Moose Jaw is a great travel destination with a vibrant history spanning back to the 1900s. It is the fourth-largest city in Saskatchewan, Canada. It lies on the Moose-Jaw river in the south-central part of the province, situated on the Trans-Canada Highway, 77km (48mi) west of Regina. The city boasts of its historical significance, with a ton of activities that are unique to it. There are plenty of interesting things to do - from excellent restaurants, underground tunnels, and skydiving to hiking and visiting games and entertainment centers. These are the 10 fun things to do in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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The Yvette Moore Gallery is located inside the restored 1910 Land Titles Building, which was an architecturally-significant establishment originally constructed to hold important land title documents. It is for this reason that it has a designated Heritage Property status. The gallery displays the many stunning artworks of Yvette Moore together with a large collection of jewelry, pottery, sculptures, and more from Western Canadian artists. Her work decorated walls and evoked memories of art collectors all around the world.

9 Try Out Honey Wine

If one is an oenophile (a lover of wine), then this should be a "must-do" on a bucket list. Prairie Bee is Saskatchewan’s first craft meadery that makes mead and honey wine locally in small batches. It makes their mead from light, sweet honey mostly from clover, alfalfa, and wildflowers. They also have vast choices of meads that incorporate fruits from sweet to strong. Travelers should particularly try the "Traditional Bee" which is a delicate, nuanced, off-dry, or the "Strawberry Splash" for the taste of sweet fruit. It's no wonder their meads are award-winning too, with multiple medals from competitions in Canada, the US, the UK, and China.

8 Visit The Wildflowers Bistro

It opened in Slade House on Langdon Crescent (more than a century old) and is fast becoming a favorite spot. Wildflowers are known for fantastic artisan boxes which have a built reputation for being extremely delicious! Be sure to get one of the special meat-filled picnic boxes. Once travelers enjoy cheese and fruits, they can stroll across the street to the marvelous Crescent Park. Take-out boxes of licorice, pretzels, chocolate, and popcorn are also available.

7 Prairie Storm Paintball

Established in 2004, Prairie Storm Paintball has been serving tourists and the locals for over 18 years. Travelers visiting and looking for a fun outdoor activity with friends or family should consider Prairie Storm Paintball – it can be a great option for them. Reviews portray it as a great experience and recommendable to anyone looking for a fun outdoor adventure.

6 Walk The Crescent Park

The Crescent Park is located downtown and extends more than six blocks with lovely paths to explore. There is a creek that runs through it, as well as bridges, fountains, and many flowers, notably, the Queen Elizabeth Rose Garden. Visitors will also spot wildlife such as songbirds, ducks, squirrels, and sometimes even deer. Enjoy live music at the large amphitheater for concerts in the park if available during the summer.

5 Take A Trolley Tour

This is a fantastic way to explore Moose Jaw and learn some of its history. There are a variety of tours offered, usually a one-hour trip around town. The first tour is a historical overview of the city. There’s also a Ghost tour, which features tales of supernatural happenings around the city then finally the True Crime tour which explains the dark side of Moose Jaw’s past with its most notorious residents.

4 Check Out Mac The Moose

A visit to Moose Jaw would be incomplete without stopping by to see Mac, a concrete sculpture believed to be the largest moos on earth. It is standing at 34 ft tall and weighs 10000 kg. It was built in 1984 to bring visitors to the city and still performs the same function. It is a charming landmark giving travelers the opportunity to learn the history of how Mac competed with the town of Norway for the biggest moos on the planet. A must-visit when exploring Moose Jaw.

Right alongside Mac is the CT-114 Tutor Jet, which is the same plane the Snowbirds used to train. Be sure to check that one out, too.

3 Relax At The Geothermal Spa

The Temple Gardens Hotel and Spa is home to Canada’s largest therapeutic geothermal mineral pool. The water is naturally warm, making it ideal for relaxing and unwinding. The Spa has an indoor pool and an outdoor rooftop pool connected to it. The outdoor pool is open all year and is especially fantastic during the winter – it is like the ultimate hot tub, and guarantees an unforgettable tour experience of Moose Jaw.

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2 Explore The Wakamow Valley

Wakamow is a large natural park in the city with more than 20 km (12mi) of trails and 500 acres. Access is easy as it is only a couple of minutes from downtown. It is a serene environment with beautiful spots to see flowers, plants, and different species of birds. Trails are also open all year round. It is a perfect environment for walking, cycling, bird-watching, and canoeing.

1 Explore The Moose Jaw Tunnels

Wandering around the Tunnels of Moose Jaw is one of the most distinctive and enjoyable activities to partake in Moose Jaw. The tunnels were constructed along Main Street when the buildings were first constructed. They are significant establishments with history originating in the 1920s. The tunnels are open all year round with a variety of tours to select from. The tunnels are a major tourist attraction and travelers can explore them to connect deeply with the unique Canadian history.