Airports play a vital role in developing and growing a country or a region. They are not just channels for transport, they directly impact each and every traveler who goes through them. A good airport brings more foreign exchange and encourages more people to visit a country, so it boosts tourism. As a result, countries try as much as possible to build the best and most efficient airports possible.

The larger the airport, the better the ability to handle a high level of traffic, whether passengers or cargo and the more amenities it can provide.

Here are the largest airports in the world as of 2022.

10 King Fahd Airport

King Fahd International Airport is in Saudi Arabia and was constructed in 1999. In terms of area cover, it is the largest airport in the world as it covers an area of 776 square kilometers. It is an airport that receives up to 10 million passengers every year.

King Fahd Airport is home to 37 airlines and serves 43 destinations. It has three main terminal buildings: a six-story building serving passengers, one for private airlines, and the last one for Saudi Arabia's royal family. Some of its large amenities are shopping areas, gardens, and a rooftop mosque.

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9 Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is in Colorado, and it covers an area of 137 square kilometers or 52.4 square miles. It is one of the largest airports in the USA, and it has the longest runway for the public, stretching 3 miles.

The airport currently offers travel to 2015 destinations across the world. It has three terminals, and passengers can use an automated train system. With the airport located next to rocky mountains, passengers enjoy great views.

8 Fort Worth International Airport

Fort Worth Airport is even larger than Manhattan Island. It is an airport with a total area of 26.9 square miles. Due to its size and operations, the airport has its emergency services and a zip code. It is built between the city of Fort Worth and Dallas. As a result, it gained its name Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

The Airport is large enough to serve 26 major airlines and connect to more than 260 destinations across the world.

7 Washington Dulles International Airport

The Washington Dulles Airport covers an area of 20.3 square miles or 52.6 square kilometers. It is one of the oldest airports in the US, as it was opened in 1962. However, the airport has received countless improvements over the years, making it competitive and an attraction to many travelers.

The Washington Dulles airport serves more than 60,000 passengers every day and offers flights to more than 125 destinations across the globe.

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6 Orlando Airport

Orlando International Airport is located just 6 miles from Downtown Orlando. It is one of the busiest airports in the region as it serves more than 50 million passengers per year. This is one of the most commonly used airports for people going to Disney World.

The airport can cover this huge number of people and cargo due to its sheer size. It covers an area of 19.7 square miles. Orlando International, also abbreviated as MCO, has more than 60 shops and 50 restaurants. This means that passengers have more than enough places to shop and relax. It serves more than 135 destinations, and 44 airlines fly through the airport.

5 Beijing Daxing Airport

Beijing Daxing Airport is one of the largest airports in Asia. However, something interesting about the airport is that it is a single terminal airport even with its huge size of 46.6 square kilometers. The airport is well-known for its starfish-like terminal.

The airport operates flights to more than 120 destinations and receives millions of passengers per year. The airport's starfish terminal is efficient as it allows travelers to move easily from check-in to the designated gates within just 8 minutes. It also has good solar panels, heat recovery, and water management systems.

4 George Bush Intercontinental Airport

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport is found in Houston, Texas, USA. The airport was named after the country's 41st president. It is one of the largest in the country and has 5 runways. This airport covers 15.6 square miles or 40.5 square kilometers.

With the airport linked to a skyway and a subway, it is able to facilitate the movement of more than 45 million travelers every year. Its five terminals enable the airport to easily handle a large flow of passengers every day.

3 Shanghai Pudong Airport

Shanghai Pudong Airport is a major airport in China and the main channel into Shanghai airport. With the airport sitting on 15.4 square miles of land, it is big enough to provide the city with much-needed transport and flying space.

The airport has six runways and boasts three passenger terminals. As a result, Shanghai Pudong Airport is able to handle more than 35 million passengers yearly. This airport links to more than 200 destinations across the world, making it a favorite for many travelers.

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2 Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport is the largest airport in Africa, with a total area of 37.0 square kilometers. The airport is the biggest and busiest in Egypt and is located within the country's capital. As a result, it serves as an artery for international and domestic flights.

The airport has been in operation since 1963 and has three terminals. However, the airport serves just 15 million passengers every year.

1 Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Thailand. The airport is located in Bangkok and covers an area of 12.5 square miles. It was opened in 2006 and has grown quickly to handle a high number of passengers handling 50 million per year. It has three terminals, and 95 airlines operate from there.

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