In all the excitement of looking for a fantastic destination for our long-awaited and much-needed vacation, we sometimes forget something important while traveling. This isn't a problem if we go on a road trip, either by car or bus or train. Neither is this an issue if we are going by sea. We sometimes forget this critical thing when we travel to our destination by air. In all the preparation and excitement, from booking a nice hotel or resort or private island to getting those cheap airline tickets, we forget one thing that can give us a headache, or that could kind of ruin our vacation.

This unpleasant experience happens early on, while we are still in our city. When we are told that we cannot bring certain items with us, we cannot have this item in our carry-on luggage. We will be told that we should have checked it, or worse, leave it before we board the plane. It happens to every one of us. So to help a bit with the smooth travels we want to have, and for general good vibes at the beginning of our trip, here is a list of things we cannot carry on when traveling in an airplane. And then there is also a list of amazing things that we never knew would pass inspection and get through at an airport.

Updated by Gabriel Kirellos, December 9th, 2021: People traveling abroad must take note of the items they are allowed and not allowed to bring with them in their carry-on bags. This list was updated to include some allowed and not allowed items, such as gifts and corrosives.

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22 Not Allowed: Liquid Food

People would think they could bring food with them on the plane. It's logical to think so because they have food available on the aircraft. The fact is, not every kind of food is allowed on a plane. It's not because of corkage or whatnot. It is because food in liquid form is prohibited on airplanes. A simple broth or soup, carry it with you while boarding, and be surprised to be told you cannot have it onboard. So, to warm your hungry stomach, you'll be rushing it, else you'll miss the plane. Most probably, we leave that bowl of soup right there at the checkpoint.

21 Not Allowed: Magic 8-balls and Snow Globes

As the ball answered in the picture, don’t count on it. We nonchalantly take with us a souvenir from somewhere then get surprised when we are told that we cannot bring it with us on the airplane. Snow globes are common souvenirs too, but these are prohibited because of the liquid it contains in it. The same thing goes with Magic 8-balls because they have the same liquid content. We might as well put these kinds of things in our checked baggage because they are not allowed with carry-ons. Sorry kids, you’re going to have to play with them after the plane ride. If there are smaller snow globes and Magic 8-balls, they might pass inspection. But just to be sure, let’s just check them all with the luggage.

20 Not Allowed: Sharp Objects

Scissors, kitchen knives and similar cutlery, ice picks, corkscrews with blades are some items we might innocently pack in our carry-on bags. Be informed that these things will not get on the plane with you. The reason is simple, although meant for a different purpose, these items can quickly become weapons that could inflict severe damage. Some countries might be a little lenient, but in the United States, these kinds of things will get confiscated for sure. Smaller scissors, not longer than 4 inches, may get past security. But if you want to be sure, sheath it properly, tape over the sharp edges with something like duct tape. That would do the trick.

19 Not Allowed: Most Sports Equipment

Most sports equipment and recreational materials are surprisingly allowed in our carry-on bags. Basketballs, baseballs, footballs, and even bowling balls are allowed. But baseball bats and bowling pins are not. Some dangerous equipment is not permitted, like bows and arrows and darts. These things are sharp and could inflict damage to something or someone else. Sports gear that can be used as a bludgeon is not allowed, including hockey sticks, cricket bats, golf clubs, and even tent spikes and poles. Not to worry, if we are going to significant competition and need the lucky bat or golf club, we can always check them.

18 Not Allowed: Fertilizer

This could easily be included in our carry-on baggage without us thinking twice about any issues it might raise with a checkpoint. The fact of the matter is that fertilizers are a notorious ingredient in making explosives, and we've watched so many films and TV shows about it. It is logical to place this item in the prohibited materials list at every airport. One more thing, most items here can be checked instead of carried on, but fertilizers are not allowed at all. We'd have to go on a road trip if we carry fertilizer with us.

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17 Not Allowed: Liquid Gas

Lighters, matches, Zippos, and other fire-starters are not allowed in carry-ons. There are some exceptional cases, like when you only have one disposable lighter, they could let that. If your Zippo has no fluid in it, that can be allowed, too. Safety matches are allowed, but not in checked baggage. All kinds of liquid gas are prohibited in carry-on and checked baggage. Butane, those that power your camping stoves, gasoline, compressed gas cartridges, aerosol paint, and aerosol insecticide. All these items can be used to start a fire and are not allowed in the plane's cabin. Some you can check, but call the airline ahead and make sure.

16 Not Allowed: Party Poppers

Party poppers come in all shapes and sizes. They could be as big as a golf club or as tiny as lipstick. These are novelty items used in parties and events and usually leave a mess afterward. They are not allowed in planes because the crew would have to clean up the confetti later if they accidentally pop. No, it's not because of the mess. Just like firecrackers, party poppers have some explosive in them that makes the confetti fly and pop as extravagantly as it can. That's what is prohibited. They are not allowed in checked baggage as well, so make sure you pop that thing in the party before you get to the airport.

15 Not Allowed: Iron Cookware

All kinds of pots and pans are safe to take with you in your carry-on bags. They are allowed by security, except cast iron pots and pans. Pots and pans of this kind are heavy-duty materials made of pure metal, specifically an alloy of iron that contains manganese, silicon, and carbon. They are complex and will not easily dent if you smash them on something, unlike the regular pots and pans. This is the exact reason why it is not allowed in carry-on baggage, the bludgeoning case of everyday items. Well, we can always check them.

14 Not Allowed: Tools

Some standard tools are allowed in carry-ons, like wrenches and pliers. More will be allowed if they are not longer than 7 inches or have a sharp tip, edge, or edges. The case of bludgeoning will take effect here, too. This makes most tools dangerous and should just be checked, like hammers and crowbars. Those power tools have to go straight to our checked baggage. No amount of sweet-talking, charm, and reasoning will do for someone to get a power tool past security. You could be the most popular handyman or carpenter in the world, but those tools will get checked like the rest of them.

13 Not Allowed: Self-defense Paraphernalia

Self-defense sprays, for example, pepper spray or mace, are prohibited in your carry-on bag. This is uncalled for. Why would anyone rid me of the one thing that makes me feel safe and secure in my belongings? The reason is simple. Of course, these items can be used as weapons on the plane. So let's just put them in our checked baggage so that they won't get left behind. The same goes for other items some people would also claim are for self-defense, like brass knuckles and switchblade knives, and even Swiss Army knives. Hattori Hanzo sword? Forget about it. Just check that blade, too.

12 Not Allowed: Corrosives

Corrosives are prohibited in both checked and cabin baggage. Those include acids, mercury, wet cell batteries, alkalis, and mercury apparatus. Moreover, such substances can be found in thermometers, electrical accumulators, and car batteries. Additionally, Lithium batteries are also banned from carrying on the flight, along with e-cigarettes and other dangerous items, such as ferromagnetic material, first-aid kits, and dry ice.

11 Allowed: Liquid Stuff

Not all kinds of liquid are confiscated at the checkpoint. We can bring any liquid with us on the plane. There are just some rules, and if we follow them, we can get our liquid with us on the plane. Of course, although liquid, flammable liquid, and hazardous materials are still prohibited. Liquids must be less than 100 ml and must be put in clear cases or bags before the inspection. So, there we are, we can bring all those liquid cosmetics, perfume, bathroom essentials, as long as we follow these straightforward and easy-to-do instructions.

10 Allowed: Antlers

This is weird. Sharp objects and things that could be used to bludgeon are prohibited in carry-ons, but it's cool if you have antlers with you before boarding a plane. You know these things. These are horns of animals like the elk, deer, reindeer, and several other different species of deer and elk. These things could be sharp. Maybe they are not strong enough to be used as a weapon. That's why they allow it. Or perhaps they're too brittle to be used as one. Do they test these things out? Just curious because the rules on items that can be used as weapons and those that can't are kind of inconsistent. Now, check if you can fit those antlers in the overhead compartment because they would ask you to check if they don't work there or under your seat.

9 Allowed: Syringes

We don't think that they would ever allow syringes to get through security on the topic of sharp objects. It is clearly a very sharp object since it can penetrate the skin as easily as a knife penetrates butter. But we would think wrong. Syringes, it doesn't even matter if they are used or unused, will be allowed as a carry-on, as long as the unused syringe has injectable medicine together with it. Then, the unused syringe will be allowed to get through as long as they are stored in hard-surface containers. These are medical paraphernalia needed to administer medicine. Although the needles are long and sharp, they would have no choice but to let them through.

8 Allowed: Certain Beverages

Alcohol seems like something we cannot carry with us on an airplane. Well, the answer is actually yes and no. Yes, we can carry them, as long as they follow the regulation of not more than 100 ml containers. Those mini-bottles that make you feel like a giant come in handy in these situations. They say no to alcoholic beverages that are more than 100 ml and spirits that are over 24 percent alcohol. Now, if you have alcohol that's over 140 proof or with 70 percent alcohol (grain alcohol), then that's a no in your carry-on and no to checked baggage as well.

7 Allowed: Sewing Needles and Disposable Razors

Here's another exception to the sharp objects rule. We shared that small scissors can get past security, but more. Sewing needles, as tiny and sharp as they are, they can get past security and be allowed in your carry-on baggage. Naked razors are not allowed, though; picture the kinda barber would use to clean-shave a customer in a barbershop. But the disposable razors, those we usually use, are permitted. They are safe to carry as long as they are still attached to the handle. Electric razors will also be allowed. But those box cutters, they're not allowed.

6 Allowed: Questionable Toys

As embarrassing as it sounds to get one's bag inspected and to be found with personal toys in it, it is actually not prohibited in your carry-on baggage. They can all be safely and securely tucked into your carry-on bags. Carrying it and bringing it with you in the cabin of a plane is all okay. We can guarantee that. Using them is a different story altogether. Maybe just wait until the plane lands. That's our advice. Those life-size adult dolls, we are on the fence about that one. Perhaps if you bought a seat for it, then it would be okay.

5 Allowed: Medicine

Medicine in the form of liquid can be brought with you on a plane as a carry-on, even if it is more than 100 ml. Just call ahead and advice the airline or airport of it. They will have regulations, of course, just listen up, jot down the special instructions, and follow them. It will be a breeze through security if you followed the instructions correctly. Pills and tablets will go through a screening process, so be sure to ask about them beforehand, too. Personal oxygen might not get through but check with the airline for other options they could offer for such passengers.

4 Allowed: Parachute

Now this one's kind of incredible; who would not want to have extra protection miles above the ground in case one of the worst things happen, right? Having a parachute can be something that sounds funny, but it's not a bad idea. Especially now that we know, we can bring them with us in our carry-on baggage. The only problem is the hassle of the inspection. It is a piece of the item more significant than a king-sized bed sheet. We should be present while they inspect it, and inspect it they will. They always advise passengers to allow an additional 30 minutes for inspection time to bring a parachute with them on the plane.

3 Allowed: Live Sea Creatures

Pets, smaller ones, are allowed with you on a plane, but with the proper and regulated inspection procedures. These are domesticated, domiciled animals, but what about the wild and exotic ones? For example, live corals, we'd think they would not allow that, but they do. What about live fish? Yes, they will enable it as well. As long as it's been inspected, ensure they are not taken by force and are not being chased by a worried father and its forgetful companion. They should also be placed in clear transparent containers. Live lobsters are also allowed but make sure the airline is okay with lobster. Some may not be, so just call ahead to be sure.