The world is a strange place. You know why? Because it's filled with a number of mysterious, spooky, and creepy sites that both scare and fascinate us, at the same time. These places are surrounded by mysterious stories and legends that are passed on from one generation to another. Some of them date back to the ancient times, while others are comparatively recent, but it doesn't make them any less interesting to mystery lovers.

But why do we even love the mystery? Why do we like having our nerves tickled so much that many of us will read about creepy sites and even come to visit some of them to hear the weird noises and see the paranormal activity? The answer to these questions might be really simple. Probably, we're fascinated by mystery, because it draws us away from the routine of our daily lives and shakes us up. It gives us new impressions and makes life more interesting. And it also shows us that the world around us, however familiar it seems at times, is still full of unknowns.

Now prepare yourself to see the list of the most mysterious places in Canada and Mexico and think whether you want to tickle your nerves in your next trip. Just be warned - avoid reading this list in the evening, because the stories told here might keep you up all night!

20 Mexico: Mapimi Silent Zone in Durango

Aka the Sea of Thetys, Mexico's Zona del Silencio is a stretch of desert in Durango that has a mysterious reputation. The legends connected to it resemble those about the Bermuda Triangle. In particular, the Zone of Silence is known for a number of weird phenomena, such as mutated wildlife, meteor impacts, and radio equipment malfunctions.

Logically, the zone's name is due to the radio issues constantly experienced in the area.

Besides, it's also a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity. According to multiple reports, tall and blond-haired aliens appear in the area every now and then, ask for water in perfect Spanish, and then disappear without a trace.

19 Canada: L’Anse Aux Meadows Norse Village in Newfoundland

This Norse village located in Newfoundland is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is believed that it was settled around the year 1000. L’Anse Aux Meadows is the most well-known Viking settlement in the whole continent of North America. It's connected with Leif Erikson’s Vinland colony that arrived at the continent at least 500 years before Christopher Columbus's first arrival to the New World.

What's so mysterious about this village? It's the fact that at some point, the site was quickly abandoned. Archaeologists didn't even find the signs of burials, tools, agriculture or animal pens there. Why did the Norse leave and didn't populate the area? There are still no answers to this question.

18 Mexico: Misnebalam, Yucatán

Are you into exploring ghost towns? If you are, then Misnebalam in Yucatán is totally worth visiting! It's one of the most well-known ghost towns in the area that was inhabited for only 100 years. Starting from 1910, people actually lived there, but at some point the number of residents started declining until, 100 years later, two remaining persons finally left the area.

According to an urban legend, residents left Misnebalam, because they were disturbed by the ghost of Juliancito. Whether it was true or not, now the deserted town looks rather creepy and attracts only the brave of heart. Are you one of them?

17 Canada: Bayer's Lake Mystery Walls in Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you come to a hill overlooking Bayer’s Lake Business Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you can find a number of remains of stone constructions. To this day, no one knows who built them, when it happened, and with what purpose.

Bayer’s Lake Mystery Walls were discovered in 1991, during the development of the area. Since then, they were protected by Nova Scotia's Special Places Act. Many archaeological groups visited this place to study its history, but none of the artifacts they found gave them the distinct idea of what these walls represented. According to the most popular opinion about the area, the constructions were used as part of fortification.

16 Mexico: La Posada del Sol Hotel, Mexico City

In the past, La Posada Del Sol was a cultural and artistic center of Mexico City. But these times have passed rather quickly because the hotel was opened only for 8 months. These days, it resembles an empty shell of shattered dreams rotting behind a tall fence.

According to local legends, this place was cursed a while ago and now it's inhabited by ghosts. Even its closure is closely connected with mysterious stories. One of the legends says that the hotel's architect, Fernando Saldaña Gelván, couldn't pay his debts for construction of the hotel and ended up hanging himself in the courtyard. But before doing it, he ended the lives of his own family and cursed the place. People say his ghost still lives there. Dare to check it for yourself?

15 Canada: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Mount Pleasant Cemetery was designated a National Historic Site in 2000. It's a favorite place for a lot of residents of Toronto, from joggers to those, who like having slow strolls along cemeteries and see the places that serve as the last refuge to famous politicians, businessmen, athletes, and other people, whose activities were important for the history of the area.

But, before visiting this place too, think twice and remember the fact that the cemetery is also known for its paranormal activity. Electrical issues, weird light patterns, strange noises, and invisible forces affecting people are a few things that can creep you out.


13 Canada: Sainte-Flavie in Quebec

Yeah, I know what you're thinking right now. These must be one of the weirdest statues ever found not only in Canada but also all over the world. This bizarre attraction, called "The Grand Gathering", astonishes everyone, who comes to the shores of the St. Lawrence River. In reality, it's nothing but a set of tide-sensitive statues made of wood by artist Marcel Gagnon.

The most unusual thing about these statues (apart from their weird look) is the fact that they are constantly changing due to the weather, as well as the rise and fall of the tide. Who knows what's going to be left of them in the future, so hurry up, if you want to take a glimpse at them.

12 Mexico: Templo Mayor Ruins, Mexico City

The Templo Mayor Ruins, lying in the heart of Mexico City, amaze both the tourists who love history and mystery enthusiasts. This abandoned Aztec temple used to be the principal place of worship and rituals that involved human sacrifices were performed there. It surrounds the vast area, where the last Aztec Emperor, Cuauhtémoc, took the final stand of his people against invaders from Spain. A lot of people, including the emperor himself, gave their lives in this battle.

Due to the disturbing history of the ruins, this site is filled with legends about paranormal activity and stories told by people, who have seen shadow figures in the area and heard weird noises.

11 Canada: Fairmont Empress on Vancouver Island

According to Reader's Digest, Fairmont Empress is one of the most mysterious hotels in the whole world. A legend says that the hotel's architect, Sir Francis Rattenbury, whose life was ended by his wife's lover back in 1935, still wanders the halls of the hotel. But he's not the only ghost dwelling the building. There's also an apparition of Lizzie McGrath, a chambermaid, who passed away by falling in 1909. And, as if two ghosts aren't enough, there's also a senior woman in pajamas, who knocks in doors and leads guests to the elevator before disappearing into thin air.

So if you want to have some high tea, hear mysterious stories, and, perhaps, see a couple of ghosts, Fairmont Empress is your perfect destination!

10 Mexico: Chichen Itza, Yucatán

How can we speak about mysterious sights of Mexico and skip Chichen Itza? There is no way we could do it! One of the largest ancient Mayan cities and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chichen Itza isn't only known for its history that's written in the books. It's also famous for its numerous legends and stories about paranormal activity.

Apart from the spirits of people who were supposedly given as a human sacrifice on the site, a number of Alux sightings have been reported there. Aluxes are spirits that take the shape of Mayan kids and usually represent the forces of nature, like forests and caves. Similarly to fairies, they can bestow gifts on those who respect them, or trick those who don't. So mind you manners, if you encounter a small, child-like creature in Chichen Itza!

9 Canada: Dawson City, Yukon

A hidden gem of Canada, Dawson City in Yukon is another abandoned and (almost) forgotten place you should visit, if you like to tickle your nerves. Be sure to take a look at the paddlewheel graveyard that used to be very active in the past, delivering people and products to their destinations over the Yukon River. But, since overland transport got more popular, these paddlewheel boats were taken out of service and abandoned.

Now, this site is a haven for urban explorers and for those, who like visiting unusual places. Would you like to visit Dawson City or any other place from this list? Or do you have any other mysterious sites in mind? Let us know in the comments!

8 Mexico: Palace of Inquisition, Mexico City

One of Mexico City's prettiest constructions, the Palace of Inquisition is also one of the most haunted buildings. So if you're into beautiful architecture, but don't really like creepy places, better avoid this site or just look at it from afar.

It's no wonder that the Palace of Inquisition is filled with legends and mysteries, as well as with dark energies. After all, its main job used to be detaining witches and heretics, torturing those who didn't want to confess their sins, and executing a lot of people, both guilty and innocent. It's too disturbing to depict the methods used there, but believe us that they were worse than you can imagine.

Today the palace operates as a museum, but only the bravest travelers dare to come inside.

7 Canada: Crooked Bush in Saskatchewan

Just outside of Hafford, Saskatchewan, you can find a grove of twisting aspen trees, called Crooked Bush. The trees cover approximately 1.5 hectares, so you should take your time, taking a walk along the trails of this bizarre forest. Fortunately for visitors, the grove has a walking platform that will guide you and won't let you get lost.

It's still not clear why the trees in Crooked Bush have these weird shapes, twisting and turning towards all possible angles. Scientists suggest that it happened naturally, due to certain genetic mutations, although there are many other, more supernatural, explanations. Which one do you tend to believe more?

6 Mexico: Panteon de Belen in Guadalajara

Pantheon de Belen is a historic cemetery located in Guadalajara. It was built for victims of the epidemics of cholera that stroke the city in the 19th century. Maybe due to this tragic origin, the cemetery is still covered with legends and mysterious stories.

There are lots of legends about ghosts dwelling on the cemetery. Over the years, a lot of people claimed to have seen weird apparitions there. Now, for the amusement of the bravest travelers, who like to tickle their nerves, the cemetery offers night tours. Would you be among the ones to visit this peculiar museum of macabre?

5 Canada: Fairmont Banff Springs in Alberta

A beautiful castle, surrounded by the Canadian Rockies and located not far from the Banff National Park, Fairmont Banff Springs seems to be a perfect place to stay for some travelers. But, before booking accommodation there, you should certainly hear the story behind it. The mysterious story the castle's staff probably won't tell you.

In the 1920s, a young bride was climbing down the stairs in the castle, wearing her wedding dress, but she was startled by something, stumbled, and fell to death. Since she never realized her dream of getting married, the bride didn't leave the place with peace and she's still there, according to many visitors of the hotel, who saw her on the stairs and in the ballroom. And yes, she's not the only ghost there...

4 Mexico: La Moira House, Mexico City

A lot of mysterious stories surround the La Moira house that couldn't look any more ominous. Painted in black color, it's known for being one of the most well-known creepy places in Mexico.

The most famous story behind this house tells about a young boy named Marcus, who entered the abandoned La Moira house, when he was only 8 years old, and saw something there that traumatized him to the core. According to the story, the boy heard weird voices emanating throughout the house and saw a man's ghost hanging from the ceiling. To the remainder of his life, Marcus was haunted by these things he saw. To let you sleep this night, I won't tell you the end of this story...

3 Canada: Plains of Abraham in Quebec

The Plains of Abraham is known as one of the most historical parks in Canada. Part of Quebec City, it saw a lot of fights between the British and French Empires, including the most important battle in the history of the country. It was the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in 1759 that ended the lives of many soldiers from both sides.

Since then, the Plains of Abraham has been surrounded by mysterious stories told by people, who claim to have seen ghosts that looked like soldiers in the park. Do you think they're right, or is it only the game of imagination?

2 Mexico: House of Aunt Toña, Mexico City

Another mysterious location in Mexico City, the House of Aunt Toña is a huge white mansion located in the depth of the Chapultepec Park. Little is known about it, but, according to rumors, a woman named Toña lived alone in this enormous house, because she hid her fortune there and didn't want anyone else to find it. To feel less lonely in this large mansion, at some point she decided to foster kids there, but something bad happened...

Now, the house is said to be inhabited by the ghosts of Toña and these children. Only the bravest come to explore it, not only due to the paranormal activity but also because the house is located in a hard-to-reach location.

1 Canada: Strange Tunnels in Ontario

The Niagara Region of Ontario is a place loved by a lot of travelers, but few of them know that it's home to the so-called Screaming Tunnel. This limestone tunnel, located under a rail overpass, has a creepy story behind it. According to a local legend, if you light a match in its middle, you will hear a loud ghostly scream.

However, it's not the only creepy tunnel in Ontario. There is also the Blue Ghost Tunnel, aka Merritton Tunnel. Located in Thorold, it's also a limestone tunnel inhabited by not one, but several ghosts. However, travelers can't explore it these days, since it was sealed off many years ago, because of its poor condition.

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