Traveling involves the use of various means of transport from one location to another. When exploring the world, one must use different modes of transport. However, exploring these types of transport systems is one way of enjoying life on the road. One of the most interesting means of transport is the use of trains.

Since trains have been used for several centuries from ancient times to the current modern world, there is always something to enjoy about them. In the current world, trains vary from one place to another and they come with great experiences - such as these.

10 Rocky Mountaineer

Taking a train ride on the Rocky Mountaineer routes in Canada is one of the most interesting train rides one can take. It is made up of four routes and they offer an amazing experience from Alberta to British Columbia. What makes this train so interesting is the kind of routes and terrains it passes through. It is a train ride that has been there since the 1990s. The routes pass through the beautiful Canadian Rockies, the Canadian Pacific, and amazing towns along the way.

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9 Glacier Express Train, Switzerland

The Glacier express train ride passes through the two most picturesque mountain resorts, Zermatt and St. Moritz in Switzerland. Because it offers breathtakingly gorgeous scenery, this train ride is known to be the most relaxing journey one will take in the Swiss Alps. Traveling on this train, passengers get to enjoy scenic views as they cross through 291 bridges, 91 tunnels and mountains, and lakes. As travelers approach Oberalp Pass, they will reach the highest point at 244 meters high.

8 The Reunification Express

The Reunification Express train ride is found in Vietnam. The journey covers a distance of 1,726 kilometers in a period of two days. It is a journey that takes travelers through many historical sites and coastline landscapes. Hanoi is the final stop on the train, which departs from Ho Chi Minh City. Getting on this train is a chance to explore the beautiful terrains of Vietnam. It is popular because of its scenic views and variety of memorable experiences along the way.

7 Nevada Northern Railway

Nevada Northern trains are one of the remaining steam trains one will find. The first thing that makes the train special and unique is that it is steam-driven and gives passengers a glimpse back into history. The Nevada Northern Railway moves through the Robinson Canyon and then crosses the Ruth Copper Mining area, providing a great historical experience. Tourists also get a chance to use a telescope and view the night sky. Additionally, there is great entertainment that includes champagne.

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6 Seven Stars, Japan

Seven Stars is the most interesting train ride one will find in Japan. The train has very comfortable and spacious rooms fit for a long-distance trip. The train was carefully handcrafted by Japanese artisans. As a result, the beds, woodwork, porcelain plates, and bathroom sinks have a special design, which provides an exquisite feel. This trip takes four days and it is moved around the Kyushu island. It makes stops along the way at porcelain studios, onsens, and shrines, giving tourists a memorable experience.

5 Hiram Bingham, Peru

The Hiram Bingham train ride in Peru offers a luxury cruise between Cusco city and Machu Picchu which is an ancient Inca city. It is the most sought-after tourist ride in Peru. The train operates in both directions since there is a high number of tourists traveling between the two cities. Aboard the train, visitors have a chance to enjoy the Andes, the valleys of Peru, the Aguas Caliente, and much more. It also passes through the Urubamba River. Food and drinks are also available on the train.

4 Eastern & Oriental Express

Eastern & Oriental Express is a train line that moves from Thailand to Singapore. As a result, the train moves through three countries – Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. For this tour, passengers get a chance to explore the three countries by passing through areas such as Butterworth, Kuala Lumpur, and Kanchanaburi. When taking this train, passengers are treated with so much more than just a ride, there are a lot of sights to see, along with food, luxury living, and excellent service onboard.

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3 TranzAlpine, New Zealand

TranzAlpine train ride is known to provide the most dramatic landscape adventure in New Zealand. This is a train ride that passes through the Southern Alps. It starts in Christchurch, then travels northwest to the Canterbury Plains, along the Waimakariri river, to the mountains, and crosses Staircase Viaduct. It provides guests a chance to explore the rainforests in the West Coast region and historical towns such as Greymouth which was a gold mining town. It covers a total of 223 kilometers.

2 California Zephyr, USA

The California Zephyr train ride is one of the longest train rides one can take in the United States. The ride covers a distance of 3,924 kilometers and a duration of 52 hours and 40 minutes. This train ride starts in Chicago, Illinois, and ends in San Francisco, California. Along the way, the train covers the most magnificent landscapes of North America – including prairies, deserts, Sierra Nevada, and the Rocky mountains. Passengers can choose different days to take the trip.

1 Pacific Surfliner

The Pacific Surfliner is another interesting train ride to take, and it is in California. The ride starts in San Louis and moves to San Diego. Along the way, the journey covers several interesting cities such as Irvine, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. It is a ride that also offers amazing views of the pacific ocean and other areas, such as major stadiums, wineries, and beaches. The ride on this train is very simple and relaxing. It also does not take a long time.

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