When the Discovery Channel canceled its popular reality program Man Vs. Wild in 2012, it was an end of an era. For six years, its handsome and daring British host, Bear Grylls, took us to every corner of the world — from the glacial wasteland of the North Pole to the gator-infested swamps of the Deep South — and showed us how to survive. We squirmed when he ate bug burgers for breakfast and crawled inside a stinking camel carcass to sleep. We dug our fingernails into the arms of our living room sofas when he dove off of hundred-foot cliffs, swam in shark-infested waters, and abseiled down roaring waterfalls (whether it was real or not).

Some of these episodes brought out the outdoorsmen in all of us, inspiring us to climb mountains, explore isolated canyons, and forage for our own food in the remote jungle. Some of them, on the other hand, made us cringe so much we actually crossed destinations off our "to go" list. Here are 10 locations that Bear Grylls has visited that we'd love to see, and 10 we would most definitely avoid.

20 Visit: Patagonia

This mountainous region in South America has long been a destination for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies alike. Its rugged granite, snow-coated spires have made rock climbers and mountaineers salivate for decades. If you watched Grylls' glacier adventures on the 2007 Patagonia episode, you might know how to fight hypothermia by building a snow cave by now. Some of us, however, were too mesmerized by the captivating nature in the background to watch Grylls build his own igloo. Sorry Bear, we'll opt for one of these cozy and luxurious digs instead.

19 Visit: The Canadian Rockies

In this particular episode, Grylls was buried alive under a man-made avalanche and had to swim 30 feet under a sheet of ice. The stunts he pulled in these arctic conditions eventually sent him to the hospital, but boy was the scenery stunning. After all, if you're going to have a life-or-death experience, you might as well have one in a beautiful place like British Columbia. Who wouldn't want to witness this extraordinary mountain range, spanning over five national parks that together make up one large World Heritage Site. The Canadian Rockies can get extreme, with the coldest month, January, averaging daily at 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's even on the ground (which means it's absolutely freezing on the mountains). If you book your trip during the summertime, though, you won't find yourself sliding down ice hills at 40 miles per hour like Grylls.

18 Visit: Iceland

Another one of Grylls' icy adventures, this trip to Iceland rocked fans when the famed adventurer popped a sheep's eyeball in his mouth. According to BBC, of the half-million American tourists that flock to this Nordic island for its vast glaciers and geothermal features each year, a whopping one thousand of them end up needing a hand from Search And Rescue. Perhaps future visitors and Man Vs. Wild fans will have picked up a trick or two from this episode, featuring Grylls building a snow cave, withstanding blizzards, and — who could forget? — hunting down a dinner of sheep's eyes and wild grouse.

17 Visit: China

When you think of China, a few things that might come to mind include the bright lights of Shanghai or the bustling streets of Beijing. While China isn't necessarily an apparent destination for nature lovers, it is home to a whole slew of stunning mountains, roaring waterfalls, desert vistas and more. This episode of Man Vs. Wild was shot during Typhoon Parma, which hit the area in 2009, and left him stranded in Southern China. He has to overcome swollen rivers and waterfalls, wet limestone scrambles, and eat bats for dinner. This area of China, however — when it's not being thrashed by a typhoon — is home to mountains that will make you feel like a character in Avatar, Thrillist says.

16 Visit: Norway

On this episode's IMDB description, Norway is dubbed "one of the world's most beautiful but wettest countries." The average rainfall for the country during its wettest month (June) is 115 millimeters. In the episode, Grylls is seen soaring thousands of feet above the spectacular mountains, fjords, and glaciers of Norway by parachute, but one doesn't always need to perform such treacherous stunts to get this view. For most, a helicopter ride or perfectly safe skydiving adventure will do. Next, Grylls goes into the forest seeking the country's remarkable wildlife — deer, bears, and elk included — though, unlike Grylls, we wouldn't be looking to turn them into food.

15 Visit: New Zealand's South Island

It was during the shooting of this episode that the Man Vs. Wild found themselves in the midst of a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that devastated parts of New Zealand's South Island — Christchurch, in particular — the New Zealand Herald said. Grylls, who claimed to have pushed to film there for some time — traveled through some of the island's highlight destinations, including the Southern Alps and Mount Aspiring National Park, and told the New Zealand Herald, "I had no idea what a huge wilderness it was down there in the South Island. We travel to a lot of remote jungles but that really shocked me."

14 Visit: Red Rock Country

During its seventh season, the Man Vs. Wild team dropped Grylls into the vast, dry canyons of Utah's Red Rock Country with only a lasso in hand. We wouldn't want to find ourselves hanging 100 feet over these deep ravines like Grylls, but we wouldn't mind safely meandering about the landscape. This region, which is home to five national parks, is one of North America's top 10 natural wonders, Discovery says. Made of vibrant red sandstone as far as the eye can see, Red Rock Country offers impressive arches, soaring buttes and canyons so deep it would make your head spin.

13 Visit: Ireland

Here, once again, Grylls sets out to eat a dead sheep and gets stuck in a peat bog in the process, BBC says. He arrives on the west coast of Ireland, then scales a sea cliff and abseils into a 100-foot ravine on a dodgy, rotted piece of rope. The rugged terrain wreaks havoc on the famous adventurer, but its otherworldly aesthetic is enough to put Ireland on any viewer's travel to-do list. Here is home to the iconic Cliffs of Moher and the country's moody, craggy coastline. Grylls shows us that these rock cliffs are certainly a dangerous place to dangle from but they do make for a pretty picture anyway.

12 Visit: Vietnam

In the Vietnamese jungle, there are raging waterfalls to clamber down dangerously like Grylls, or to simply go for a leisurely swim beneath (now that's more our style). Grylls uses the abundant bamboo to make animal traps for food, but we prefer the idea of using it to raft lazily down the river instead. As BBC states, this dense Asian jungle can be a "dark and forbidding place," as it is for the Man Vs. Wild host, but there are plenty of opportunities for travelers to experience its splendor with locals who know a thing or two about the lush landscape so you don't have to go the river rapids alone.

11 Visit: Costa Rica

According to the Discovery Channel, about 500,000 Americans visit Cosa Rica each year. Tourists flock to the Central American country to see the world-class rainforest and "explore some of the world's most amazing and environmentally significant wilderness preserves," Discovery says. A handful of them, however, require rescuing from the Red Cross after getting lost or injured in the jungle. In this episode of Man Vs. Wild, Grylls parachutes into the middle of the Osa Peninsula and tells us how to make it out alive. You might be needing his advice, too, because this incredible jungle scenery is something you must see for yourself.

10 Avoid: Sahara Desert

The Sahara is the hottest place on earth, according to BBC America. This sunburnt desert — which occupies a space about the size of China in Northern Africa — is not a very welcoming place, even for master survivalist Bear Grylls. On this episode of Man Vs. Wild, he tells us to fight dehydration by drinking our own urine, and stay satiated by eating camel spiders, deadly scorpions, and raw goat's testicles. We're going to go ahead and pass on that, Bear, but thank you for showing us how to escape from quicksand if, by chance, our flights to less dangerous places go down in the desert.

9 Avoid: Zambia

At least the Sahara doesn't have crocodiles. In Zambia, Grylls has to brave the rapids of the Zambezi river because croc-infested still waters are even more of a danger than raging torrents. There's no safe place in the bush, either, because the bush is home to ample varieties of deadly snakes. Of course, Grylls eats snakes, so that's a bonus in his book. The animals running wild in this East African country are so dangerous that Grylls must build a ladder out of Baobab bark to climb up to a makeshift tree-fort where he must spend the night above the ground.

8 Avoid: Pacific Ring Of Fire

In a 2008 Man Vs. Wild episode aptly named "Castaway," Grylls is stranded on an island in the Ring of Fire. While viewers might initially think it a dream rather than a nightmare to be stuck on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, they soon realize that its pleasant aesthetic is rather deceiving. Grylls not only has to endure tropical storms that are smacking the island but has to sleep with horrifying creepy-crawlies and other jungle creatures. In the end, he can't find water, so he builds a raft and sails it away to safety.

7 Avoid: The Torres Straits

The Torres Straits are a string of islands — an estimated 274 of them, the BBC reports — between the coasts of Australia and Papua-New Guinea. The islands in this chain are small, mostly deserted, and surrounded by shark-infested waters. Once again, Grylls finds it impossible to survive here, so after scaling volcanic cliffs and jumping off of 100-foot-tall cliffs, he builds himself a bamboo windsurfer and heads out on the wild ocean waters, where sharks lie in wait. However difficult they might seem, there are a couple tribes of survivors who inhabit the Strait, both the native Melanesians and Aboriginal Australians.

6 Avoid: Mojave Desert

Believe it or not, the Man Vs. Wild episode called "Extreme Desert" is — of all the deserts in the world — in the Mojave Desert just outside of Las Vegas. The crew simulates the disasters that regularly strike in the desert — you know, the normal sandstorms and flash floods — which push Grylls' body "to the limit," BBC America says. Even without these natural disasters at hand, anyone's body would be pushed to the limit under the drastic fluctuation of climate here: 110 degrees by day and -40 degrees by night. No thank you, Mojave, you can find us in Sin City instead.

5 Avoid: Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle doesn't make it onto many people's "top places to visit" lists, and that's probably for the best. There are certainly ways to explore this frigid terrain under more comfortable circumstances, but the Bear Grylls way involves killing and eating wild reindeer, crossing frozen lakes with a homemade kite, and navigating ice-cold waters with a makeshift raft. Grylls goes from the hottest place on earth — the Sahara Desert — to the coldest in this Man Vs. Wild episode. The Arctic Circle, which we often call the North Pole, is made up of parts of Greenland, Russia, Alaska, and Canada. No matter where you go, though, it's sure to be cold, cold, COLD!

4 Avoid: Siberia

The Week posted a roundup of "Bear Grylls' 6 craziest Man Vs. Wild moments" and it mentions his memorable trip to Siberia several times, for it was here that he plunged naked into frozen waters and ate the eyeballs out of a frozen yak carcass. This episode of Man Vs. Wild features an unforgettable shot of Grylls' face, framed by his wooly bomber hat, covered in yak blood. He described his unique dining experience as "an eruption of just cold, fluid, gristle, blood," The Week says. And that, alone, is enough to keep us away.

3 Avoid: Yukon

The Yukon, according to BBC America, is one of the most remote and coldest places in North America. It's a mountainous region in Northwest Canada that is home to Canada's highest peak, glaciers and freezing cold alpine lakes. The Travel Yukon website tempts nature lovers with prospects of dogsledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and more, but after watching Bear Grylls squeeze through ice caves and get carried away by frigid rapids on a questionable raft (in grizzly and polar bear territory, nonetheless), they might think twice about venturing into this untamed land.

2 Avoid: Baja California

Contrary to what its name suggests, the Baja California Peninsula is located in Mexico. According to Lonely Planet, it "offers over 1200 kilometers of the mystical, ethereal, majestic, and untamed." With that said, Bear Grylls didn't seem to have that majestic of a time in the making of this Man Vs. Wild episode. Instead, he fought a diamond-back rattlesnake and reacted so badly to a bee sting that his eyes were swollen shut. Baja California seems to be a pretty popular destination for surfing, however, and — thankfully — there are no rattlesnakes or bees at sea.

1 Avoid: The Deep South

Of all the exotic places the show Man Vs. Wild has sent its adventurous host to, perhaps the most insane of them all is nearer than you might think. The Deep South episode that aired in 2008 features Grylls wading through the thick, murky swamp waters of Louisiana while attempting to avoid deadly alligators, snakes, and catfish (not to mention a particularly scary looking rodent called nutria), IMDB says. In fact, he does have a few encounters (one in which he even kills an alligator with a knife). There are many ways to get out on the eerie bayous of Cajun country by boat, but we prefer to stay safe and dry on land.