Egypt is one of the most known places in the world for history. As a result, the country attracts millions of tourists every year as there is so much to learn about the country and its history. What makes Egypt stand out most is the magical pyramids of Giza. The other thing is the discovery of tombs, artifacts from Pharaoh's rule, and several other historic sites.

As a result, the country offers so many things for tourists to buy to help them remember Egypt and its cultural history. Here are the top markets to visit when in Egypt.

10 Khan el-Khalili

Khan el-Khalili is a market found in Cairo Egypt in a region known to be dominated by Islamic culture and history. The market is one of the oldest in the country as it was opened around 1382. As a result of this, this Islamic-styled market still carries lots of history today. Additionally, the market has many antiques, perfumes, accessories, handcrafts, shishas, glassware, and costumes to buy or just gaze upon.

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9 Souq Al Goma’a Market

It is also called the Friday’s market. Souq Al Goma’a is among the largest markets in Cairo that is found in the middle of the city under El-Tonsi Bride. The market is unique in the nature of its operations as it attracts great tourist attention. This large market is useful as it provides almost everything one would like to buy in the county. Friday's market is also very affordable. People like the market for high-quality products such as ceramic tiles, and Egyptian furniture. However, it can get crowded.

8 Old Market

The Old Market is another very well recognized and respected market in Egypt that is ideal for tourists. The market receives a large number of customers and tourists as many of the items are related to Egyptian culture. Items such as clothing, souvenirs, and various Egyptian-styled household products are in plenty. Basically, a traveler will have more than enough to choose from and buy in this secure market.

7 Aswan Market

This is the best market to visit for anyone looking for the best quality Egyptian clothing materials, footwear, mats, and other decorations. Aswan is a market with hundreds of traders selling a variety of items making it very diverse. However, it is one of those markets in the country that truly showcases the heritage and history of Egypt. Aswan market is also very close to transport systems with reasonable prices.

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6 Souk Al Fustat

Souk Al Fustat is a market found on the entrance of Coptic Cairo that is found on Corner el Emam street. It is a small modern market that is designed to fascinate foreigners and offer them the best products in Egypt. The market mostly sells handmade products such as lamps and utensils. The market has various products with Egyptian styles such as trays, bowls, paintings, woodwork, cups, ceramic products, pillowcases, and more that make it an interesting place for visitors.

5 El Azbakeya Wall

Although El Azbakeya wall is a book store, it is worth mentioning for it is the most popular and interesting second-hand book store one will find in Egypt as some date back to from hundreds of years ago. One will find books from as early as the 1800s in this store. The store is quite popular as it has more than 130 stalls and is very close to Azbakeya gardens. For book lovers, this is a perfect place to visit and discover so much about Egypt and find fascinating books as well.

4 Wekalet El Balah

Wekalet El Balah is not only a popular market in Cairo that is interesting to shop at. It is a market that dates back to the 19th century. It is well-known for second-hand clothes and the prices are allowed. Shoppers will also get a chance to buy a variety of Egyptian furniture, fabrics, bags, and shoes. Due to the nature of the market having many traders, stores, and a variety of products, it is considered an adventure on its own making it an ideal place for a traveler exploring Egypt.

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3 Mohammed Ali Street

For someone who wants to either take a walk through a modern market or just window shipping in Egypt, then Mohammed Ali street is a good location. It is a market found in the Khedive Ismail area of Cairo. The market takes European architecture and was built in the 1860s. However, the region offers a great shopping environment with many electronics, belly dancers, restaurants, and decorative oriental art for visitors.

2 Sharia Khayamiya

Sharia Khayamiya is an enclosed market found in the Islamic Cairo region of Egypt. The market is known for its interesting buildings. What is more interesting about the market is its unique items. For someone looking for the most unique items in Cairo, this is the best place to shop. They vary from carpets, tents, arts, fabrics, shawls, and more.

1 Suuq El Ataba

Suuq El Ataba is a market in Cairo that is known to receive a very high number of visitors. The market sells a variety of products from clothes, to antiques, handmade crafts, accessories, jewelry, and more. It is one of the most amazing places to shop in Cairo.

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