Kit Kats in America are usually known for their regular milk chocolate flavor, although a few different varieties, such as white chocolate, have been made available here over the years. While an original Kit Kat is delicious, there are actually hundreds of flavors that have been created elsewhere, with most of these coming from Japan as well as some in the UK and Canada. The reason American Kit Kats don’t come in as many varieties as they do in other places is they are actually owned by Hershey's here instead of Nestlé.

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We’ve collected a list of 10 Kit Kat flavors you won’t be able to get in the United States, and many of these flavors are ones you’ll wish you could try.

Canada has had a wide variety of Kit Kat flavors. Most of these are more traditional dessert flavor combinations that you would find in North America. One fairly recent Kit Kat from Canada is the mint creme and cookie smash variety. This is just one of many flavors that combine a couple of different elements such as, in this case, mint as well as a crunchy cookie layer.

9 Ruby Chocolate (UK)

If you're a foodie, or if you’ve just seen viral stuff going around the internet, you’ve probably heard of Ruby Chocolate. This chocolate variety is relatively new and comes from the ruby cocoa bean. The chocolate was first worked with in French and Belgian under the Callebaut’s brand. However, there are also some who say that this chocolate is actually made from unfermented cocoa beans. Either way, you can try ruby chocolate in Kit Kat form if you happen to be in the UK. If you can’t go there, you can also order on Amazon.

It’s no surprise that cookie dough is a treat that many people love. While raw cookie dough isn’t the healthiest or safest thing to eat, having a version of cookie dough that is safe to consume is always a plus. Cookie dough Kit Kats allow you to have the delicious taste of cookie dough without the risk of eating raw eggs. Unfortunately, this variety is made in Canada and won’t be found on the shelves of grocery stores in the United States.

7 Cough Drop (Japan)

Japan is known for making many varieties of sweets and sometimes creating some strange flavors. Japan has had hundreds of Kit Kat flavors, so it’s no wonder that some of these are a little off the wall.

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The cough drop Kit Kat might be one of the weirdest Kit Kat flavors ever. Generally, most people don’t associate cough drops with a tummy desert, although not everyone hates the taste. If you’re into adventurous foods, this is one to check out.

6 Rum Raisin (Japan)

Rum raisin is another one of the many varieties of the candy bar that you can get, or at least could get at one time, in Japan. Rum chocolate is a fairly normal treat combination that can be rather delicious.

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However, you might not expect this flavor in a candy bar. This variety might look a little different than you expect too since the chocolate is white instead of milk or dark.

5 Green Tea (Japan)

The matcha Kit Kat might be one of the most well-known Kit Kat flavors. Since matcha has become somewhat of a fad flavor in many sweets, it’s no surprise a Kit Kat version exists. Many people love the flavor of green tea, so this kind of Kit Kat remains one that people enjoy.

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It’s also a variety that many people like to try just to say they have. While it’s not produced in the United States, you might be able to find this and other Kit Kats at international food and candy stores.

4 Cookies And Cream (Canada)

Cookies and cream is a tried and true dessert combination that can be found in many kinds of treats. While it’s most traditionally found in ice cream, there are many candy bars and other desserts that come in this flavor. Sadly, cookies and cream Kit Kats are made in Canada, not in the United States. However, if you get a chance you should definitely try them as they are delicious.

3 Melon With Mascarpone Cheese (Japan)

This flavor is probably one of the most unique on the list. This flavor combination actually sounds like it could be really good, but it might taste better with real melon and mascarpone. The mix in a candy bar might be a little strange, but, as they say, don’t knock it until you try it. While Japan might have almost any flavor of Kit Kats you could imagine, this is one that hardly anyone would dream up or expect.

2 Wine (Japan)

If you love wine, you’re going to wish you could try this flavor. While wine might be a flavor that’s hard to infuse into a candy bar, it can be done.

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There are many candies that are wine flavors from chocolates to gummies, so it’s unsurprising Japan would have this be a Kit Kat flavor. While it won’t get you buzzed, these Kit Kats might give you that wine taste you love.

1 Wasabi (Japan)

Of all the Kit Kat flavors available around the world, another of the strangest is probably Wasabi. While wasabi can be a delicious condiment to put on top of sushi, it’s not something that you think of as a desert. Wasabi has a spicy taste to it making it a Kit Kat flavor you want to try if you love desserts with a little bit of a kick to them. While most people aren’t going to love this flavor, these more unique kinds are worth trying if you’re an adventurous foodie.

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