10 Islands You Can Afford To Rent (10 Reserved For The 1%)

With the advent of the home renting business and success of sites such as Airbnb, people are constantly looking for unique places to stay on their travels abroad. A hotel room simply doesn’t cut it anymore - not when you have an option of an entire home or villa with its own private pool for you to enjoy with your friends all to yourself. If that sounds ideal to you, why not take it one step further and rent an entire island to relax, party, or retreat on.

While it may have once sounded like a far off dream that could only be realized if you were lucky enough to strike gold, there are actually a number of realistic options to explore that will allow you to have an entire island all to yourself, without having to take out a second mortgage. You may have to travel a bit farther than you like, or explore locations that don’t automatically come to mind when you think of a getaway, but if you can put together a group of friends with open minds, you can find a secluded island within your budget. Check out some reasonable options to start planning your next trip, and some others options that you may have to put on your vision board.

20 Brother Island Retreat from $128 per night

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Located in the El Nido coastal region in the Philippines, Brother Island offers a completely private island for you and up to 12 of your friends. The main home on the island has 7 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and comes equipped with fully trained staff that stays on the island with you as well. The resort can accommodate larger parties of up to 40 people for a secluded wedding or other events. The location is beautiful with white sand beaches and pristine water, and the rate of approximately $1500/night means that each of your guests will pay around $128/night for the exclusive stay. Also included in the price is 3 meals a day, snorkeling and kayak equipment, and all housekeeping- all for the around the same price of a standard hotel room!

19 Musha Cay from $39,000 per night

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With over 150 acres of crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, the Musha Cay island in the Bahamas should be your top choice- once you hit that lottery gold. The island is located 85 miles southeast of Nassau and is offered with a completely private island experience for you and 24 of your guests with options of accommodations in the 10,000 square foot home on a hill, or an even more secluded beach house. The island comes complete with trained staff to attend to all of your needs, and is all inclusive of all meals, and activities including boat rentals, and wave runners. For the ultimate in luxury, you will only have to pay $57,000 per night. Of course, if that is too much, you have the option of bringing only 12 of your friends for a measly $39,000 per night.

18 Grasshopper Island from $249 per night

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When you think of private island retreats, an island in Canada is probably not the first thing to come to your mind. But you may be surprised at some of the beautiful options available to rent by the lakes in Ontario and ocean in British Columbia. At Grasshopper Island, you can rent a quaint cottage on an island with you and up to 6 of your friends and enjoy beautiful days canoeing and kayaking on Rice Lake or just relaxing on the 25 acre island. Included in your stay are paddle boats, kayaks, campfire wood, and the ferry ride to the island, along with baby sheep, baby goats and alpacas. No joke.

17 The Gladden Villa, from $2950 per night

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This 3000 square foot villa located on the Belize Barrier Reef can be all yours for around $3000 a night, to be enjoyed by you and your partner. The villa is built for a couple and the island is meant to be enjoyed as a romantic getaway for the couple looking for complete security and exclusivity. Inclusive in the price is all meals, served wherever you want. Choose from the rooftop patio, or directly on the beach. All meals are prepared by an in house Chef and are completely customizable. During the days, explore the barrier reef while snorkeling or kayaking around your own island- or if you are feeling lonely visit the neighboring islands with exclusive resorts to rekindle with mankind.

16 Norway Island from $250 per night

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A beautiful cottage sits on 10,000 square meters of private island in Hvaler, Norway. The cottage can accommodate up to 4 guests, which means each of you pays around $63/night for the whole island. A motor boat is included in the rate, which is great because the cottage is completely off the grid- no internet or wifi and no running water, so you may need to the boat to pass your time! The outdoor area comes equip with a fire pit that doubles as a BBQ to cook your meals and enjoy a dinner under the stars in a truly unique destination.

15 Sunset Key Resort, from $187,500 per night

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Sunset Key Cottages is a luxury resort located on a 27-acre island close to Key West, Florida. Visitors can rent out a cottage on the island for themselves for rates starting at $600. The island offers cottages with one to four bedrooms for couples of small families, or they can rent the entire island for private events, including 40 villas for $187,500 night. The island paradise is complete with pristine beaches, swaying palm trees, and modern cottages offering all the luxury of a 5 star resort.

14 Bird Island, from $150 per person per night

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Take 6 of your friends and head to Bird Island in Belize for a magical escape with ultimate privacy, all for around $900 night. The beautiful and secluded island offers the ultimate beach vacation with snorkeling gear, fishing rods and sandy shores all outside of your door. The island is also located only 6 miles away from the town if you need to stock up on groceries or other goods, but you probably will not need to as the island comes equipped with condiments, and basics for you to enjoy home cooked meals. No staff stays on the island, leaving you completely on your own with nature.

13 Wadigi Island, Fiji, from $2756 per night

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Fiji is known as an exotic location with beautiful beaches, tropical forests and fresh fruit. At Wadigi Island you can enjoy a completely private island for 2 (or more, for more) that is accessed by a quick 10 minute helicopter ride from the closest airport. Master chefs will prepare fresh meals that are tailored to your preferences and the staff on the island will make sure all your needs are catered to. The exclusive resort has beautiful and modern accommodations and the scenery is straight out of a Hollywood movie, literally- nearby islands were the backdrop to Tom Hank’s film, Castaway.

12 Lamb Island, from $200/night

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If you are looking for something a bit different than the beachy private island feel, head to British Columbia, Canada for a beautiful retreat on a private island located off the coastline of the Sechelt Inlet. Enjoy views of the ocean, outdoor BBQs, a private hot tub and a kayaking and canoeing. The price is extremely reasonable and the island can accommodate larger groups, making the price per night even more affordable. British Columbia is a stunning province in Canada, and neighboring areas can be enjoyed after your relaxing stay on this island.

11 Satellite Island, from $1800 per night for two people

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Satellite Island is a remote island in the south of Tasmania surrounded by stunning views of sea cliffs and rock shelf. For $1800 per night, escape to this unique destination for a couples retreat unlike any other. The rate includes a stocked fridge and freshly prepared breakfasts, with meals usually consisting of freshly caught seafood straight from the ocean. You can choose to do as much or as little as you want while staying on this exclusive island- swimming, sunbathing, canoeing and kayaking are all at your disposal, along with beautiful beaches and bonfires for two at night.

10 Urraca Private Island Eco Lodge, from $90 per person per night

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For the ultimate girls (or guys) trip, take 16 of your friends to Popa Island in Panama for a measly $90/person! There is no minimum stay required at this island and you and your friends can have the entire place to yourself (except for the 12 monkeys who live on the island as well). There is no actual land on the island, just wooden planks that connect all of the bungalows, and like all of the other islands listed, snorkeling and kayaks are available with the rental price. While meals are not included in the price, for an extra fee meals can be arranged, and breakfast is included. What are you waiting for?

9 Coupon Key, from $4350 per night

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This Florida Keys private island offers stunning views of turquoise water in a 4500 square foot home with 8 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms for you and your friends to enjoy after hitting it big on the lottery. The home can accommodate up to 12 guests and is stacked with a billiards room, satellite TV, and groceries (at an extra charge). Relax during the day by going deep sea fishing, scuba diving or for a nice swim on your own private beach. For extra fees, massages and spa services can be arranged. All you need is your friends, some drinks and a winning ticket to enjoy this paradise!

8 Melody Key, from $186 per person per night

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So this might fall in between the affordable and lottery category depending on your group’s budget. But given that this private island is located in Florida and is easily accessible and can accommodate up to 8 guests, you may want to splurge and pay the $1495/night room rate to have the luxury of a beautiful island to yourself. The island provides a three story timber home with three bedrooms and modern furnishings. A 14 foot catamaran is included in the rental price to enjoy and jet-skis are available for an additional fee- so you can make your way to Key West when you want to reach civilization again.

7 Neckar Island, from $60,000 per night

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Richard Branson’s famous island on the British Virgin Islands is available for your next family reunion. Visited and enjoyed by several celebrities including Mariah Carey and Kate Winslet, the actual home of Sir Richard Branson is on the market for renters throughout the year. The beautiful home has been reconstructed after being struck by lightning in 2011 and damaged by a fire. For the steep price tag, you and 30 of your friends can party and eat and drink all you want while enjoying breathtaking views, massive pools and plenty of water sports. If the price tag is too much for you, alternative options are available during certain times of the year to rent rooms, hotel style. However, they aren’t very budget friendly either.

6 Downeast Private Island, Maine, from $50 per person per night

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Why settle for one private island when you can get two for an affordable price of approximately $50 per person, per night? This cottage home located in Lower Birch Island sits on two islands, facing the open ocean and connected by a land bridge surrounded by rocks. The 1800 square foot home has three bedrooms and can accommodate up to 8 guests on the 23.6 acre lot. The smaller island can be accessed and explored when the tide is low, making for a great escape into wilderness. Guests can enjoy hiking in the forests, or swimming in the ocean. Boat transfers from main land to the island are included in the price. Grab your friends and book this retreat soon, it is often booked throughout the summer!

5 Little White Cay, Bahamas from $14,760 per night

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Head over to the Bahamas with 12 of your friends for a luxury filled vacation on a private island in Berry Islands, Bahamas. The fully staffed private island has 3 private villas to split up among your friends and is surrounding by white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. You may have to share the island with the 13 staff members who will attend to your every need, including your own personal chef and personal massage therapist to melt away your stress. The infinity pool looking out into the ocean will keep you occupied during the days, as well as the tennis courts, yoga decks and gyms and fishing boats all available upon request.

4 Cavinti, Philippines, for $80 per night

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You may have to travel a bit further than you like to be able to vacation like the celebrities with your own private island. In Cavinti, Philippines, a modest bungalow awaits you and 14 of your friends to enjoy a private lake nestled between stunning mountains. Located only 3 hours away from the bustling city of Manila, this private retreat offers a quiet off the grid escape with true access to nature. Guests are transported to the island in a private boat that is available for use and instead of sandy beaches; the home is surrounded by green pastures and sits on a hill. Try something different than the norm and enjoy the tranquility away from the city.

3 Calala Island, from $10,500 per night

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Escape to Nicaragua with 9 of your friends for a beautiful vacation on a completely private island in an unconventional location. Nicaragua has the same beautiful beaches and sand as its Caribbean neighbors but hasn’t been spoiled by vast number of tourists. The island is all-inclusive and includes all meals, snacks and beverages and water sports. Situated on the Caribbean Sea, the resort style island has a swim-up bar, weekly BBQ on the beach, and beaches completely surrounding the island. The only thing that is missing is you and your 9 friends!

2 Eagle Island, Georgia, from $40 per person per night

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This 10 acre island in Georgia offers a calming retreat in a 1500 square foot home with a large wrap-around patio for you and your 11 friends. The home is rented on a weekly basis and is an affordable option when divided between all your guests. The rates vary depending on the season, but the options are always endless. The rental rate includes kayaks, outdoor showers, heated Jacuzzi and plenty of space to explore the island all to yourself. Fishing activities are available as well as boating excursions upon request. The home is truly the perfect location for large group retreats with a wallet friendly budget.

1 Rahimoana Presidential Villa, New Zealand, from $10,000 per night

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New Zealand is known for its stunning scenery and breathtaking views across the entire island. At the Rahimoana Villa, located on the Bay of Islands, these views are amplified among the extreme luxury of the private island. The home features 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a movie theater lounge, a heated infinity lap pool, panoramic views of the Bay of Islands, and a private beach. While the resort features all of the amenities that the others offered such as sport activities and meals, it also has an extra perk; a Porsche Cayenne for guests’ use during their stay so guests can drive around the main island in style after relaxing on your private island in luxury.

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