Canada is a large developed country known by many people. The country is known worldwide for many things, including their cold weather and their great reception toward visitors. However, beyond that, there are other weird and interesting things about Canada that are worth knowing.

These facts and places make Canada special in that they are weird but really interesting things that few people know about. The places are mostly hidden and only people who have time to explore Canada well will be able to find them. When visiting Canada, knowing these facts is a good way to spice up the experience.

10 The Second Largest Country In The World

Yes. This is an interesting fact about Canada that many people have never thought about or knew. One would think that this position is supposed to go to countries such as USA or China. However, that is not the case. Russia is the first, and Canada comes to the second. The county has a total area of 9.98 million square miles. A visitor will have too much to explore in Canada.

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9 Top Donut Consumer Worldwide

Canada is ranked as the top consumer of donuts in the world. It is an interesting fact since Canada has a popularity of around 30 million people. Research shows the country consumes over one billion donuts every year. The people of Canada must really love donuts! Additionally, further studies show that people Canadians love to take their donuts with coffee. It has therefore become a trend for many people, a donut with coffee.

8 Canada Has the Highest Number Of Lakes

Canada takes the lead in many categories around the world, one of which is the number of lakes (and there are many!). The country is home to the highest number of lakes in the world. In the Great White North alone, one In this will find more than 563 lakes that cover an area of over 100 square kilometers. Having so many bodies of water greatly contributes to the country’s beauty.

7 Longest Coastline On The Globe

Another weird and interesting fact about Canada is that the country's coastline is the longest on the globe. Canada has a coastline that measures 125,567 miles long. This gives Canadians and visitors a lot of room for marine-related activities and benefits. There are many beautiful places to go fishing, whale watching, swimming, and boating.

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6 Narcisse Snake Pits Of Manitoba

The Narcisse Snake Pits of Manitoba is another interesting weird thing about Canada. It sounds exactly like it is: a pit with snakes that serves as a great attraction for tourists. A lot of people get curious about the snakes and the events that take place at the pit. What is even more fascinating about this pit is that it hosts the largest orgy of garter snakes on the globe. Although very few people know about this or care, it is certainly a weird fact about Canada and worth finding out, especially for explorers.

5 Beaver War Took Place In Canada

Another interesting fact about the country of Canada is the war that took place in the 17th century. The war is still considered the most bloody one in the whole of North America. It happened as a result of Iroquoians Wanting to dominate the fur trade. As a result of other nations coming up to help, war followed. This war, aptly named the Beaver War, saw many people lose their lives.

4 Quebec - The Walled City Of North America

Quebec is the only walled city on the northern side of Mexico. It was built in the 17th century. The wall stretches and covers the whole city. However, the city has a lot of history that many people do not know about. The city of Quebec is a UNESCO heritage site. It was once captured by the British army got the war even stronger.

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3 No Locking Doors In Churchill, Manitoba

The town of Churchill in Manitoba is a region where one will come across another weird fact: people do not lock their house or car doors. Due to a sizable population of polar bears, the town is at the center of Polar Bear Alley. Polar bears roam the town, and residents have learned to leave their doors unlocked just in case of a polar bear attack.

2 Six Times More Oil Than Russia

Another thing people may not know about Canada is the amount of oil the country has. Canada has approximately 176.8 billion barrels of oil that can be recovered. Crude oil is mostly the source of petroleum. It is in abundance and helps the country grow significantly. The amount of oil Canada has is considered to be more than four times the quantity found in Russia.

1 The Largest Metropole Has 6 Million People

Toronto is the largest in the country. It is known to have more than 2.7 million people living there, making it the largest city in the country, by population.

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