It is easy to understand the world's fascination with Peru by looking at its breathtaking historical sites, fantastic gastronomy, and rich biodiversity. The country has become one of the most important touristic destinations in South America, and the Machu Picchu is the most famous of them.

Undoubtedly, there are countless reasons for visiting Peru. Although many attractions in the country are well-known, many places are still overlooked. Spending at least two weeks in Peru gives travelers a chance to look at different regions in the country. Here are some hide gems people should know about.

10 Peru Has An Unknown Oasis

When tourists travel to Huacachina, Peru, they are often attracted by the most famous oasis in the country. Yet, not far away from there, visitors can find the Moron Oasis, much less visited and perfect for those looking for a quiet time. It is possible to swim in the lagoon, rent a cabin, and watch the region's wild birds.

The Moron Oasis is only 20 km away from Pisco, another touristic region famous for its Pisco production. People can reach the lagoon by walking or renting 4x4 trucks.

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9 The Country Has Amazing Waterfalls

Peru is known for its Inca heritage, and tourists often fly to Cusco to see wonders such as the Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. The region still has some hidden gems, and the Perolniyoc waterfall is one of them.

The waterfall is located near Ollantaytambo, a famous tourist area, and tourists need to do a 9 km trekking to get there, which takes approximately six hours. The Perolniyoc has 50 meters, and tourists can go to its summit, where they will find an archeological site overlooking the canyon.

8 The Surprising Turquoise Waters Within Andes Mountains

The Andean Mountains stretch over seven countries, and it hides unique places in Peru. Probably the most surprising of them are the turquoise waters among the mountains. Due to its remote location, Millpu is not overcrowded with tourists, and most people don't know it exists.

The place combines 20 natural swimming pools located between two canyons at 3,500 meters high. Its color results from sunlight, water, and minerals in the river. The best time to visit is between May and December, during the dry season.

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7 The Country Has A Valley Of Geysers

Many people believe that Salar de Uyuni and the Atacama Desert are the only places in South America they can see geysers. The Valle de Los Géiseres is nested in Tacna, South of Peru, and it features several geysers and 80 hot springs with temperatures up to 80°C. The place is famous among locals who go there to benefit from the lagoon's therapeutic properties.

Yet, it is now really known among tourists. The Yucamani volcano is in the background, assuring a unique place for pictures.

6 The Paradise For Trekking-Lovers

Peru is a fantastic destination for adventurous travelers, especially trekking fans. While many people know the Inca trails and the trackings in Huaraz, Huancayo city is another hidden gem the world deserves to know. The village has nearly 400 inhabitants, and it's home to waterfalls, such as Cabracancha.

Huancayo is also home to the Nor Yauyos Cochas reserve, a protected area with mirror-like lagoons and waterfalls.

5 There Is A Forest Made of Stones

Nature was generous to Peru, and every region hides something different. The Huayllay Stone Forest is located on Peru's highest plateau, in the Pasco region. The place holds the reputation of the best geological museum in the world, featuring remains of ancient cultures and cave paintings. Yet, the best thing about the place is the geological formations that resemble a natural forest.

The wetlands in the region are also the perfect home for rich biodiversity, especially for the Andean lapwing.

4 Tourists Can Visit A Frozen Waterfall

Arequipa is known as the White City and is famous for its architecture, active volcanoes, and canyon. Despite its high number of visitors, many places in the region are still unknown. 350 km away from Arequipa, Castilla has a 50-meter waterfall that remains frozen most of the year. Due to the low temperatures in the region, the Panahua waterfall is often frozen, attracting tourists. Most visitors are locals, but it will be no surprise the place will emerge as a popular destination in the coming years.

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3 Puno Is More Than The Titicaca River

People visiting Puno often remain two days in the region to see the Titicaca river. They probably ignore the area has more impressive attractions, such as the Cañón de Tinajani, 100 km away from Puno. The canyons have some remarkable rock formations that resemble the Grad Canyon in some areas. It is perfect for visitors who love sports like mountain biking and climbing. It is also the ideal location to watch the sunset.

The place is also important to ancient cultures, which chose the site for burial rituals.

2 This Remote Desert Windy Beach

While most people don't associate Peru with a beach destination, the country has an interesting coast. The Punta Lomita, Ica, demands a brave heart from its explorers. Arriving there requires traveling two hours through a desert, but the reward is 80 km of virgin waters. Tourists will find tunnels, caves, and rock formations.

The windy beach has also dragged the attention of companies that invested in wind energy in the region. There is little information about tourism in Punta Lomita.

1 A Waterfall In The Middle Of A Jungle

The Catarata Bayoz, Junin, remains one of the most impressive waterfalls in Peru. It is the 'perfect destination for people looking for a complete immersion in Peruvian nature, as Bayoz is nested in a jungle, resulting from multiple waterfalls brought together. Tourists can enjoy several natural swimming pools and do sports. Plantations of coffee and corn surround the place.

The best way to get to the Catarata Bayoz is to catch a bus from Lima to Puerto Yurinaki.