Before we begin, it should be noted that it is crucial to always bring some Tums or Advil in the event that a stomach or any other type of other distress is felt during a flight. Mineral water or Perrier can help ingestion as well.

Such problems during a flight are usually caused by something consumed before or during a flight. Let’s get this one out of the way early; alcohol should also be taken in moderation. Too much not only can leave you feeling incredibly ill, but it can also cause a passenger to be kicked off a flight altogether. Let’s keep the consumption very moderate and save it for the vacation destination instead!

In this article we take a look at foods and some beverages that should and shouldn’t be consumed. For the most part the food options that land on the “avoid” side of the list are not nutritionally dense. They also included added preservatives, so in most cases you’ll be feeling bloated and not all that satisfied – a terrible mix. On the other hand we feature foods that have the adverse effect and ones that’ll make the flight pass by with the utmost ease. These are the dos and don’ts to consume during or prior to your next flight. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Good - Crackers

If a flight attendant passes with some crackers, don’t hesitate to lift up your hand. Crackers also contain some amounts of fiber which can leave you feeling full – but not that bloated full we hate to feel during flights. This tends to be the perfect snack with little to no bad feeling after consuming it.

Putting cheese on top of the cracker might not be the wisest. It truly depends on how a traveler digests dairy. To keep things on the safe side perhaps spreading some jam or low fat cream cheese might be the better alternative in this case.

19 Avoid - Chips

Some might opt for chips instead and this wouldn’t be a wise decision due to the inflated amount of sodium. The increased salt won’t make you feel all that well. You’ll feel bloated while pounding down water and hitting the bathroom one too many times.

Chips also aren’t the most nutritionally dense food options so you’ll be feeling bloated and full while still not being totally satisfied. In all likelihood you’ll be in search of another snack shortly after. It really doesn’t get worse than feeling bloated on a flight yet not feeling all that full.

18 Good - Brown Rice

Brown rice is another food rich in fiber. In terms of top carbohydrates to consume before or during a flight, this one is right up there. For that reason it isn’t uncommon for airlines to serve rice during a flight as it is one of the more easy meals to digest and one that travels into your system at a slower rate. This also allows a traveler to feel full and satisfied.

Brown rice is also known to boost the metabolic rate and it plays a role in the system when it comes to burning calories. This is a super-food for both flight purposes and everyday consumption as well.

17 Avoid - Pizza

Pizza lovers might not want to hear this but in North America, the most common food related to 911 calls is in fact pizza. Now in some instances the cases are truly bizarre, such as a freak accident while eating pizza in bed. However the heaviness of the actual pizza isn’t the most ideal, especially before hopping on a flight or during.

Pizza is loaded with fat and carbohydrates. That isn’t a good combination for the system to digest at once. Ideally it is best to moderate the fat and carb intake. If anything it is easier for us to absorb a surplus of one as opposed to both. It is best to avoid this complication and leave the pizza until after the flight, if need be.

16 Good - Sweet Potato

As we suggested with pizza having a high fat and carbohydrate intake, and not doing the body much good, that’s especially true during a flight. The ideal part about a sweet potato is that it contains little to no fat, along with carbohydrates. Sweet potato is also loaded with water; this facilitates how quickly and easily it goes down the system. It is basically an easily digestible meal and one that a traveler shouldn’t shy away from.

However be cautious that if the potatoes are in fry form, they might be too oiled down or processed for that matter. A regular sweet potato is the best bet.

15 Avoid - Broccoli

This one is a no-brainer. Consuming broccoli makes us feel a little gassy, not to mention that the food isn’t the best smelling vegetable out there either. Unless you want dirty looks from your fellow passengers, it might be best to keep the broccoli at home and save it for another day.

For fitness purposes it is a great food and one that aids in filling anyone up. For those that want to diminish their appetite, broccoli is a solid food option. However keep it far away from a plane and don’t consume it either, because we all know what that might lead to....

14 Good - Banana

You might be forced to leave the veggies (such as broccoli) behind, however for the most part most fruits are a good idea during and prior to a flight. A banana can be among the top options selected. The fruit is loaded with high potassium levels along with dietary fibers.

Interestingly enough bananas actually tend to work against bloating. The potassium in the blood stream basically lowers the effect of sodium altogether. This makes it a fruit that won’t have you feeling all that full compared to high sugar fruits such as various types of berries, or the next item on the list...

13 Avoid - Apples

Don’t get it twisted. Apples contain lots of goodness such as various antioxidants that aid in reducing heart disease and hypertension, among other things. However for the purpose of this article, apples might not be the best fruit choice. They are loaded with sugar, along with the fact that they also contain a lot of fiber.

Now this is ideal when trying to eat healthy as it’ll leave you feeling full. However before or during a flight, this isn’t what we want to feel. For that reason it might be best to stick to a banana and save the apple for later.

12 Good - Tuna

During a long flight a simple snack just won’t cut it. Travelers typically need an actual meal. Pasta isn’t the best option as it contains a lack of protein and well, leanness altogether. In order to feel full and adequate it is best for a traveler to select a high protein option with minimal fat and low carbohydrates.

A fresh piece of tuna has that ideal nutritional level. Tuna contains hardly any fat along with a solid protein base. This mixture makes it so easy to digest and you won’t feel any type of bloat. Airlines typically offer a chicken breast which isn’t bad either. Just make sure the seasoning or sauce on top isn’t too overpowering.

11 Avoid - Meat

Meat can have the adverse effect of tuna or chicken. Depending on the type of meat, it tends to be loaded with fat, causing a difficult digestion process. The cook of the meat can also be a serious issue. It isn’t uncommon for a traveler to feel ill following the consumption of a meat. Now just imagine how bad it would be to feel that way while on a flight... Talk about a nightmare, huh?

It is best to leave any type of meat for after (even if that Burger King meal looks so darn appetizing). You might regret eating that when the flight takes off and it starts acting up.

10 Good - Peanut Butter

Now, we’re not saying to gulp down an entire tub of peanut butter, however this can be a great option in moderation. Whether it be on a cracker or piece of whole wheat bread, peanut butter can satisfy a traveler. The food might be rich in fat, however it is also typically used in diets.

When consumed in moderation peanut butter is a healthy snack and one that can also rev up the metabolism for the better. It is also easy to digest and it won’t have you running for the bathroom, unlike other fats...

9 Avoid - Cheeses

Cheese is another food that might not be the best idea to put on a cracker or piece of toast. Lots of travelers have an intolerance to anything dairy, and that includes cheese. The intolerance can create a feeling of bloat and gas – two things travelers do not want to feel during any type of flight.

If you’re headed to France or Italy, we wouldn’t suggest skipping out. However while on the plane it might be best to pass it up and opt for a lighter option, like perhaps a low-fat cream cheese.

8 Good - Chia Seeds

Snacks are of the utmost importance for travelers. Airlines do their very best to satisfy cravings. However in truth it is best that a traveler packs certain items beforehand. Rarely do airlines dish out chia seeds. Instead peanuts are usually given. It isn’t the worst option however it does tend to be overly salted at times. This can leave anyone feeling bloated and grabbing the water bottle a little too often.

Chia seeds on the other hand contain barely any sodium and are loaded with goodness, such as omega 3, iron, calcium and numerous antioxidants. You’ll be feeling energized with hardly any bloat compared to the peanut option.

7 Avoid - Protein Shake

For all those bros out there, leave the protein shaker packed in the suitcase. Bringing it on a plane likely isn’t the best idea and that’s particularly true when mixing it with milk. This can typically lead to a bloated and full feeling. It’s also pretty common that such a mix can send any traveler do the bathroom rather quickly.

Unless it’s a low-calorie type of beverage, it just isn’t worth the risk especially during a flight. Although protein shakes aren’t bad for you, they just shouldn’t be included on a flight due to that full and uneasy feeling they’ll give you. Remember, you’re seated the entire time and not just finishing up a workout like back at home!

6 Good - Fruit Smoothie

If it is something to sip on that is required, a better alternative to a protein shake is a fresh smoothie fruit shake. Now depending on your dairy tolerance, this can also include protein with Greek Yogurt mixed in. The beverage can contain a variety of fruits along with vegetables as well.

Just make sure you aren’t thinking about a banana-chocolate milkshake or anything like that, as you’ll be making a run to the bathroom halfway during that shake. Keep it simple and load up the fruits in the smoothie beverage.

5 Avoid - Beverages Rich In Carbohydrates

High carbohydrate drinks should also be avoided. Due to the elevated amounts of sugar they won’t leave you feeling good, nor will they provide you with any type of nutritionally dense calories aside from sugary carbohydrates.

Energy drinks have a lot to do with that feeling. It is not recommended to consume one during a flight. There really is no need to increase your energy. However if you want to rev things up when the flight is about to land, it is best to opt for a low calorie energy drink option. The likes of Monster and Red Bull contain zero calorie options as opposed to the ones loaded with sugar and dense calories.

4 Good - Oatmeal

Did you know that it’s almost National Oatmeal Day? If you aren’t consuming oatmeal, perhaps October 29th might be the best time to start!

Oatmeal is an ideal source that’ll have you feeling satisfied. The fibers found in oatmeal stabilize glucose while lowering cholesterol levels. It is an easy source to digest without any type of sodium. However it is important to stick to natural oats and not an option with a funky flavor (such as Oreo). Those will leave you feeling incredibly bloated due to the heavy added preservatives for that Oreo taste.

3 Avoid - French Fries

French fry consumption isn’t uncommon prior to a flight. With so much time to spare we can’t blame travelers for enjoying a nice meal. However a burger, along with fries, might not be the most ideal option before a flight.

French Fries tend to be loaded with sodium and heck, they’re fried so the fat intake doubles. Mixing elevated levels of fat and carbohydrates leaves the body in distress when it comes to absorbing such a meal. It is best to replace this with something light like a healthy fresh salad, for example.

2 Good – Whole Wheat Bread

Brown bread isn’t too bad either. Although it is known to create a sugar spike which is followed by a bit of a crash. This isn’t a bad thing on a flight, if anything it might allow for a passenger to fall sound asleep.

However, wheat bread contains a fiber-rich content and one that is easily absorbed and utilized for the better by the system. It’ll also stabilize the stomach while giving you that good and satisfied full feeling. The bread can be an option for several toppings such as tuna or peanut butter.

1 Avoid - Spicy, Red Pepper

A quick honorable mention goes to beans. For obvious reasons, similar to broccoli, we don’t recommend the consumption before or during a flight. Have some respect for your fellow passengers!

Spicy foods should be passed up. This can cause stomach distress along with causing the body to overheat. We can’t think of a worse feeling than an ill stomach along with a sweaty exterior. Don’t be that person, wiping their forehead every second, while making trips to the bathroom on the regular. Save the red peppers for life at home at whatever destination you’re landing at.