Most people book a hotel in full knowledge of what they can expect from the room, having seen pictures on a website or visited the hotel before. However, those who have the contacts or the bank balance can access some rooms that the rest of us can only dream of.

For those with an enormous bank balance or membership to a private vacation club, money can provide access to the most exclusive and luxurious accommodations. These rooms and suites are not always publicly available and sometimes there are restrictions on guests who want to stay in them. Hotel management like to check that the guests will have the necessary resources and respect for their rooms that the VIP clientele expect.

Other rooms are not available to the general public. They are not advertised on websites, they are only available to those who know the right people. This is to ensure the privacy of the clientele who prefer to stay somewhere anonymously and not appear on a guest list or stay in a suite where ‘ordinary’ folk might have slept.

These rooms are super expensive, super luxurious and have a clientele of the super-rich. The luxury that is afforded to these guests is beyond the imagination of the average hotel guest and certainly above the means.

20 Out of Bounds: Blue Lagoon Suite, Reykjavik

The suite at the Blue Lagoon offers luxury in a stunning location with the ultimate in spa facilities. You have private access to the warming mineral waters of the lagoon, as well as being able to take advantage of the rejuvenating facilities at the spa, which has its own restaurant.

There are 62 suites in the hotel, but one that few get access to. At 2,100 square feet, it is three times the size of the other suites and covers two floors. You can enjoy a private balcony view of the lava fields and lagoon and your own private spa, as well as a kitchen, dining room and huge bedroom. You have to know about this suite as the hotel doesn’t advertise it at all. Be prepared to pay for the exclusivity, it’s $10,500 per night.

19 Out of Bounds: Michael Bennett’s suite, Bennett Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina

This 2,000 square foot suite is only available to those who make a special request for it. Firstly, you have to know about it, then you need to be approved by the developer who has the final say as to whether or not you can stay.

The hotel keeps this suite private as it holds enormously expensive decorations and furnishings. Hotel managers believe they need to protect the privacy of their richest clients, but also the value of the hotel’s assets. The suite costs $2,000 a night for just one bedroom, but the privacy and exclusivity is no doubt worth the price.

18 Out of Bounds: Beach House, Paradise Beach, Nevis

You have to be a member of two exclusive clubs to be able to stay in this luxury retreat. Not only do you have to have the money to pay for your stay, but you also need to have the money to join the exclusive club that allows you access. Exclusive Club LLC has a joining fee of $125,000.

You can enjoy many luxuries if you have the money though. There are drawbridges to provide access to the beach and luxury furnishings inside. There is a gourmet kitchen where the hotel chef will create you a meal, a grill, and en-suite bathrooms to the two bedrooms.

17 Out of Bounds: Penthouse St. Regis, San Francisco

Unlisted on the company’s website, the penthouse at the St. Regis is an enormous space atop the St. Regis hotel. It is a massive space that is formed from three penthouses and covers 20,000 square feet.

The entrance hall has a waterfall feature, and there are twelve bathrooms to complement the six bedrooms. The master bedroom has its own sauna, gym and steam room and guests can also watch films in their own private screen room. If you have brought a fleet of cars with you, there is valet parking for six cars included with the suite. For guests who are staying for a while, they don’t need too many clothes, there are two laundry rooms in the penthouse, and they can sit in the private library while they wait for their washing to dry.

16 Out of Bounds: 21 Boulevard Penthouses, Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

These penthouses are entirely unbookable. They are reserved in case a celebrity drops by and needs somewhere to rest for the night, or for those gamblers who have spent $1 million in their high-roller reserve casino. This price per night is hundreds of times more than the most expensive suite in Las Vegas, which sell for around $35,000 per night.

In the Boulevard Penthouse guests will be able to enjoy their own private bar, spectacular views of the Las Vegas strip and a billiard table, in case they find themselves at a loose end for an evening, or perhaps run out of money!

15 Out of Bounds: Veronica Hershey’s Suite at El Cortez Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

This suite used to be a casino owner’s retreat in the gambling capital of the world. The 2,700 square foot space was renovated and turned into a luxury suite, named in honor of the casino owner, Jackie Gaughan. When Veronica Hershey was given the tip about the secret suite, she couldn’t decide whether to tell the world how wonderful it was or keep the secret to herself.

The wonders included a pink marble bath with gold swan faucets and upholstered walls to match the floors. There is a romper room, filled with cushions, a kitchen, two living rooms, and a wet bar.

14 Out of Bounds: Cary Grant Suite, Warwick Hotel, New York

This corner suite at the Warwick Hotel was home to Hollywood legend Cary Grant for twelve years. The suite is available to those in the know and is reserved for special guests. If you are lucky enough to know who to speak to, you can say you stayed in the same space as the Beatles and other famous VIPs.

The suite boasts a fabulous wraparound terrace to catch the best views of the city, whereas inside there are beautiful wood furnishings and floral drapes, that have been kept in the same style as those that Cary Grant enjoyed while alive and living there.

13 Out of Bounds: Majestic Suite, Kimpton Monaco, Maryland

Evidently, it is often all about who you know in life, and you need to know the right people to be able to book the Majestic Suite at the former railroad headquarters in Maryland. The suite can sleep eight people and has a King Premier room and a Monaco Queen room, to add to the private dining room that can accommodate up to twenty people.

Baltimore magazine says that guests can enjoy spectacular views of the local landscape through eight-foot windows in their luxury accommodation. You will enjoy a feeling of space in the 1,400-square foot space that boasts twelve-foot ceilings.

12 Out of Bounds: Presidential Suite, Gaylord National Resort, Maryland

The resort is a popular hideout for those who want a bit of luxury, a spa or a conference center. If you want a little exclusivity, there are some suites that are not advertised publicly but are available to rent to VIPs in the know.

The suite is coordinated by color and design, and the flagship suite, the Presidential, is available for around $2,500 per night. As well as the luxurious furnishings that include marble flooring, guests can enjoy breathtaking views from their 1,700-square foot suite. If they want a little nature to indulge in, the hotel has its own indoor rainforest.

11 Out of Bounds: Room 322, Hotel ZaZa, Houston, Texas

This glamorous hotel in Houston is known for its beautiful, ornate rooms, but it has a secret room that the average guest would never know was there. When a businessman revealed the bizarre room by taking photos of it after he was placed there when the hotel was full, the secret leaked out. The hotel asked him to remove the pictures from the Internet for a large sum of money.

The room is decorated like a movie set with concrete floors, exposed brick and skull pictures on the walls. It has been described as a goth dungeon, and according to the reception staff, it isn’t meant to be rented and when they are called about the room are very vague about its existence.

10 Can Use: Crashpad Rooms, Moxy Hotel, Times Square, New York

The Moxy Hotel offers upscale, yet affordable accommodations to New York visitors. Harking back to an idea that everyone should be able to afford a stay in New York, it offers small, yet comfortable rooms at around $139 per night. The hotel has plenty of communal areas in case guests need space to stretch out in.

If a guest to one of the bars or restaurants has one cocktail too many, there are also ‘crash pad’ rooms that only cost $99 per night and are reserved for those customers who may find it a little tricky to negotiate their way home, according to The New York Times.

9 Can Use: Room 711, Union Station Hotel, Nashville

Room 711 at the Union Station Hotel is reported to be haunted and many guests can give their own accounts to verify this theory. However, the hotel itself brushes off any suggestion that there may be extra guests in the hotel, and for this reason, they do not advertise room 711.

Indeed, it is possible to request the room upon arrival but not at the time of booking. If you ask the staff or management about the haunting rumors, they will brush them off, insisting that no such story is true. However, those who have experienced room 711 first hand, have another story, reveals Gothic Horror Stories.

8 Can Use: Casa Frozina, Uxua Casa Hotel, Brazil

The Uxua Casa Hotel is a popular destination in Trancoso, Brazil. However, guests in the hotel may spend their visit completely unaware that there is a private villa nestled on the grounds. One regular guest found his chosen hotel was fully booked when he arrived.

He was offered alternative accommodation on site and was directed to the Casa Frozina, a self-contained private villa invisible from the hotel. The Casa has its own private entrance and walled garden, so no one would suspect it was there unless they were in the know. The secret residence has its own hot tub and a garden with sofas and hammocks.

7 Can Use: Suite 5000 Mandarin Oriental, New York

If you want a truly extravagant experience while staying in New York, you could head to the Mandarin Oriental and request to stay in Suite 5000. There you will be surrounded by opulent luxury and spectacular views of the city and Central Park.

You will have your own private art collection in the suite, as well as a curated record collection and you can gaze upon an entire wall of Swarovski crystal. It might come at a hefty price, but if you have the cash and you are in the know, you can book it when you make your reservation.

6 Can Use: Delana Hilltop Estate Owner’s Residence, Laucala Island Resort

If you fancy a bit of privacy at the largest private residence in Fiji, you have the option of reserving the Delana Hilltop Estate Owner’s residence at Laucala Island Resort. You will have over 3,900 square feet of space to enjoy, as well as a private beach.

You will also be able to enjoy a panoramic pool view and take advantages of the services of a private cook, nanny, and butler. This all sounds very enticing, however, the catch is the price tag, a mere $40,000, according to Complex. You also have to be approved by the management to stay here, so it is not exactly open to everyone!

5 Can Use: Crockfords Tower, Sentosa Island, Singapore

You will need to be issued an invitation to stay in this luxury residence, but once you are there, the world is your oyster. It may seem like an odd concept to restrict access to a hotel, but this is how the hotel ensures that they are only accepting those who can afford their rates, the super-rich, celebrities, and millionaires.

Once inside the hotel, you will have 24-hour access to staff, luxurious furnishings, and your own suite. In fact, the hotel only has suites, nothing as common as a mere room! You can enjoy a private pool and a luxury bathroom with a marble floor, but you might balk at the bill, up to $9,000 per night.

4 Can Use: Paradise Ridge Villas, Ladera Resort, St. Lucia, the Caribbean

The two Paradise Ridge Villas are reserved for the super-rich or famous guests, who can enjoy their own corner of true paradise. The villas are made of carved hardwood and feature their own private pools and views of the sea and the mountains from the terrace.

A-listers can take advantage of a butler service who will unpack and cook for them. VIP guests no doubt think the $2,200 per night charge is a positive bargain for the luxury and privacy that the villa offers. If they want a spa treatment on site, the butler can organize that for them, or any excursions around the beautiful island.

3 Can Use: TY Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons, New York

If you want to really go to town in New York and experience a 360-degree view of the city from the top of the Four Seasons Hotel, then the TY Warner Penthouse is for you. There are four glass balconies within the suite, with glass railings so that your view is not obstructed.

The 4,300-square foot suite was seven years in the making, and the results are stunning. Guests stay 500 feet up in the New York sky, but if they wish to return to ground level, they have a chauffeured Rolls Royce at their disposal says the Four Seasons. Other amenities include in-house massage on request and a private spa.

2 Can Use: Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

The most expensive hotel suite in the world offers guests the run of the entire eighth floor of the luxury hotel. The living room is 2,500 feet of luxury overlooking the beautiful Lake Geneva. The room also boasts a Steinway Grand piano and an entertainment area complete with a 1930s Brunswick billiard table.

As guests in the suite are likely to be high profile, the hotel has thoughtfully made the windows of bulletproof glass, according to Town and Country magazine. It has one of the largest televisions in the world and offers twelve bedrooms. Twenty-six people can sit down to dinner and there is a meeting room for sixteen. You may need to split the bill between several people as it is $80,000 per night.

1 Can Use: The Royal Villa, Lagonissi, Athens

You will need $50,000 per night to stay in this villa on the Athenian Riviera. For your money, you will get an indoor and an outdoor pool, a private beach, and three luxurious bedrooms. You will also have access to VIP transportation, including a helicopter, should you wish.

There is a private gym complete with a personal trainer, a butler, and chef on call and a chauffeur for the on-site limousine. If you want a little relaxation there is a massage area, or you could chill out to some music from the piano that comes complete with its own pianist.

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