Whether on a business trip or a romantic getaway, hotel amenities can surely make our lives a little easier. And while most luxury hotels strive to offer us the best 5-star experience, with tons of exclusive spa procedures, fancy indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and all the like, others merely rely on the tiny details, such as the chocolate on your pillow. Realistically, when the trip is over, you’ll most likely leave the hotel with the memory of all those little touches that you’ve discovered in your room.

After all, there’s hardly a traveler who doesn’t like to receive such little perks and bonuses when staying at a lovely hotel. Gladly, most of these lavish properties have long understood that when you give more, you get triple as much, and vice versa. Typically, such complimentary offerings include luxury spa treatments, beautifully arranged suites, an excellent room service, etc; however, from what we’ve recently discovered on travelandleisure.com, some of the following hotels might have gone a little overboard with their amenities. Not only do they offer downright weird "bonuses", such as the infamous "kidnapping & picnic", but they are hardly worth our time and money. Now go ahead and see what they are all about.

20 Weird: "Surprise Picnic" At Namale Resort & Spa, Fiji

While some hotels have worked hard to make our stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible, others might have gone a little overboard with their bonuses. The days of complimentary breakfast and bottles of champagne are no longer sufficient for some hotel owners. Some would even do whatever it takes to pique the curiosity of their guests, and eventually outperform the competition. In this regard, Fiji’s Namale Resort & Spa has come up with the absurd idea to usher couples to a romantic picnic in a paradise-like setting, known as “Kidnapping & Picnic.”

While relaxing at the resort, guests are suddenly “taken” to a surprise location and, according to Dailymail.co.uk, they end up on a private four-course picnic.

Well, if that’s an exclusive bonus at the resort, we’d love to pass on it.

19 Weird: Ready To Pop The Question? Make It "In Style" At Ashford Castle

Situated right on the shore of Lough Corrib, nearby the village of Cong, this medieval castle boasts an owl that's trained to deliver engagement rings and love letters, as shown on dailymail.co.uk. Admittedly, such magical moments don’t happen every single day, so it must be done in a special way; however, we can’t see how a ring-delivering owl will make the difference. Not only is it the least romantic thing you can ever think of, but it’s quite unnerving. What if the owl didn't deliver the engagement rings? Perhaps the lady may even say a BIG "NO" to the guy. You see, it’s hardly worth the risk that Ashford Castle wants us to take so badly. All in all, it’s certainly a unique hotel bonus, but it’s both super unnecessary and a bit weird.

18 Weird: Club Hotel & Spa In St. Helier Takes Pampering To A Whole New Level

According to Dailymail.co.uk, a sunshine butler is supposed to polish your sunglasses and hand out face & foot misters and all sorts of odd pool-related items. After all, guests at this Club Hotel & Spa in St. Helier, Jersey, are supposed to relax by the pool without having somebody – a total stranger – by their side. Ultimately, this idea sounds like a total waste of time and money.

Would you enjoy being pampered and touched by a total stranger although you know that they're only trying to do their job? Probably not.

Well, sadly, the whole thing seems to be super weird, if not totally useless.

17 Weird: Rise And Shine With A Celebrity Wake-Up Call – Seriously?

According to dailymail.co.uk, Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center has made sure that all country music fans will get a super fresh start to the day with a recorded wake-up call from their favorite country music artists. Some of the genre’s top stars are Wynonna Judd and Tr. Adkins.

Although it sure sounds like a lovely surprise for the fans, what if the guests aren't particularly fond of country music but happened to book a room at the hotel?

And what if they don’t enjoy wake-up calls of any sort? Well, we don’t know about the country music lovers, but the Music City hotel will certainly get the other guests started on the "wrong note" before even climbing out of bed.

16 Weird: Kimpton Hotel Will Take Care Of Your Goldfish

The friendly hotel staff at Kimpton Hotels has got a solution for anyone who misses their goldfish while being away from home. But before we continue, let’s say that this sounds wrong on so many levels. But anyway, according to Dailymail.co.uk, the US chain’s Guppy Love has come up with a unique program that allows goldfish owners to put their fish in a special aquarium. This bizarre amenity could be good for some people, especially when being on stressful business trips; however, the whole idea sounds like a total waste of resources. But again, most hotels are willing to do whatever it takes to attract more guests.

15 Weird: A Sleep Concierge

Struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Do not stress yourself out anymore. DailyMail.co.uk has recently shared that Benjamin Hotel in NY might have finally come up with a practical solution for that – a Sleep Concierge. The Manhattan hotel features an in-house sleep expert – yes, it’s a real thing – that encourages guests of all ages to try the “Rest & Renew program”. While guests are under the guidance of the sleep concierge, they can order a specific pillow, bedtime snacks or power nap kits as well. Although the idea is good, it’s hard to imagine how these people will fall asleep after these boring lectures and nutritional snacks. Furthermore, eating is hardly the best activity before going to bed anyway.

14 Weird: A Pet Psychologist?

Many hotels aren't really fond of pet owners, and that’s quite perfect for the competition. According to Dailymail.co.uk, Provence Hotels – another famous US hotel chain – have created special programs for pet owners. As odd as it is, the hotel can offer in-room massages and even acupuncture for the pets. But most interestingly, the hotel doesn’t even care whether it’s a dog or another furry creature. Provence Hotel also boasts exclusive packages including Reiki treatments and additional options, such as grooming and walking. There’s even a professional pet psychologist which absolutely leaves us totally baffled.

13 Meet The Mysterious "Fragrance Butler"

Do not freak out if you bump into a white-gloved butler at Hotel Georgia, Vancouver. This man is only supposed to add more color and scent into your world.

Guests at the Rosewood-owned hotels can also get a special selection of fragrances (five for the gentlemen, and five for the ladies) as they’re usually carried on a silver platter.

According to dailymail.co.uk, guests can choose from light and heavily scented perfumes, but all in all, this may result in a slight dizziness. Besides, if you need some airiness, why don’t you open the window instead of spraying the whole place with various fragrances?

12 Wierd: An Actual "Manta-On-Call" For The Daredevils

It’s true – all guests at the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Baa Atoll can take advantage of the so-called “manta-on-call” service. In a nutshell, this “bonus” allows guests to swim with whale sharks and manta rays from June to November, dailymail.co.uk reports. Once such a unique sighting has been confirmed, guests can pick up the phone and order the service. Afterward, a speedboat will ferry the daredevils to the official hotspots where they may swim with whale sharks and manta rays. Indeed, it really sounds like a thrilling experience; however, you never know what these whale sharks and manta rays are capable of when surrounded by lots of people.

11 Weird: Would You Pay At Least $600 For A Guitar You Cannot Take Home?

Even if you don’t know a thing about guitars, you can actually put down about $600 to get your hands on one during your pleasant stay at the famous Hard Rock Hotel.

Apparently, you don’t get to take it home although you gave the hotel at least a few hundred dollars for it, dailymail.co.uk notes.

Which somehow makes the whole idea pointless. What if you don’t really know how to play the guitar? Maybe you just happened to book a suite here because there was nowhere else to stay. Furthermore, just imagine the terrible noise which will surely wake up the other guests at the hotel.

10 Cool: Take-Home Toiletries & Extras Are The Best

It all starts with the free perfume and deluxe toiletries in your hotel room. After all, is there anything better than a well-equipped and perfectly cleaned bathroom? Well, typically, such small offerings can make you feel as though you’ve booked the vacation of your dreams. Therefore, most high-end hotel chains deeply rely on such complimentary extras as a surefire way to get more people interested in such an exclusive hotel experience. Furthermore, such tiny items are usually quite portable, so even if you haven’t opened them yet, you can take them home without any problem.

9 Cool: Get Ready For A Personalized Gift

Forget about the fancy bathrobe in the bathroom. The Otesaga Resort in Cooperstown, New York, boasts a lovely range of customized VIP amenities, such as a complimentary wine and a bottle opener, or an assortment of truffles, awaiting the guests in their cozy room.

Strangely though, these bonuses are so limited that even the most frequent and seasoned travelers wouldn’t know a thing about them unless they happen to receive one.

Understandably, the exact nature of these items isn’t common knowledge, travelandleisure.com explains, and that's the beauty of it. After all, such hotel practices strive to lure more travelers and guests, so you've got to be a VIP to get pampered with such special gifts.

8 Cool: Get Pampered With A Brand New Porsche (Yes, It's Legit!)

For anyone who considers themselves a VIP, some hotels can even provide quite a unique range of amenities that has got nothing to do with the typical sweet bonuses, such as coffee capsules in the drawers or free toiletries in the bathroom. According to www.fodors.com, you can even enjoy a ride in a brand-new Porsche at the Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa. Of course, the luxury vehicle must be returned on the same day. But anyway, it's quite a good way to leave a good impression on the new guests. Admittedly, this will instantly make them feel as though they're part of some sophisticated club for VIPs only.

7 Cool: Enjoy A VIP Shopping At Bvlgari

Oh, tell me about it! The shiny Bvlgari Hotel in London boasts a myriad of lavish amenities for wealthy guests, who don’t really care whether they would pay $5 or $500 for their breakfast.

But when it really comes to important travelers, Bvlgari Hotel usually kicks it up a notch with super private shopping experiences with an occasional stop at London’s most refined Bvlgari stores.

We've also learned from travelandleisure.com that such VIPs are traditionally chauffeured back and forth to all of these luxury and vibrant places. Not too bad for a hotel stay, huh?

6 Cool: You Can Have The World Series Trophy Delivered To Your Room

If you’re a big sports fan who’d give their right arm to own such a significant item, then Fenway Park Suite at Hotel Commonwealth will probably suit your needs. There, you can even have the World Series trophy delivered to your lavish room – because, let’s face it, you’ll surely want to immortalize the moment with a selfie – but such a luxury vacation usually starts at $1,000 per night. Outside of the trophy, the hotel boasts quite a satisfactory range of other special treats and goodies, including the well-known Red Sox memorabilia. Best part – VIPs are even offered the fantastic chance to enjoy the view of the stadium from their lovely balcony.

5 Cool: Enjoy A Soap Concierge At V. Riviera Maya

Viceroy Riviera Maya boasts quite a signature complimentary hotel amenity with an almost comical name – a Soap Concierge. Honestly, what is a Soap concierge and what’s so special about it? Well, before we tell you what this is all about, let’s warn you that you may actually feel a little envy of the guests at this opulent resort.

Upon arrival, all guests are warmly welcomed with a special “Mayan Blessing" and this cannot be experienced anywhere else but here. Afterward, they are personally escorted to their rented villa.

Then, according to travelandleisure.com, a professional Soap Concierge appears out of the blue to explain more about the unique sensory experience that each soap provides. Once the guests have made their selections, they get to receive personalized bars. How nice!

4 Cool: Get A Private Cycling Guide At Rosewood Royal Suite

Alright, we admit that no cycling guide can ever beat the soap concierge, offered at Viceroy Riviera Maya, also known as Rosewood Royal Suite in Vancouver. But anyway, guests can at least enjoy a personal wardrobe consultant along with a private cycling tour around the city. But before you think that this sounds quite basic, guests at the Rosewood Royal Suite will be basking in the sun (let's hope that the weather will be nice) alongside the managing director Phillip Meyer. Additionally, guests also get to experience spa treatments on a daily basis while being offered a delicious range of mouth-watering dishes prepared by a personal in-suite chef, travelandleisure.com notes.

3 Cool: A Painting Kit For The Kids

Realistically, few hotels are specialized in providing such detailed attention to the youngest members of your family, and Rosewood San Miguel de Allende’s Private Residence happens to be an excellent example of that.

According to travelandleisure.com, the hotel features a lovely painting kit for the kids so they can create a fantastic piece of artwork. Also, the painting kit allows all members of the family to participate in this cute game. Indeed, the hotel manager seems to be quite thoughtful when it comes to guests with kids. After all, they also need to be entertained while staying at this nice place, right?

2 Cool: Rooftop Guitar Lessons

This sounds like music to our ears, but no, it’s not a metaphor but a beautiful reality at Austin Downtown.

Here guests are pampered with a limited VIP Austin Music Scene Experience, and it features an exclusive access to tip venues and historic blues clubs, as well as an in-room guitar and a few basic guitar lessons from local bands.

But best of all – this dream will come true on the rooftop, travelandleisure.com details. Well, if this thought doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, then we can hardly think of anything else that is more emotional and exciting than this.

1 Cool: A Secret Lobster Dish For The Regulars At Mr. Chow

All of those frequent guests at Mr. Chow aren’t at all taken for granted. In fact, it’s quite the other way around, travel and leisure notes. While many businesses and food establishments often get too comfortable with the idea that their regulars would keep visiting them no matter what, Mr. Chow makes sure that each one of them gets individual attention and a unique experience. And what better way to do so than with a delicious and exclusive lobster dish prepared only for them? Well, this certainly sounds like a good reason for all these guys to keep coming here.

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