When a couple is getting married they want to spare no expense on the celebrations. Unfortunately, wanting and having the money to do so are two different things. Lots of couples want to have the most extravagant honeymoon they can put together but the bank account dictates that it’s just not going to happen. There are plenty of places where they can go though to experience that once in a lifetime trip. With a little research, it’s actually quite easy to find some very affordable destinations, which aren’t too far from some of the most expensive places on earth.

For the couples who have plenty of money to blow, it’s easy to find exclusive places to spend their honeymoon. However, if they are looking for the best of the best places in the world, they are in luck if they are reading this today. We will look at some of the most inexpensive yet beautiful honeymoon spots, along with some of the most expensive in the world.

There is one place that is so exclusive that it doesn’t matter how much money you have. Well, it does a little bit. The owner of the private island personally approves each reservation request and if you are lucky enough to receive approval it will run you more than $40,000 per night.

On the other hand, there are some very beautiful places in Mexico where you can stay for less than $79 bucks per night.

20 The Key To Saving Money Is In The Florida Keys (Budget-Friendly)

The Florida Keys are a great place to spend a honeymoon or any type of vacation for that matter. You may see all of the beautiful pictures that come from there and think that it has to be very expensive to visit that paradise but rest assured that you can afford it quite easily.

From most cities in the United States, you can take a budget airline to Miami and rent a car for a fairly reasonable price for the rest of the trip. The trip to the southernmost part of the United States is one hundred and six miles long and you’ll love every beautiful mile. So will your wallet.

19 Ecuador Is Breathtaking Along With Bank-Breaking (Sell the house)

Ecuador is home to some of the most spectacular sights in the world. There are plenty of couples who would like to go and spend their honeymoon there, but it’s not an easy trip on the bank account.

The Pikaia Lodge (5 stars) is centrally located to all of the nearby islands and offers plenty of top of the line adventures for those who seek out that type of getaway.

There is a restaurant that’s located right on the edge of a crater for those who like to eat in suspense and you can also come face to face with a huge tortoise, right there on the grounds.

But it’s pricey at more than $10,000 per person for a week’s stay.

18 Come To Jamaica Man And Save A Buck (Budget-Friendly)

Anyone who has any knowledge on how to save money on a honeymoon or vacation knows that Jamaica is one of the places to go. Not only is it one of the most beautiful destinations in the world to visit, it’s also pretty easy on the wallet.

If you decide to spend your evenings at Sandal’s, Couples or one of the higher rated places, you’ll spend around $400 per night, which really isn’t all that bad when you consider where you are. However, you can find cheaper places that won’t make you sacrifice quality for a lower price. The views are just as beautiful too!

17 Big Sur Can Cost You Big Cash (Sell the house)

If you have a ton of money to blow and are looking for a great honeymoon destination, there is really no need to leave the United States. A trip to Big Sur, California will allow you to see some terrific sights, spend some quality romantic time with your loved one, oh, and break your bank account!

A stay in the best room at The Post House at the Post Ranch Inn will offer views of the Pacific Ocean that are rarely seen. You can see it through the ceiling to floor windows or from your Jacuzzi outside. All for the bargain price of more than $4,300 per night!

16 Why would you choose anywhere other than Tulum, Mexico? (Budget-Friendly)

Tulum is a gorgeous stretch that will offer you some of the most breathtaking views you have ever seen. Some places there will charge you around five hundred bucks a night, which isn’t really all that bad, but cheaper can easily be found.

Freedom Paradise is a great place to stay where your hotel room door can open right up to the beautiful shorelines. A room there can run you only about $79 per night and include meals and drinks. Sometimes that price will even include shows and events. What’s to think about? Why would you go anywhere else?

15 Chile Is Awesome But Will Empty Your Checking Account (Sell the house)

If you are looking to go somewhere where you can see spectacular views of the mountains located in the Torres del Paine National Park, you’re in luck. But it’s going to cost you a pretty penny. And several ugly ones as well!

The windows at Tierra Patagonia are huge and take up almost the entire wall of your room. They say that they are a “luxury adventure” hotel and as you would imagine, there is a hefty price tag to experience it for yourself. The all-inclusive suite there will run you around $3,400 per night for the two of you. And that’s just the lowest package.

14 Nicaragua Isn’t As Expensive As You Might Think (Budget-Friendly)

If you like to travel and don’t like to spend a lot of money, Nicaragua just might be the place for you to take your next vacation, or to plan your honeymoon! There are plenty of affordable options including Selva Negra, which is highly recommended by anyone who has stayed there.

It’s a family-run organic farm and coffee estate that will give you plenty of accommodation options. You can even find a beautiful one bedroom bungalow for under one hundred bucks a night. If you like to be near the jungle this just may be the only place you need to know about!

13 The North Island In Seychelles Is A Dream For Most Of Us (Sell the house)

The private island resort in Seychelles is what dreams are made of. And for most of us, that’s exactly what it is - a dream, because most of us will never get there. On the property, there are just eleven villas, so the place is very exclusive.

Each villa is about 8,000 square feet and has its own coconut grove along with a private entrance to your very own secluded beach. George Clooney brought Amal there and Will and Kate also spent their honeymoon there.

If you want to go where the celebs go to get away, you’d better tighten up your bank account first. It will run you a hefty $11,000 per night!

12 Puerto Rico Is Still Beautiful (Budget-Friendly)

While parts of Puerto Rico are still feeling the effects of last year’s hurricane season, there are parts of the island that have been revitalized and waiting for you to visit. A trip to San Juan will offer you some great destinations to visit and won't rob you blind while doing so.

One of the common favorite things for people to do there is to take a ride on the ferry to Vieques Island. You’ll see beautiful sights that you normally only see in photographs and it will only cost you about $4 for the ride.

Portions of the island still need help, but if you visit the areas that are back up and running, you will do your part in helping the other parts that still need it.

11 The Paris Penthouse Is on another level (Sell the house)

Whenever a couple honeymoons in France they always look at the Hotel George V in Paris. That’s because it’s a world famous place with world famous views. However, when they see the price tag they usually look elsewhere.

The Penthouse Apartment here will give you an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower and there’s also a marble infinity bathtub. There are endless photo ops being this high up and if you really want to impress a new lover then just bring him or her there and mention the fee. When they find out that the low-end package of the apartment is running you more than $26,000 per night, they might realize you are serious about the relationship!

10 Cambodia Can Be Peaceful And Cheap (Budget-Friendly)

Going to Cambodia is like a two-headed dragon. Getting there isn’t cheap at all but once you get there you will find some of the most affordable vacation places in the entire world.

There is a place in Tatai called the 4 Rivers Lodge that is highly recommended. It’s between Phnom Penh and Bangkok and is surrounded with a forest that is just about in its original state.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy and you can get a floating room that even comes with a kayak for around $100 per night. That’s just crazy!

9 Even A Huge Bank Account Might Not Gain You Access To Laucala Island (Sell the house)

If you want to talk about super exclusive you have to mention the Hilltop Villa at the Laucala Island Resort in Fiji. This specific villa is about as far away from civilization as you can possibly get. The only way you can even get there is to take a private road, on an island that is already private.

The owner of the island is very picky about who comes there so having a lot of money is not all it takes to get a reservation. The owner must personally approve any reservation for someone wanting to enjoy this paradise. If you are approved it will cost you more than $44,000 per night. WOW!

8 Dublin Is More Affordable Than You Think (Budget-Friendly)

For a long time Dublin, Ireland wasn’t on anyone’s list for honeymoon destinations. Well, if you had a bank account that consisted of seven figures you might have considered going over there. But that’s no longer the case. Things have really come down over there and you can find a great place to stay for your trip for right around $50 a night or even less!

For the newly hitched lovers, if you go over to the west coast you’ll be able to find a lot of beautiful thatched-roof cottages that will give you an experience that you’ll not soon forget at a price you’ll always remember for being such a great deal.

7 President Wilson Hotel in Geneva is the most expensive in Europe (Sell the house)

Any couple getting married and planning their honeymoon will surely come across the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva on their searches for the best destinations in the world. Once they take a quick look at it though, most couples will move on and continue their search.

The Royal Penthouse Suite here is known as the biggest in all of Europe and also the most expensive. If you are lucky enough to book a stay there you’ll have twelve rooms for your entertainment purposes, plus a wraparound terrace that looks out over the Alps and Lac Léman.

The cost you ask? Only around $80,000 per night!

6 Lake Tahoe Is On Everyone’s Destination List For A Reason (Budget-Friendly)

Whether you go to the California side or to the Nevada side, Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, and it’s also pretty affordable. It has so much to offer, so if you’ve never been there before you’ll be blown away by the options. Where else can you go to the beach, go hiking and go snow skiing all in the same day?

It’s a place that is built for romance both down closer to sea level and up in the mountains. You can pretty much do anything you want here for a reasonable price and that’s what makes it such a popular place to take a honeymoon or vacation.

5 Get The Chalet Zermatt Peak, Switzerland And See Your Money Vanish (Sell the house)

What couple doesn’t want to go to Switzerland to celebrate their honeymoon? Take that one step further and ask, how many can actually afford it? Not too many if they are looking at Chalet Zermatt Peak in Zermatt, Switzerland. This spectacular accommodation has plenty of room to bring up to thirteen friends with you if you so desire.

A gourmet chef is at your service twenty-four hours a day and you get two massages each day you are there. You’ll want to bring as many friends as you can find though to help cover the cost. The chalet will set you back about $57,000 per week during the slow season but can get as high as $195,000 per week at other times of the year.

4 Hawaii Isn’t As Cliché or expensive As You Think (Budget-Friendly)

Everyone knows that Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Most also know that it can be a pretty expensive place to visit. What a lot of people don’t know is that it can be a very affordable place to visit if you do your homework.

On the island of Oahu, you’ll find good nightlife, great beaches, beautifully calm water and great food. That’s not even taking into consideration all of the fantastic places to stay that are reasonably priced.

If you stay away from Maui or Honolulu you’ll be able to find plenty of affordable accommodations to make your honeymoon complete.

3 This Trip To Antarctica Will Give Your Bank Account Frostbite (Sell the house)

This trip is for the extremely rich couple who want to celebrate their honeymoon in a quick manner. Maybe they each have to get back to work and can only afford a day or two of free time.

If this is the case then White Dessert has exactly the trip for them. It’s a one-day trip to Antarctica that starts in Cape Town on a private Gulfstream jet. The couple will fly to the exclusive area, explore the region for eight hours and end the day with a bottle of bubbly (you bet it's gonna be the finest bottle of bubbly out there) and a gourmet dinner.

The entire trip takes less than twenty-four hours and will cost a mighty $195,000.

2 Don’t Forget About Pristine Portugal (Budget-Friendly)

There are plenty of couples who want to take their honeymoon trip to western Europe. The mistake that a lot of couples make is visiting the Greek islands or Spain and spending a ton of cash on the trip.

Portugal is often forgotten about as a beautiful destination and it’s much more affordable than its neighboring destinations.

Nothing is lost by going there instead because it still sports the charming old-world feel and the fishing villages that everyone wants to visit. They also boast lower car rental prices and dining costs, and the accommodations are far more affordable than the more common honeymoon spots.

1 Rwanda Sounds Cheap But It’s Not (Sell the house)

Couples looking for a place to go on their honeymoon don’t usually go for a trip to Rwanda. If they were to think about it they might think the trip would be fairly inexpensive based on reputation. That thought can cost a couple dearly!

If a couple were to visit the Bisate Lodge next to the Rwanda Volcano National Park, they’ll find just six villas to house visiting guests. The views may be spectacular but they are costly. If you want to get into one of those six villas you’ll have to drop around $1,100 per night. And that’s the low end!

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