiful place that clients, fans, and visitors from around the world will love to come and visit. It never hurts if you have a facility that the top celebrities in the world like to visit either. That alone will bring out more fans, even if your team isn’t having a great season that year. Celebs in the crowd help to sell tickets.

If you are one of those people who like to look for celebs at these sporting events, this is a great guide for you to read over. That’s because just because you have a major stadium nearby, that doesn’t mean that celebs are going to flock to it. In order for them to attend events, they have to be nearby. Places like New York and Los Angeles always have plenty of celebrity sightings at games because there are so many of them who live in the area.

If you go to games in hope of running into a celebrity, these are the places where you need to go. And the places that you shouldn’t waste your time!

20 Dodger Stadium Is Where Celebs And Baseball Come Together

Anytime you take in a Dodger game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles you are bound to run into a celebrity or four. Baseball in the summertime in LA is the thing to do at night after wrapping up filming for the day on the next blockbuster movie or hit television show.

On any given night at the stadium, you might find Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, Jennifer Lopez (who also attends Yankee games in New York), Jason Bateman, Rob Lowe or the co-owner of the team, none other than Magic Johnson himself.

Any time you go to Dodger Stadium it could turn into a star-studded game and we don’t mean just on the field!

19 Yankee Stadium Is Iconic For Its Stars On And Off The Field

They call Yankee Stadium “The House That Ruth Built.” He may have built it but he had no idea who would visit it over time. Just for the record, Babe Ruth didn’t really build the stadium, but he put fans in the seats so a new stadium could be afforded by the team back then.

A new stadium was built a few years back and it has the same amount of celebs visiting each summer night as the old one did. Jennifer Lopez was born in New York and is a big fan of the Yanks. She also goes to Dodger games in LA so you can guess that she is a big baseball fan.

Tom Cruise, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Brad Pitt can also be found at Yankee games.

18 Wrigley Field Isn't Called 'The Friendly Confines' For Nothing

They call Wrigley Field “The Friendly Confines” and a quick look at the home of the Chicago Cubs in the middle of summer will tell you why. It’s smaller than most stadiums and it just presents a very friendly atmosphere, as long as your name isn’t Steve Bartman.

Plenty of celebs visit the stadium and if you decide to take in a Cubs game you could run into Ice Cube, Joe Namath, Gene Simmons, Laurie Metcalf, or the most famous Cubs fan of all, Bill Murray.

Even when they aren’t having a great season it’s still one of the toughest tickets to get in town and that’s as much because of who you might see in the stands as to what’s going on down on the field.

17 Amalie Arena Is A Slick Place To Meet Celebs

The Tampa, Florida area can’t compete with Los Angeles for the stars that live there quite yet, but the region is picking up steam as plenty of people love the state and the area.

Any time you go to a Tampa Bay Lightning game at Amalie Arena you could run into world-famous talk show host Jerry Springer, NHL Hall of Fame Head Coach Scotty Bowman, WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke, or movie star Cuba Gooding Jr.

The home of the Lightning is a beautiful facility and it can be as star-studded as any LA facility on any given night.

16 Staples Center Is A Staple For A-List Sightings

The Staples Center has got to be one of the most happening places in the entire country as far as celeb sightings go. The facility is home to the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Los Angeles Clippers (NBA) and the Los Angeles Kings (NHL).

Celebs love their sports and on any given night here, you could run into some of the best of the best. Jack Nicholson has been a fixture at Laker games about as long as they have been in existence. You’ll also see Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise (who goes to a lot of games in New York as well), Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez and countless others inside of this building.

15 MetLife Stadium Is Home To The Jets And Plenty Of Celeb Visits

Met Life Stadium was built in a joint venture between the NFL’s New York Giants and New York Jets. Anything that is a joint venture like that has got to be a beautiful venue to attend a game. When you couple that with being just over the George Washington Bridge from New York City, you know that you’ll see a bunch of celebs if you go to a football game or any other event here.

On any given Sunday you might find Debra Messing, Ray Romano, Jackie Cruz, or Ray Liotta at a Jets game. Even Tony Soprano was a huge Jets fan as well. James Gandolfini used to love going to Jets games when he was still with us.

Keep in mind that those mentioned here are Jets fans. There are plenty of celeb Giants fans too!

14 United Center Is Where You'll Find Great Hockey And Celebs

The United Center in Chicago has seen more than its share of championship teams. As the home of the Chicago Bulls (NBA) and Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), the Stanley Cup and NBA Championship have had plenty of stays here.

While Chicago may not be a mecca for celebs they certainly turn out to the basketball and hockey games when they are played. Aretha Franklin was seen at many Bulls games, as has Dick Butkus and Bill Murray (who goes to just about every sporting event in Chicago). Jerry Springer loves going to Bulls games when he is in town and actor Vince Vaughn has attended more than a few Blackhawks games.

13 The stars Love Citi Field And Their Mets

The New York Mets have only won the World Series twice in their existence. But that doesn’t stop plenty of celebs being huge fans of the baseball team. Being in New York City will always give you the chance to run into a well-known person around every corner but a visit to Citi Field might increase your chances some.

Kevin James really is the “King of Queens” and goes to plenty of games. Al Roker attends Mets games too, as does Debra Messing (who is a Jets fan too), Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, and of course the most famous Mets fan of them all, Jerry Seinfeld.

12 Barclays Center Is The Newest Home In NY For Celeb Visits

Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York is one of the newest arenas in the country and it didn’t take long for celebs to flock to the home of the Brooklyn Nets (NBA) and New York Islanders (NHL).

The arena recently hosted WWE’s SummerSlam which brought out a ton of celebrities but on regular nights when the Nets or Islanders are in action you might run into Floyd Mayweather, Ice Cube, John McEnroe, Hannah Ferguson or Hailey Clauson.

On nights when the Nets cross-town rivals visit, the Knicks, you’ll also find Spike Lee at courtside. When you are in New York you just never know who you might run into at a game.

11 Madison Square Garden Is Known For Its Iconic Guests

Madison Square Garden is the most famous sports arena in the entire world. Every athlete wants to play there and every celeb wants to be seen there. The home of the NHL’s New York Rangers and NBA’s New York Knicks has seen plenty of celeb visits and they don’t look to end anytime soon.

Spike Lee is a regular at courtside for Knicks games and you’ll also see Dave Chappelle and Dustin Hoffman at plenty of games. Liam Neeson and Matthew Perry can be seen at plenty of Rangers games and Perry also goes to a lot of Kings games out in Los Angeles at the Staples Center.

10 Miller Park Has Lots Of Fans But Not A Lot Of Famous Sightings

Miller Park is the beautiful home of baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers. While it’s a gorgeous place to see a game, it’s not the place to go if you are hunting for celebs. Milwaukee just isn’t high on the destinations list for celebs to live so it would be a rare occasion that you did see someone at a game here.

The players on the field are probably the only celebs you’ll run into here, oh, and of course Bob Uecker. Other than that you’d be out of luck if that’s why you went to a game. But the stadium itself is a great reason to go.

9 PNC Arena Is A Beautiful Place That A-Listers Don't Know About

PNC Arena is the home to the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes. It’s a beautiful place to watch a hockey game and there really isn’t a bad seat in the place. Before the team played here they spent more than twenty years playing in Hartford, Connecticut which isn’t a mecca for celebrities by any means. When they moved here, that front didn’t improve at all because the area just isn’t a draw for those who have millions upon millions of dollars.

Sure you might run into a minor celebrity from time to time but it’s nothing you should go to a game expecting. You can expect a fun time and a great game though!

8 Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Isn't A Destination For Celebs

The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum has a long history of names. It was called the Network Associates Coliseum, McAfee Coliseum, Coliseum, Coliseum and now is called simply the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Maybe they just gave up on trying to get a naming rights deal to actually stick.

The home of the NFL’s Oakland Raiders (until they move to Las Vegas) and MLB’s Oakland A’s is actually a pretty nice stadium despite being old. You won’t find a lot of celebs here though because they usually make the short trip across the bridge over to San Francisco to visit the much newer stadiums there.

7 Guaranteed Rate Field Doesn't Have A Lot Of Famous Sightings

The Chicago White Sox spent 81 years playing at the Old Comisky Park. When their new park was built it bared the same name for a short time before it was renamed U.S. Cellular Field. That was a twenty-year deal but it only lasted for thirteen. It’s been Guaranteed Rate Field since 2013 and the naming rights to the stadium offer more action than the White Sox have in a long time. They did win the World Series in 2005 but that’s pretty much their only highlight for as long as anyone can remember.

Most of the celebs in the Chicago area who want to go to a baseball game go to the other side of town to Wrigley Field. There just isn’t much reason for them to come here even though it’s a very nice stadium.

6 Nationwide Arena Is Home To Good Hockey But No Celebrities

Nationwide Arena is another fantastic place to go to see an NHL hockey game. The home of the Columbus Blue Jackets has come alive over the last few years as the team has finally grown enough to start putting a winning squad on the ice. The more fans for each game make it a fun place to see some great hockey action.

The only celebs you will probably see though are down on the ice. Columbus, Ohio just isn’t a top destination for celebs to be. The only celebs you might be able to find at a game here probably would be players from Ohio State football team.

5 You Won't Find Any Celebs At New Era Stadium Because of This

Since 1973, the NFL’s Buffalo Bills have played in this facility and even though it has gone through a couple of renovations, it’s still a miserable place to see a football game, mostly due to weather reasons.

It was originally named Rich Stadium and then Ralph Wilson Stadium, after the team’s owner. You can find nice days from time to time to come on out and see a good football game, but the weather is so terrible in the fall and winter that good days are a rarity.

For all of the reasons mentioned here, it’s not a good place to go looking for celebs at a game. Nobody wants to be outside in poor weather.

4 Tropicana Field Isn't The Best Baseball Stadium To Find Celebs

Tropicana Field is like the hidden jewel of baseball stadiums in the Major Leagues. The home of the Tampa Bay Rays gets a bad rap but that’s only because of where it’s located. People don’t like driving there so they talk bad about what is actually a beautiful place to see a game.

It’s always 72 degrees and the sun is never in your eyes in the domed stadium. The only problem might be the way the roof is laid out. It causes problems with play every once in a while. Other than that it’s an awesome place.

Even the local celebs don’t like to make the trip out there though so you probably won’t run into any there.

3 Gila River Arena Offers No Real Reason For Celebs To Come Out

The Arizona Coyotes have been involved in so many off-ice controversies that many people outside of the area forget that they are an active hockey team. They have been involved in what seems to be a never-ending ownership saga that actually saw the NHL running the team itself for a while.

Since moving to the desert they have only won a single division title and nothing else so success on the ice has really never been known in Arizona. There are plenty of celebs who live in the Phoenix area but there just isn’t a reason for them to come out to a game. They tend to like to be seen at games of winning teams. The Gila River Arena, formerly known as Arena, is a beautiful facility though.

2 Broncos Stadium at Mile High Has Weather That Nobody Wants

The home of the NFL’s Denver Broncos is much like the New Era Stadium we discussed earlier up in Buffalo. While you can find some good days to come out and see a good football game in a very nice football stadium, the weather in the winter can be downright miserable. This makes it a poor place to go if you are looking for celebs at a sporting event.

It used to be called Sports Authority Field at Mile High, and since John Elway is the General Manager of the team so he’s there every day. He’s a celebrity that any sports fan would want to meet, but on those cold winter day games, don’t expect many others, if any.

1 TIAA Bank Field Is No Hub For The Rich And Famous

TIAA Bank Field, formerly EverBank Field, formerly Alltel Stadium, formerly Jacksonville Municipal Stadium is the home to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. It is one extremely beautiful stadium despite being over twenty years old. Unfortunately for fans of the team, it’s been a very long time since they had a winning squad play inside of it.

Since most celebs who move to Florida take the warmer temperatures several hours south, you won’t find a lot of them here. If you are on the hunt for celebs at a football game in Florida, you’d be better off going to Miami or Tampa. This is a great stadium to see a game though.

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