There are families that can stick together through anything thrown at their feet, and there are families that run at the thought of sticking together. This family is known for putting each other first, and for choosing family over loved ones and fame. This family is known for the phrase “blood is thicker than water”. Each member has their own success in business, but they are always there for each other no matter what. This family has had to deal with publicity stunts, paparazzi frenzies, and fame. This family is the Kardashians. The Kardashians include Kris Jenner (ex-wife to Robert Kardashian), Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kendal, and Kylie (whose dad is Bruce Jenner). All of the Kardashians are successful business women and man.

I am quite sure you have heard of the Kardashians at some point. The Kardashians have been on television for 11 years, starring in their hit reality show called “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. They have been in the midst of controversy for years as they push the limit on self-boundaries. However, the Kardashians know how to vacation/party. Each season the Kardashians will go on a vacation for their show, but they know how to vacation off screen too. Below is a list of 10 of the most luxurious vacation spots the Kardashians love, and 10 they would never visit.

20 Love: Punta Mita, Mexico

Punta Mita is considered to be “heaven on earth”. It is the most beautiful, luxurious vacation destination. It has upscale homes, golf courses, and private beaches. When Kim’s friend, Joe Francis, invited her over to his home on Punta Mita, she couldn’t say no. Kim Kardashian has visited Punta Mita several times to vacation, but she brought along her husband Kanye West the last time. The couple posted pictures of them preparing to zip line.

The Kardashians returned to party in Punta Mita, Mexico for Kourtney Kardashian’s 38thbirthday. This time the sisters stayed in a $17,000-a-night Mexican estate. The Kardashian’s friend Joe Francis owns this estate. It has a 30-person-full-time bilingual staff, 5-star chefs, 24-hour doctor that is on call, and an “anything” button. This resort is the definition of luxurious.

19 Love: Bora Bora

The Kardashians have been known to vacation in this world-renowned blue lagoon. In fact, the family aired 3 episodes of them vacationing in Bora Bora, back in 2011. The entire family stayed in Tahiti’s signature overwater bungalows. However, Kris and Kim enjoyed their stay in Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa. This resort runs for $5,000-a-night, and it has the only two story overwater villas in Bora Bora. These episodes are where Kim loses one of her $75,000 diamond earrings swimming, and Kylie came to the rescue and swam to the bottom of the ocean floor and found Kim’s $75,0000 diamond earring.

18 Love: Santorini, Greece

There are only 3 things that the Kardashians love most: tanning, shopping, and partying. Santorini, Greece offers all 3. The Kardashians gave hope to the Greeks, because Greece has long been in an economic crisis. The Greek government was hoping that the Kardashian’s visit would help with the crisis. Of course the Kardashians brought all of their social media with them. The Kardashians filmed at Santorini for one of their episodes, and posted pictures all over their social media accounts.

The Kardashians stayed in the Volcano View Hotel, which is a resort known for its luxury and A-list guests. The Volcano View Hotel is mostly known for its sunsets. Tourists will gather will swarm to the hotspot of Oia to watch one of the world’s most beautiful sunsets.

17 Love: Paris, France

The Kardashians have made Paris a second home. Each Kardashian has a different reason for visiting Paris, whether on vacation or business. Kim often visits Paris for jobs such as going to the inaugural show for Louis Vuitton. Kanye West will come with Kim to Paris. He often puts on a show in the streets of Paris. Kendal is known for walking in the runway shows in Paris. Kris vacations and supports her children in Paris. Kourtney will vacation in Paris or support her sisters. Khloe and Kylie will vacation to Paris and support their sisters. Needless to say, the Kardashians are no strangers to “the city of lights”.

16 Love: Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy will forever hold a special spot in the Kardashian’s hearts, because Kim Kardashian married Kanye West here. The wedding was absolutely stunning. Kim spent $2.8 million on the wedding alone. Kim and her relatives stayed in a 270 square meter villa with private plunge pool that costs upwards of $11,000-a-night. It is told that Kim even rented one suite just to house her wedding wardrobe. The Kardashians, of course, brought their camera crew and had posted pictures all over social media. Kim and Kanye have been back to vacation in Florence since the wedding. It is one of their favorite locations.

15 Love: Bahamas

The Kardashians do not do anything low-key, so naturally when Kanye’s 40thbirthday arrived, the Kardashians headed to the Bahamas. The Kardashians stayed at Baker’s Bay Golf and Ocean Club for the 4-day trip. The Kardashian-West family actually rented out the entire island for their friends and family to stay. The Baker’s Bay Gold and Ocean Club cost the Kardashians a whopping $264,000-a-night. Naturally, the Kardashian will post about it on social media, but Kim had a strict rule that no one was allowed to use social media while there in hopes of keeping this extravagant birthday a secret from the world or maybe just from paparazzi.

14 Love: Miami, Florida

Miami has gotten to know the Kardashians over time. The Kardashian’s first Dash store is located here. The sisters had their own television show called “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” and “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami”. The 2 series show where the sisters uphold the Dash boutique as they discover themselves for being away from the family for the first time. These two shows aired back in 2013. The Kardashians love the beaches, self-tanning, and shopping. Miami has all 3. Kim owned a $14.5 million dollar home, and Kourtney and Khloe owned a $5.9 million dollar home in Miami where the sisters returned to often.

13 Love: Costa Rica

The Kardashians aired yet another episode of them vacationing in Costa Rica. The Kardashians stayed in one of the most beautiful hideaways, Villa Manzu. Villa Manzu is a 30,000-square-foot villa that costs more than $23,000-a-night. The five-acre property has 8 full suites, 2 swimming pools, a spa, a theater, and more. The Kardashians brought along Scott Disick for plenty of drama for the reality series. Scott did not fail his part for bringing the drama. The sisters all fought and then fought with Scott before making up and vacationing like champions. While in Costa Rica, the Kardashians took part in their own photoshoots and even went tubing through the tropical rainforest.

12 Love: Phuket, Thailand

The Kardashians will spend however much money they need to in order to have a luxurious vacation. This time the Kardashians spent $150,000-a-week at a beachfront Thai vacation palace, the Iniala Beach House. The resort has hot tubs in the bedrooms and an infinity pool that brims over onto golden Thai sands. Kim made sure to snap a trunk-centric selfie, while in Thailand. However, the elephant wasn’t feeling the selfie when the baby elephant tried to pull Kim’s hair. Even though Kim was scared of the baby elephant, Kylie was not. Kylie hopped on an elephant to capture a unique photo.

11 Love: Dominican Republic

The Kardashians took another family vacation to the Dominican Republic. The family stayed at the Caso De Campo. This resort offers gourmet meals, unlimited drinks, unlimited horseback riding, non-motorized water sports, a round of 25 shots of skeet shooting, a round of gold, and so much more. Khloe even surprised her mom by a game of clue. Kris was very excited that Khloe was able to make the family vacation. The family enjoyed a boat ride for some bonding and cocktails before enjoying the next couple of days vacationing in the most luxurious destination. Of course the family aired an episode off of the vacation.

10 Not Loving: The Hamptons, New York

Even though the Kardashians are able to vacation at the most luxurious of places, that doesn’t mean that the Kardashians are always welcomed or wanted there. The Hamptons have very photogenic beaches and seafood shacks that look amazing on television. Khloe and Kourtney took a long-running series to the Hamptons. It is said that the Kardashians were really low-key, but the film crews were not courteous. After they finished filming, the Hamptons no longer wanted the Kardashians filming there. The Hamptons have banned any Kardashians from filming, which means that the Kardashians won’t be back. After all, the Kardashians film everything!

9 Not Loving: The Oscars

The Kardashians are known for their drama and for their partying. However, the Oscars are not going to tolerate their type of partying. The Oscars did not welcome the Kardashians to take part in the “night before” party. It is said that momager, Kris Jenner, had rubbed some people the wrong way with her sloppy behavior at a previous party. The Kardashians felt snubbed, but good news is that the Oscars did not ban the Kardashians. The Kardashians were just overlooked because they are not movie stars, and have not been in nominated films for the Academy Awards. The Kardashian clan are reality television hits, not movie hits.

8 Not Loving: South Beach, Miami

Kourtney and Kim were able to take Miami, but from a little further up the road than expected. The sisters were trying to rent a home close to the beach, but had to have signatures from 90% homeowners within 500 feet of the area to grant them the 3-month span of required filming. The neighbors would not have it. The neighbors did not want all of the film crew disrupting their quiet time apparently. Therefore, the sisters had to set up shop 14 miles away from the beach and in a not-so-nice area. The sisters pulled off the E! Series spin off and were another success story for the Kardashians.

7 Not Loving: Florida

Now I know that not everyone will get along with the Kardashians, nor will everyone like the Kardashians. However, a prisoner in Florida tried to make sure no one in the Kardashian family could enter Florida, except for Rob. Wayne Albright filed a temporary restraining order against the Kardashian family. Albright wanted to keep the Kardashians from crossing state lines or from appearing on television unless it was court tv. I am not sure why Albright had a vendetta out for the Kardashians, because he is in prison for a very long time. However, the restraining order was denied, as it should be!

6 Not Loving: The Burger Joint in Buenos Aires, Argentino

This one seems like a publicity stunt to attract more tourists/customers. However, the Burger Joint in Buenos Aires has posted a sign on their door stating “No Kardashians Allowed”. This is legal because a private establishment has the right to refuse service to anyone unless it is based on race, color, or religion. The restaurant will not allow any of Kim’s clan to enter, but that is ok. None of the Kardashians want to be here anyways. The Kardashians know that with fame comes controversy and people that won’t like them no matter the reason. For now, the Kardashians must stay away from the Burger Joint.

5 Not Loving: The SoHo House

The SoHo House has memberships that must be accepted or denied. The SoHo House on Sunset Boulevard refused Kim’s efforts at a membership in the past. The membership director came out and spoke in public about the matter. He stated that the club denies all kinds of A-list membership offers all the time. The club seems like a ritzy one, but for now the Kardashians will just have to wait or try again for another membership. It is spoken of that Kim has tried multiple times to gain a membership at the club, but the club denies her every time.

4 Not Loving: Hollywood, California

The artist, Plastic Jesus, took to the street signs of Hollywood to get across a point he had. Plastic Jesus posted “No Kardashian Parking Anytime” all over street signs. It was a statement against the national fascination with the family. He claims that our priorities for discussing them, over bigger issues, is the problem at hand. The Kardashians let the authorities take this matter into their hands. After all, the Kardashians are wealthy enough that even if they didn’t have any fans left would still survive and go on luxury vacations. So for now, Plastic Jesus has to accept that the world is fascinated with the Kardashians.

3 Not Loving: Israel

The Kardashians may not be totally banned from Israel, but that does not mean that they are wanted. The Kardashians are half Armenian. Armenia runs in Robert Kardashian, the father. The family enjoys visiting Armenia. However, there are some Israeli’s that feel like the Kardashians show too much skin. The women in Israel stay covered. The Kardashians do not stay covered in any way. I could see how some Israeli’s do not want the Kardashians in their country. However, for now the Kardashians have not been banned, and are on their best behavior. After all, the Kardashian wants to get to know their heritage.

2 Not Loving: India

Kim Kardashian attempted to go to India in order to make an appearance on Big Boss. Big Boss is India’s version of Big Brother. However, Kim spoke out on social media as to why she could not come into the country. Kim stated that she disappointed and that there was a short window to coordinate all of the elements necessary to make it happen. Kim was very disappointed she couldn’t make it to India to see her fans. Maybe money can’t buy everything after all? It was later spoken out that Kim couldn’t go to India because she didn’t have enough time to visit the consulate before going to Dubai.

1 Not Loving: Australia

Kim Kardashian created a fragrance to celebrate her wedding. Kim did not plan on her fragrance being banned from any country. Therefore, she did not check up on the alcohol in her fragrance. Australia banned Kim’s fragrance from entering the country due to flammable/hazardous material. Australian customers ordered around 30,000 bottles. Too bad those customers weren’t able to receive any. Kim was very apologetic, but that didn’t fix the fact that 30,000 fans were unable to receive her perfume. Kim Kardashian claimed that she didn’t know that much about the fragrance, but that it just made her feel good. I hope she didn’t lose any fans over it.