Both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon know a thing or two when it comes to traveling. Both basically live out of a suitcase these days. Hunter aka Triple H is the busiest man in the pro wrestling industry. He lives in Connecticut while on tour behind the scenes with both weekly shows Raw and SmackDown. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also responsible for NXT over in Orlando. And that’s not counting all the Stamford meetings at the WWE HQ and various other appearances. Stephanie’s no slouch either as the company’s brand ambassador. That means she’s usually on the road promoting the company to lots of different markets especially overseas.

The two are the WWE’s power couple. With so much travel time, they do have the luxury of traveling in a private jet, especially when it’s trips in the US markets. However, for lengthier trips, the couple takes commercial flights. As you’ll see in this article, the two are very different when it comes to meeting the fans while on the road. Stephanie is an absolute sweetheart while Triple H is a little more intimidating. However what we realize in these pics is that Triple H is a lot more open to a photo when his wife’s around! We’ll showcase some examples throughout the article.

Enjoy folks and like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 10 images Triple H and Stephanie didn’t want to take while on the road along with 10 they didn’t mind. Let’s get started.

20 Didn’t Want – Throwback, Pregnant Stephanie & Unhappy Hunter

As of 2003, Stephanie’s role with the company started to lessen. She was written off the script due to her real-life marriage with Triple H. Her travel schedule was reduced and following the marriage, the couple would expect their first child in 2006.

Stephanie wasn’t traveling with the company all that much due to her pregnancy. However, she was caught in this photo looking very pregnant at a hotel abroad. Not only does Stephanie look as though she doesn’t want to take the photo in that condition but neither does Triple H giving the camera an awkward look. This was truly the wrong place at the wrong time type of photo.

19 Wanted To Take - Triple H Taking Part In Mumbai Traditions

During the fall of last year, WWE had high expectations for their show in Mumbai, India. So much so, that they gave one of their employees with a background from India a major push. They were truly all in when it came to the event.

Triple H was one of the first to arrive. Hunter was greeted with quite the reception at the airport. Photos of him range from those that he wanted to take to those he would have rather not. This photo is one of those that he was more than happy to take part in, undergoing the Mumbai traditions at the hotel.

18 Didn’t Want - Mobbed In Mumbai

He didn’t mind the rituals. However, what every wrestler minds is getting mobbed at an airport following a long flight. It isn’t the best experience though sadly, in other countries this tends to be the reality due to a lessened security staff. The fans are also a lot touchier overseas for whatever reason.

Given the different culture, Hunter likely let it slide given how much of a big deal this trip was to the company. However, deep down, he must have been raging given all the fans that surrounded him along with the extreme heat – that’s not a great mix.

17 Wanted To Take - Off The Plane In Saudi Arabia

In late April of this year, WWE put on a major show over in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The show took place in front of 60,000 fans. WWE got a lucrative deal to put on the show. Thus, higher-ups such as Triple H looked to be in good spirits throughout the trip.

Hunter took private transportation for the show, flying on a private jet to Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately for other wrestlers, they weren’t as lucky. Once he got off the jet Hunter was greeted by several Saudi representatives. Hunter kept in good spirits despite the lengthy flight.

16 Didn’t Want - Triple H Mobbed In Melbourne

Most recently, WWE took part in another tour overseas in Sydney, Australia. The plan was to put on another super-show in a large venue. Triple H was one of the headliners for the show. This time around, unlike his Saudi Arabia experience Hunter wasn’t flying private. Instead, he arrived at the airport along with the other wrestlers.

Security was a lot more prepared at the Melbourne airport. Nonetheless, given the rarity of WWE events down under, lots of fans showed up to the airport so they could catch a glimpse of some of their favorites. Triple H was one of the most popular wrestlers to be mobbed by the fans. However, unlike John Cena, Hunter didn’t stop for a photo and looked pretty jetlagged. Fans tried to take selfies but we doubt they came out well enough.

Random fun fact, Ronda Rousey is in the background of the photo.

15 Wanted To Take - Stephanie Smiling For The Fans In Orlando

Finding a picture Stephanie didn’t want to take is like finding a needle in a haystack. It just doesn’t occur all that often. Although she plays the role of a villain on-screen, she’s the exact opposite off of it. While she’s her true self-traveling, Stephanie is one of the nicest people. She rarely turns down a photo and she’ll also make conversation.

In this picture, she traveled to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Unlike her husband who’s there on a regular basis, Stephanie visits the location rarely, residing out of the Weston, Connecticut area.

14 Didn’t Want - Stephanie Signs For Fans

Finding a photo Stephanie didn’t want to take isn’t the easiest. However, we did manage to find a clip of Stephanie rolling her eyes at all the 8x10s a fan wanted her to sign. While the TMZ cameras were rolling asking Stephanie questions following her flight, McMahon was met by lots of WWE fans. Some, however, took things too far by having her sign various memorabilia.

One fan not only had an action figure of Stephanie but he also pulled out several photos. In all likelihood, the purpose was to resell those signatures. Stephanie signed but she didn’t look too thrilled about it. Had it not been for the TMZ cameras maybe she would have bypassed the fan.

13 Wanted To Take - Stephanie & Triple H At The Airport With Fan

Triple H seems to be a different dude when he’s on the road with his wife – pretty much like most men. When he travels with his buddies like Shawn Michaels, Hunter rarely stops for a picture. However, when it comes to taking photos with his wife and the fans, Triple H does so with a big smile on his face. Odd? No, not really.

This is a recent example of that with Hunter smiling from ear to ear similar to his wife. The fan is also over the moon getting a photo with the two.

12 Didn’t Want - Still No Pictures Leaving Melbourne With Shawn Michaels

Leaving Melbourne, Triple H wasn’t stopping for photos and as we saw earlier, he wasn’t stopping once he arrived either. Perhaps it was understandable that he didn’t stop once he arrived. However, some fans hoped he would have taken a little bit of time when leaving the country. Instead, alongside his best friend Shawn Michaels, the two quickly made their way through the airport and passed customs.

Fans tried to snap quick selfies as they walked to the gate, however once again Triple H seemed uninterested mostly ignoring the fans that requested a quick pic.

11 Wanted To Take - All Smiles Post-Bruno Mars

Traveling for the purpose of pleasure can also take place from time to time. Despite their packed schedules, both Stephanie and Triple H made some room to enjoy a Bruno Mars concert. It is quite rare for the two as they’re parents to three daughters outside of the ring.

They seemed to be in good spirits just prior to the show. Another couple caught the two at a restaurant nearby the venue. Once again, Triple H is surprisingly smiling, Stephanie has a lot to do with that. It was a rare night that wasn’t about business but instead, pleasure.

10 Didn’t Want - Triple H Throwback, Arriving In Perth

Rocking the long hair, WWE fans know this one is a throwback of Triple H during his days as an in-ring talent instead of the Executive that he is today. This photo takes place abroad outside of the Perth airport. Unlike his recent experiences, Hunter wasn’t bombarded on the outside of the airport. Instead, he quickly walked outside waiting for the bus transportation.

Again, Hunter wasn’t stopping for photos nor did he look to be in the mood either. The best anyone could have got was a photo from a distance when he wasn’t looking – photos wrestlers typically despise.

9 Wanted To Take - Blonde Stephanie’s Earlier Days

Speaking of throwbacks, this is a shot of Stephanie back in the early 2000s. She travelled to New York City in this picture. New York was and still is, a huge hub for the WWE. Back in the day, the company actually had a location in the heart of Time Square, WWF New York. The company also holds lots of shows in both Madison Square Garden and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Even back then, Stephanie was still all smiling with the fans as you can see in the photo above. She even puts her arm on the guy, he’s one lucky dude!

8 Didn’t Want - Bombarded by Fans

Quite surreal to think about all the traveling Triple H undergoes whether it be with NXT or for main roster purposes. Here he is being bombarded by fans after what we can only assume was a long journey. We understand the excitement and hype that always follows him, especially when he is on foreign soil. Triple H really does have that mega-global appeal that very few WWE stars have. But we're sure that even he would have wanted some privacy at the airport after his flight instead of being ambushed by well-meaning but over-zealous fans.

7 Wanted To Take - Posing While Stephanie Takes The Picture

Man oh man did this fan ever get lucky. We assume had it been Triple H alone, this photo likely wouldn’t have taken place. This fan posted the photo to Twitter claiming that the one to take the photo was none other than Stephanie McMahon!

Talk about a class act, we assume Stephanie was the one that suggested this as in all likelihood, the fan could have easily taken a quick selfie - major props to Stephanie for taking the picture at the airport terminal. Pretty awkward having your wife take the picture with a fan, however.

6 Didn’t Want - Triple H With More Fans In Mumbai

Just look at the difference in fist sizes. The poor fellow in the picture above looks like he’s moments away from eating that fist. Of course, we kid. This is another photo from the Mumbai event. Hunter looks tired in the picture and it doesn’t help that he’s carrying multiple bags while posing for another photo.

We assume once he reached his hotel room, he shot everything off and crashed on the bed for maybe a couple of minutes if he had the time that is.

5 Wanted To Take - Stephanie Signing For The Fans In New York

Not only does she take pictures with the fans but Stephanie also goes the extra mile by signing various items as well. Some WWE stars aren’t as generous; some might stop for a picture but refuse to sign anything. This is understandable especially when the person has various 8x10s of them ready. For one, it is a little disturbing that the fan knows they’re flying through the particular airport. Making matters worse, bringing all those 8x10s usually means it’s for the purpose of resale.

Nonetheless, what can we say, Stephanie doesn’t mind a photo nor does she mind an autograph no matter it is used for.

4 Didn’t Want - Triple H & The Boss In Glasgow

This is a rare shot of the boss and Triple H over in Glasgow. Knowing Vince McMahon, he likely didn’t want this photo to be taken – neither did Triple H who looks quite jetlagged getting off the flight. McMahon always travels in a private jet and it seems as though Hunter was lucky enough to join him.

WWE is actually set to return to Glasgow in the near future, meaning the tour was likely a big success. When the company returns to a certain location overseas pretty quickly, it means that business went very well. Just this time, no pictures of the boss!

3 Wanted To Take - Stephanie Signing For More Fans

You got to love Stephanie McMahon. Not only does she make the time to sign for all the fans in this photo but she also goes the distance and poses for pics after as well. And oh, TMZ cameras were asking her questions at the same time.

Unbelievably, she manages to maintain a genuinely happy smile throughout the entire process. She’s one of the most important people in the entire company and one that lots of wrestlers should use as an example of how to act outside of the ring.

2 Didn’t Want - Triple H Surrounded Outside Mumbai Airport

You figure once you get out of the airport things will at least calm down a little bit. Over in Mumbai during Triple H’s appearance, that was not the case and things got worse. Hunter is barely visible in the photo as he’s surrounded by fans. Hunter wisely keeps moving but it gets harder and harder given the mob of fans waiting to take a picture.

At that point, Hunter wasn’t posing any longer and trying to get to the transportation. Hunter isn’t the first nor is he the last celebrity to get serenaded by the fans in the country.

1 Wanted To Take - Stephanie & Hunter All Smiles In New York

Triple H seemed a little too serious at first. TMZ cameras caught the couple leaving an event in New York City. Once Stephanie began to talk with a glowing smile so did Triple H. He actually joked around with the camera crew discussing that he would never workout with his father-in-law Vince because of his crazy fitness routines. The couple seemed very genuine throughout the brief conversation.

As we’ve seen throughout the years, Hunter seems a lot more approachable when he’s alongside his wife. If he’s alone, chances are you won’t get a picture.