When we look at traveling we look at all the big destinations. Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Bora Bora and the list could go on forever! These are the places we see on TV and films we love. They're also the places we see all over social media and they look beautiful, that's why they're so popular. Most of the time, however, they also come with a pretty hefty price tag, no matter how you budget or even if you catch a red-eye flight. In this article we'll be discussing 10 of the most popular vacation destinations right now, that also has a big price to come with the popularity. Expensive or not, all the destinations on our list are beautiful and we would recommend visiting any of them!

We'll also be discussing 10 stunning vacation spots where you can spend your summer without using all your savings. These are places you've heard of and might have even been. They're places where you can go and tan on the beach, and get the perfect Instagram shot without having to blow the budget. We understand that no matter what traveling is expensive, but we're here to suggest a few places that make it feel like you're in paradise, without your bank account feeling it too. Get ready because a few destinations on this list may surprise you. It's time to open the note app on your phone, because no doubt you'll have a destination in mind, and a few travel items to add to your list. Here we come, Summer.

20 Expensive: Bora Bora

Bora Bora is arguably the hottest place to vacation right now. With celebs and YouTuber's like Tammy Hembrow and Jeffree Star vacationing there, it's no wonder everyone wants to join. The Instagram posts from people who have been there making it look like a majestic wonderland - and we have no doubt that it is.

While the overwater beach bungalows Bora Bora resorts have are beautiful, they're also painfully expensive. A week's stay in one of the island's most popular resort bungalows will set you back an astounding $5,300 per night.

19 Expensive: Maldives

The best way to visit the Maldives is probably to win one of those Instagram competitions where you have to like the photo on every account tagged. Sadly, the chances of that are literally one in hundreds of thousands. The Maldives is a small country known for its warm temperatures and beautiful ocean views.

It's also known for its stunning villas that make for the perfect relaxing getaway. The Maldives also makes the list for one of the world's most expensive vacation destination right now. To reserve a room at The Outrigger Resort it'll cost at least $540 per night.

18 Expensive: Mykonos

With the Mamma Mia hype being huge right now, it's no wonder that Mykonos and other places in Greece are becoming wildly popular again (even though they never really died down). Mykonos is a small island with views like something in a painting.

If you're interested in traveling there and staying in a luxury resort to living out your Instagram star dreams, the Santa Marina Resort will cost you $900+ per night, depending on what room you choose. After looking through the photos people have posted, we have decided it is definitely worth the money.

17 Expensive: Positano

If you're a fan of the Kardashian's you will have seen all of Kourtney's posts about her recent trip to Italy. Those include the wonderful shots she posted from Positano, which is a cliffside village with magical views. Just by seeing Kourtney's photos, it looks like a dream.

To make that dream a reality and vacation like a Kardashian, you obviously want the best. That is why a weeks stay at the Hotel Villa Franca in Positano is the best. The only downside being it costs about $2,500 per night, so make sure to save up for a week-long stay if you're interested. As a positive, the luxury option comes with a bottle of champagne upon arrival.

16 Expensive: Dubai

Dubai is one of the most beautiful and modern cities on Earth. There is so much to see when in Dubai, that you'll find it hard to fit it all into a short trip. Whether you're a fan of luxurious shopping trips, modern architecture or a wonderful nightlife, Dubai has all three.

It's gaining popularity the more people visit it, so you'll want to get in quick to be a part of the fun. A stay at The Meydan Hotel will cost you upwards from $200 per night, which is pretty good. The real budget hitter of Dubai is all the amazing shopping and nightlife.

15 Expensive: Seychelles

Seychelles is truly a dream vacation spot. It's off the coast of East Africa and is made up primarily of sandy beaches, coral reefs, and nature reserves. This vacation spot is recommended most when you just want to relax on a warm beach, but also want to be one with nature.

To live in amongst the wildlife and still enjoy luxury, the best place to stay is a resort. One night at the Four Seasons resort in Seychelles will cost you around $1,300 per night, depending on what room you choose (or if you decide on a suite). It's definitely worth a visit to Seychelles because of the many tours and activities there is to choose from.

14 Expensive: Tuscany

When we think of Tuscany we think of sunsets wine and relaxation. Of course, there are many areas of Tuscany to choose from including Florence, Pisa, Siena and more. As a whole, the region of Tuscany is breathtaking and definitely, somewhere you should want to visit.

For a luxurious resort trip in Tuscany, a popular option is the Tombolo Talasso Resort. It 5 star and the photos people post look breathtaking. The good news is rooms are available for $300, meaning you can spend more time in different areas of Tuscany.

13 Expensive: Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway and is rich in culture and history. This addition to our list is more for those who like a cooler climate and are interested in museums and learning. Oslo is a beautiful city with so many things to discover like its rich Viking history, museums, and beautiful parks.

To live luxuriously while you travel around Oslo and learn its history, it is recommended to stay in one of the 5 five star hotels it has to offer. To stay at the Grand Hotel Oslo it will cost you somewhere around $550 per night, depending on the room of your choice.

12 Expensive: Tokyo

Tokyo is a popular tourist destination now and it's just becoming more and more popular. From the advancement of technology to the creation of Pokemon to the cute cat cafe's - Tokyo is a fun place for a vacation. Other than all the stuff you see on YouTube, Tokyo is also known for its rich culture and long history.

Visiting Tokyo we think you should go to the cat cafes and visit the Pokemon stores. We also think that it would be a good idea and go visit the sacred temples and museum, to really feel the Tokyo experience. A luxury hotel in the heart of Tokyo will cost you around $900 per night.

11 Expensive: Honolulu

The different islands of Hawaii are a hugely popular summer vacation destination because they're so beautiful, warm and tropical. Oahu, especially Honolulu/Waikiki is the most populated, and the most popular. The beautiful sandy beach and stunning scenery make it not only the perfect holiday, but the perfect Instagram shot.

For such a small island Oahu has so much to offer. The shopping along Waikiki's main street is incredible with all luxury brands and names. The water activities include snorkeling, diving and even just boat tours. There's also a full island bus tour. To stay on the waterfront at one of Honolulu's luxury resorts, it'll cost you upwards from $300 for full deluxe.

10 Cheaper: Portugal

Portugal is a place that you hear of a lot, and probably see a lot of people move to on House Hunters, but you've never really considered a vacation there. That should all change today because Portugal is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth. It borders Spain so you could even visit multiple countries while your there, but once you get a taste of Portuguese culture you won't want to leave.

The good news is for all their warm weather and sunny beaches, Portugal is a suitable place for a budget. The Anantara Resort is an absolute luxury, and a room there will only cost from $200 per night, and that's deluxe!

9 Cheaper: Zanzibar

Zanzibar may be a new name to some of you as it's not the most popular destination. Zanzibar is also known as Unguja and is a small island in Tanzania. With a population of roughly 1 million, Zanzibar is clearly making a name for itself as a loved destination.

The weather on Zanzibar is like any other place - it wavers. The recommended time to go is the dry season which runs between July and October. Of course, if you want more adventure you could go for the wet season.  A stay at a nice resort in Zanzibar will cost you from $150 per night.

8 Cheaper: Paris

You'd think Paris would be a place where you have to blow your budget to have the perfect trip - that's not true. Paris, France is a popular destination, especially for Honeymoons. They call it the city of love and the architecture just makes it a whirlwind getaway.

The good news is all the attractions you see in Paris are relatively budget-friendly. To see and climb the Eiffel Tower it is only $15 (depending on whether you choose to take the stairs). To stay in a hotel in the heart of the city will cost you $250 per night depending. So if you're considering a summer vacation in Paris, r your honeymoon we suggest you do.

7 Cheaper: New York City

If you're looking to stay close to home for your vacation, New York has always been a popular destination. If you're from New York then it probably isn't as exciting, but it always is for tourists. New York is the place in basically every movie/TV show ever filmed, who wouldn't want to walk around (pretty much) a city that's a movie set.

New York may be expensive to live in but a hotel for a holiday isn't that much. With all the things there is to do in New York, you definitely have to take a trip at least once in your lifetime. A hotel in the city will cost you $230, but you should shop around.

6 Cheaper: Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos are small islands near the Bahamas with a population of only 35,000. This means that you get the perfect weather, tanning, surfing and playing at the beach with a fair amount of privacy. It's basically the dream.

Turks & Caicos does have a lot of luxury resorts where you will pay a fortune. Luckily, it also has a lot of beautiful and budget-friendly hotels that will make you feel like royalty without the royal price tag. The Osprey Beach Hotel overlooks the water and is 4 star. From only around $200 per night, you could be living it up in Turks & Caicos!

5 Cheaper: Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan probably isn't on your list of places to vacation, but it totally should be. It might not be the beach holiday you're planning but a trip through Uzbekistan is a good way to live the history. There is no shortage of mosques, mausoleums and other things to see in this beautiful country.

Great news for travelers interested in seeing Uzbekistan is that the 4-star hotel, Hotel Grand Samarkand Superior has rooms from only $130. If this hasn't convinced you that you need a trip around Uzbekistan, we don't know what will.

4 Cheaper: Mo'orea

Mo'orea is an island in French Polynesia, much like the popular Bora Bora. Mo'orea has a population of just 17,000 making it the perfect secluded holiday for you to completely relax. Like Bora Bora, the island is full of stunning views, sandy beaches and warm sunny days.

That's why the good news is that vacationing in Mo'orea is cheaper which means you can stay at a beautiful resort from only $150 per night! If that hasn't convinced you then maybe the numerous different activities the island offers will.

3 Cheaper: Sri Lanka

Here is one for the rainforest lovers. Sri Lanka is a small country in South Asia. It is most well-known for its ancient Buddhist ruins and has something for the whole family. A lot of the places on our list haven't been family-friendly options but this one definitely is.

For such a small country Sri Lanka has a population of about 21 million people, making it a busy place which is wonderful for socializing and nightlife. Shopping, tours, sandy beaches and more define Sri Lanka. A 4-star hotel in Sri Lanka's beautiful forest area will only cost you around $300 per night, including breakfast.

2 Cheaper: Bermuda

We've talked a lot about destinations with beautiful beaches but we think that Bermuda really takes the cake for it. Bermuda is famous for having pink sand beaches. And yes, they are as pretty as they sound.

Apart from the warm climate and pink sandy beaches, Bermuda is also a wonderful place to shop and learn about history in the museums. A stay at a 4-star resort and spa can be your dream summer vacation from $350 and up. For such wonderful beauty and an amazing atmosphere, that sounds like a dream to us.

1 Cheaper: Kuwait

Kuwait is a small country in the middle east. Like Dubai and Abu Dhabi Kuwait is well known for its beautiful modern architecture and Islamic art. For a summer vacation destination where you can shop until you drop and experience some of the world's most beautiful buildings, Kuwait is the destination for you.

To stay in the heart of the city of Kuwait, Kuwait City, a 5-star hotel will cost you at least $200. That sounds like a really great starting point to us. After reading this list we hope you have found the perfect destination to start planning your summer. Safe travels everyone.