Many people think luxury hotels conjure up images of carefree travel, designer furnishings, or lavish restaurants. However, all of this can change in a short period, leaving decay and squalor in their wake because of unfortunate events like bad weather, natural disasters, war, and financial mishaps.

The skeletal remains of former hotels lie abandoned worldwide, leaving only eerie reminders of their former splendor in their place. Various hotels from around the world are now already abandoned. So here are ten hotels from around the world that have been long gone.

10 Ryugyong Hotel, North Korea

Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, saw the groundbreaking of a luxurious new hotel in 1987. The 1,000-foot-plus pyramid-shaped tower was intended to accommodate at least 3,000 rooms and five 360-degree spinning eateries. The Ryugyong Hotel, which takes its name from Pyongyang's historical nickname as the "capital of willows," was initially scheduled to open in just two years. But it didn't happen at all. Despite the building's planned completion in 1992, it remained devoid of windows and bare concrete for an additional 16 years, looming over the city like a scary monster. While it towered over the rest of the city, it became known as the "Hotel of Doom." Speculation over the hotel's future has been rife since construction began and halted numerous times.

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9 Igloo City, Alaska

This igloo-shaped concrete structure was erected as a welcoming tourist attraction for visitors to Alaska. The enormous four-story hotel was built in the 1970s. Even so, it was never put into operation as it failed to meet the codes at the time which made the hotel’s owners leave it unfinished and abandoned. Visitors to the area can now stop and look at the interior of the building, which was previously padlocked. Even though the hotel was still under construction, it was forfeited. Its isolated location earned it a unique reputation of being eerily beautiful.

8 Haludovo Palace Hotel, Croatia

This hotel, which opened in 1971, served as a vacation resort in Croatia, replete with a casino, for tourists on vacation. It was abandoned after the casino went bankrupt, and it remained cracked and withered for decades. Additionally, the conflict in 1991 caused its tourism economy to collapse, resulting in the hotel crumbling into ruins. Refugees from the Yugoslav Wars were the only people who called it home during that period. Travelers may be disappointed to discover just remains and collapsing stairs of the formerly elegant Haludovo Palace Hotel, although hotel directional signs are still prominently placed throughout the town.

7 Gran Hotel Y Balneario, Cuba

In Cuba, the Gran Hotel y Balneario, which has lain abandoned since the 1950s, has a creepy ambiance penetrating the grounds. For wealthy visitors to San Miguel de Los Baños, the hotel was built to meet their needs. Around 1955, the entire town was forced to flee after water pollution from a nearby sugar factory. No one wanted to return to the Gran Hotel y Balneario grounds where the tragedy occurred, even though residents of the town had regained it. Since then, it has remained in a state of abandonment.

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6 El Hotel Del Salto, Columbia

It was built in San Antonio Del Tequendama, Colombia, in the 1920s, and it overlooks the Tequendama Falls. It was a hotel for 60 years, catering to the well-heeled traveler only. It was initially intended to be renovated in the 1950s, but the project was shelved due to pollution in the Bogota River. The hotel's condition deteriorated over time until it was empty. In modern times, the hotel is claimed to be possessed. Because of its mountainous position, many people have taken their own lives there. Muisca Indians are supposed to have jumped into the Falls to escape Spanish conquistadors in the past. Sadly, the notion that those who jumped would transform into eagles and soar to freedom prompted the majority of deaths because of these beliefs

5 Coco Palms Resort, Hawaii

On Kauai, the Coco Palms Resort is considered a scary and deserted hotel that must not be missed. Nothing of this resort's former splendor can be found among the lush vegetation of its tropical setting. Hollywood celebs used to be frequent visitors of this hotel, which was featured in the Elvis Presley movie Blue Hawaii. However, the resort was forced to close after a cyclone devastated the island in 1992. Since then, there has been no attempt to bring it back.

4 Divine Lorraine Hotel, Philadelphia

During the late 1890s, this stately hotel served as a residence for some of America's wealthiest visitors. It was initially intended to be used as apartments, and it came complete with housekeeping staff to take care of its residents. It was a remarkable architectural achievement, yet the absence of elevators was severely lamented during this transition period. The introduction of electricity was a direct outcome of the Industrial Revolution, and the hotel went on to become one of the first racially integrated hotels in the United States. On the other hand, the structure was decommissioned in 1999 and sat vacant for several years, transforming its crumbling appearance into a terrifying shadow for inhabitants of Philadelphia.

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3 Fistral Bay Hotel, England

The Fistral Bay Hotel, which dominates the skyline to the south of Newquay's most famous beach, has disintegrated for more than a decade. It was built in 1910 in Cornwall, England, and was extremely popular for the first half of the twentieth century but then faded in popularity. It had been planned for renovation since the mid-1990s, but those plans have been hampered by bureaucratic red tape. If you're looking for someone to point the finger at, the Duke of Cornwall, also known as His Royal Highness Prince Charles, might be a good candidate, given Cornwall is legally his Duchy to govern.

2 Hotel Belvédère Du Rayon Vert, France

In the French town of Cerbère, an abandoned art deco hotel can be found on the streets. The structure used to be a luxurious resort. From the side of the road, the hotel appears to be shaped like a looming ship only added to its eerie atmosphere. It first opened its doors in 1932, and, despite numerous setbacks along the way, it didn't close its doors until 1983. It had been abandoned for some years until being resurrected in 2014 to house a couple of flats for individuals ready to spend the night within its eerie confines.

1 Grand Hotel Kupari, Croatia

Kupari, a town on Croatia's Dubrovnik Riviera, was previously a popular summer retreat for Yugoslav People's Army leaders. In the early 1990s, the Croatian War of Independence ravaged the tourism complex, leaving it in ruins today. The Zupa Dubrovacka Tourist Board stated that one of the massive hotels, the Grand Hotel, was erected in 1920. It was a superb hotel with 139 rooms, an indoor pool, and spectacular ocean views. In fact, the Grand Hotel has survived and is now preserved as a historical landmark.

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