10 Haunted Spots In Texas

Texas is known for authentic cowboy hats, delicious barbecue and doing everything in a bigger and better way … and that includes hauntings. Every state has its fair share of haunted locations, but the ones in the Lone Star State come with histories and sightings that would make anyone’s hair stand on end.

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From hotels, ships and bridges to restaurants, hospitals, and even some mysterious lights, there are some truly creepy spots in Texas. And with Halloween season upon us, it seems like the perfect time to round up and review some of the most hauntingly chilling locales out there.

10 The Baker Hotel In Mineral Wells

The Baker Hotel opened up in Mineral Wells in 1929, with its 14 stories, more than 400 guest rooms, a bowling alley and other luxuries. It has been closed down for quite some time, but over the years, rumors have flown about how haunted this place is.

In fact, the hotel has been featured on shows like Ghost Adventures, Celebrity Ghost Stories and The Haunting of...Eric Balfour, since this actor (known for his role in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 2003) is just one of many who has apparently seen some strange things here. It was recently announced that The Baker Hotel will reopen, so everyone better get ready for even more spookiness!

9 The Driskill In Austin

Another hotel, The Driskill, can be found in Downtown Austin, and it was built by a cattleman named Col. Jesse Driskill in 1886. This up-scale building is known for its amenities such as restaurants and a ballroom, as well as for its ghost stories. Some even say that Colonel Driskill himself still roams around this building!

And in 1991, a band by the name Concrete Blonde wrote a song called Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man, due to all of the scary legends that are associated with this iconic site. Feel free to book a stay … if brave enough.

8 The Littlefield House In Austin

Also in Austin is The Littlefield House, a Victorian that was built for George and Alice Littlefield in 1893. Since this building is located on the University of Texas campus, Alice left it to the school when she passed away in 1935. It is now used for UT events and as an office space… Oh, and it is haunted. Yes, people have reported weird noises, as well as ghost sightings, including seeing and hearing Alice herself! She apparently did not want to leave this historic home, as she plays the piano here and moves things around.

7 Goatman's Bridge In Denton County

There used to be a town called Alton, so this bridge was called Old Alton Bridge. Nowadays, though, it is best known as Goatman's Bridge, due to the tales about what can happen at this very location … tales about a satyr who lives in the woods, with his goat-like features.

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If someone were to go across this bridge at night without using their headlights, they may have just been met on the other side by the Goatman! Teams from Ghost Adventures and BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural have looked into this, since people have claimed to see figures and lights in the wooden area here.

6 The Marfa Lights In Marfa

Each year, many visitors gather in the middle of the desert, in order to try and see The Marfa Lights. First spotted by a cowhand in 1883, these mysterious orbs in the sky have been said to be ghosts or UFOs … something supernatural, surely!

Those who are more skeptical and who like to think in a rational and logistical way, though, have said they are caused by headlights from cars or something in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, these ghostly lights move and light up in strange ways, making Marfa another haunted spot to see in Texas.

5 The USS Lexington In Corpus Christi

The USS Lexington came about during World War II for the Navy. While it was being built, news spread that the USS Lexington (CV-2) was lost in a battle, so the new ship was renamed in honor of the previous one. And since the USS Lexington popped back up, even after people said it was gone, it earned the nickname The Blue Ghost.

It also has a blue color, which fits nicely with the name. This creepy ship has been seen on shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Lab, and she can be seen by the public as a museum in Corpus Christi.

4 Spaghetti Warehouse In Houston

Spaghetti Warehouse is a chain restaurant that serves Italian food, and the second one to open was in Houston in 1973. Most of these eating establishments were built in old buildings that were given new life, and back in the day, this Spaghetti Warehouse was apparently a pharmacy.

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Legend has it that a pharmacist lost his life due to an accident with an elevator, and his wife was heartbroken and passed away one year after this. Now, she haunts the restaurant, as people have seen lights flicker and glasses float and have heard sounds and voices that can’t be explained.

3 Yorktown Memorial Hospital In Yorktown

In 1951, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital was opened up in the town of Yorktown. It was operated by the Felician Sisters, women who work with the Roman Catholic Church, in order to help those who need it. The hospital shut down in the ‘80s, and this building became a drug rehabilitation center until officially closing in 1992.

Now, though, visitors can tour this spot, and many want to, since it is said to be quite haunted by all the ghosts of all who passed away here. Even the Ghost Adventures team came once to investigate this shut-down and scary hospital!

2 Woman Hollering Creek In Central Texas

In 1840, there was an Indian raid, so the leaders of the Republic of Texas wanted to meet with the leaders of the Comanche in order to find peace. However, it was a trick, and the Texan leaders took the lives of more than 10 of the Comanche leaders. In response to this, the Comanche fought back. And after the dust settled, a woman found her sons’ bodies by this creek, and she screamed …

She screamed so loudly that it was heard all around and even years later! Yes, rumors have said that people can see her spirit in this spot and hear her holler, making this another haunted destination.

1 Austin State Hospital in Austin

The Austin State Hospital is the state’s oldest psychiatric center and the state’s third-oldest public building. With all that history, it is bound to have some ghosts, right? Well, when patients would pass away here, they were sometimes laid to rest at an on-site cemetery. This filled up quickly, though, so an additional cemetery was built near the hospital.

All the bodies were apparently transferred to this new area … but that is not a fact. It may not be true. There could still be some bodies there—at least that is what legends say about this final haunted spot in the Lone Star State.

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