10 Fitness Mistakes Female Travelers Make On Vacation (10 Ways To Avoid Them)

Part of the stress in traveling is trying to keep that healthy lifestyle consistent while getting a sweat on somehow. What if we said that putting the diet in overdrive and working out just as hard while on vacation might actual hurt one's body? What if we said that working out just half the time, while increasing the cals, is actually better? No, this isn’t what heaven would be like but the reality of fitness related to a vacation. In this article we take a look at common mistakes fitness females stress over. Not to worry, we also discuss the ways to side step these mistakes from taking place.

Topics that we’ll touch base on include the dos and don’ts regarding foods fitness enthusiasts should eat while on vacation. You’ll be surprised to learn how beneficial a carbohydrate can be as opposed to a salad. Other areas worth discussing include water consumption and specific details about what type of workouts one should follow while away on vacation. Also, how frequent the workouts should be.

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share the link with a fellow fitness enthusiast that is on the go quite often. The knowledge from this article can make all the difference especially when it comes to one's well-being. Without further ado, here are 10 fitness mistakes every female traveler makes on vacation and 10 ways to avoid them. Grab a smoothie, and let’s get started!

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20 Mistake – Skipping Breakfast


This happens a lot and that’s especially true with active travelers. You wake up and all you’re thinking about is either sightseeing or hitting the beach with that flat stomach. Although it might look appealing and feel good due to the adrenaline factor, it isn’t a good idea at all.

Whether you’re roasting in the sun or walking an entire day the body is constantly losing water and cals. Furthermore that “hangry” feeling will also make anyone a lot less desirable. The last thing anyone wants is to be is miserable while sightseeing on a trip they’ve waited so long for.

19 Solution – Plan In Advance


A big reason as to why travelers skip breakfast is because of time. Travelers want to enjoy every bit of time they have on vacation - sometimes sitting down and having a meal can cause you to lose that momentum. Something as easy as planning ahead can be the perfect way to ensure you get the proper amount of food without losing much time.

Perhaps an ideal solution would be to go out and purchase on-the-go food items for the next day. On-the-go oatmeal, protein shakes and fruits can all work as simple alternatives without barely missing a beat!

18 Mistake - Training As Hard As Possible


It is admirable for a fitness enthusiast to want to continue on with her training regiment while on vacation. However we advise against this. All the travel time mixed in with the sightseeing or hours under the sun, in truth the body isn’t ready for rigorous weight lifting. It strays away from the normal routine one usually has when hitting the gym regularly.

For that reason, keeping the same intensity won’t be easy and it’ll just cause more harm than good. Injuries can also be more common in these situations.

17 Solution – 35 Minute FB Workout

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Spending more than an hour in a gym setting while on vacation is going to cause more harm than anything else. Instead, women need to keep the workout short while lowering the weight in comparison to what they are used to. Keep in mind the body also needs a vacation as well and doing too much won’t allow it to recover properly.

Keeping the intensity high is okay, but shouldn't go on for longer than a 35 minutes. We recommend a full body workout utilizing super-sets or even a circuit type of training. Put in a quick sweat and make it count.

16 Mistake – Eating Greens Only


Activity levels increase and the last thing anyone wants to be doing is stressing the cortisol levels in the body. With that said, proper fuel is extremely important. Salads taste refreshing but in terms of a healthy and calorically dense meal it just doesn’t cut it. Fitness enthusiasts need a variety of healthy fats and proteins. A salad just doesn’t provide that.

A less is more approach does not work and it’ll have travelers feeling way worse. No one wants to feel fatigue on a trip. All you’ll want to do is hit the bed as opposed to the beach or continuing on with the sightseeing.

15 Solution – Increase Protein Intake

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A word that scares lots of females - brace yourselves ladies, but we’re about to say it, protein! No you won’t get bulky eating protein unless you eat double the grams required of your body type. Instead, protein can only do one's body some good. Its main purpose is to help build and repair while transporting the nutrients to the proper places internally.

Protein is essential during a trip, even if you opt for a small piece of meat or chicken, that’ll go a long way compared to having nothing at all. You can still have that salad you desire just make sure it gets accompanied by a little bit of protein.

14 Mistake - Neglecting To Stretch


While on vacation finding a gym or type of fitness facility is usually of the utmost importance for a fitness enthusiast. However stretching is just as important and that’s especially true following a long flight and lengthy travel time. Those muscles tend to get sore and not stretching properly can only make things worse. The last thing anyone wants is to go back home with an injury.

Lack of water can also cause the muscles to flare up. A proper stretch can go a long way and in some respects, can turn out to be even more important than the training itself.

13 Solution - Create A Quick And Easy Daily Routine


Timing is a major reason as to why stretching tends to get the cold shoulder. Especially when on a vacation, no one wants to waste any valuable time. However getting in a nice stretch doesn’t have to be complex and instead can be quick and easy. You can develop a daily routine that’s easy for you. Preferably to start the day and before/after a workout.

The positives attached to stretching include keeping the muscles strong, increased mobility and flexibility. It’ll also help avoid those muscles from getting stiff. Stiffness is likely to take place in warmer vacation climates.

12 Mistake - Constantly Stressing About Food Options

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It's easy for female travelers to get carried away and constantly be reminded of how different the daily meals are when on vacation compared to what one is used to having back at home. It's important to remember that time away is nothing but good for one's overall health and physique. Especially considering how much walking and exploring one does while traveling, that extra plate of crackers and cheese (or even that extra scoop of ice cream) will not make a difference in the long run. Just remember, the trip is something that is very short-term.

11 Solution – Wait A Week After You Get Back

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There really is no point in weighing yourself following a trip. The increase is usually due to water weight associated with the travel. Checking your number right after the trip might only hurt one's morale.

In order to remedy this, wait a week before stepping back on the scale. Give yourself a week to re-enter a routine. It only takes just a couple of cardio sessions to knock off that excess water weight and before you know it you’re right back to where you started. Remember ladies, not all progress can be lost in just a couple of weeks. It takes three to six months in order to lose actual lean muscle gains.

10 Mistake - Paying Top Dollar For Healthy Foods

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Organic and fresh produce are definitely a beautiful thing especially as it pertains to a diet. However some retail grocery stores like to take advantage of this. That’s especially true when you enter a vacation hot-spot area. Prices are instantly boosted due to the influx of tourism. Those healthy treats you love so much might be double the price than usually paid for.

No one should not fall into this trap. Other alternatives do exist and a solution to this problem is so easy. All it takes is an extra couple of minutes out of your day. It’ll result in more dollars saved leading to some extra souvenirs at the end of the vacation.

9 Solution - Find Outside Markets


Yes, it can be that simple. Do some research beforehand and find markets that are close by outside of the hot-spot areas. You’ll be amazed at the different price points for the exact same product. Location is very key during a trip and we strongly advise that you do not settle for the first store available.

For half the price you can find the same fresh organic foods elsewhere. Searching for a store on the outside will take an extra five minutes out of one's day. Taking such a measure is a smart solution and one everyone should consider during the next trip.

8 Mistake - Overdoing Cardio


Doing too much cardio is like doing too long of a workout while on vacation. The effects can be negative instead of beneficial. After a long day filled with activities, our bodies have probably already burned more than enough cals for the day. Adding on a regular cardio routine will only cause major distress to the body. It can result in going into overdrive as it searches for additional energy sources.

This can hurt a vacation experience and cause serious fatigue. As they say, sometimes less is more and that is the case with cardio while on vacation.

7 Solution - Cut Cardio Time In Half

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If you still feel the need to work up a sweat we advise that you cut the cardio time in half in comparison to what you are used to. We would also suggest lowering the intensity as well. Spending a day outside it is not favorable to go all in with a full blown session.

Instead, doing half the time at a lesser intensity will shock the body for the better once you get back to the normal routine following a trip. Pulling back the cardio is only a good thing and one that can benefit you in the long run.

6 Mistake - Neglecting Carbs

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We hate to break it to you ladies, but carbohydrates aren’t as evil as one might think. Some carbs are filled with goodness and provide the body with an adequate amount of energy. In truth that is the primary role of carbs, to give us energy. During a vacation, one can use lots of energy sources given the amount of activity. We wouldn’t recommend energy drinks filled with sugars but we do have some other great alternatives in the solution side of things.

Fitness enthusiasts can maintain a great shape while eating easy to process carbohydrates. It doesn’t need to be only protein and fat, moderation is the key.

5 Solution - Eat Fast Digestive Carbs

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Fast digestive carbs are among the top choices for a quick energy burst. What’s even better is that one's system can absorb these types of carbs with ease unlike foods such as pasta or bread. Foods to indulge in while on vacation include fast digestives like bananas, watermelon, dates, peaches and grapes.

It should be noted that not all fruits have the same effect internally. Although apples, prunes, pears and grapefruit provide quick energy they instead take long to absorb in the system. These types of carbohydrates are regarded as slow-release types of carbs.

4 Mistake - Dehydration


Dehydration is a common occurrence for most travelers while on vacation. Even a fitness enthusiast falls into this trap quite regularly. Walking throughout the day or under the sun, you are losing lots of water internally. The water that’s being lost needs to be replaced in order to avoid dehydration.

The effects include both internal and external issues. Visually, you become very dry due the lack of water. Internally it can do damage to the liver, kidney and those muscle areas your worked so hard to build. Don’t let this common vacation mistake happen. The solution can be so easy.

3 Solution - Buy A Plastic Reusable Water Jug


Just by carrying a water jug around, travelers can avoid the possible stresses of dealing with nausea, headaches or that bloated feeling we all hate. Just before a trip or even during, make it a priority to buy an empty water jug. Travelers can find these at any store and they sometimes cost close to nothing.

Carrying around a jug can ensure that you get the proper water intake throughout the day. It is also easy to carry. It can be placed it in a backpack as well. This is a common traveling mistake that can be so easy to fix! Make it a priority to get properly fueled before your next vacation takes place.

2 Mistake – Avoiding Rest

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Sleepless nights are bound to happen while on a trip. The excitement of it all and anticipation causes lack of sleep before and during a trip. It is admirable that you want to do as much as possible and that also includes getting in a workout regularly.

However the reality is that it leaves no time for rest. Due to the adrenaline of it all you won’t feel too bad but the long term effects aren’t as great. You’ll feel like a zombie after or even during the trip without proper rest. Travelers need to be wise with how to manage their time while on vacation.

1 Solution – A Day On, A Day Off


Balance is everything. Not only does that hold true for everyday life but it works out in the same regard while taking a trip. Trying to do too much is exhausting enough, let alone trying to get in a workout every day. Instead we suggest tweaking the workout schedule and going every other day. So basically one day on, one day off ,and so forth.

The body needs recovery time and not giving it that window will only prohibit enthusiasts from achieving those desired goals. It’ll also leave you with more time to enjoy the vacation. This type of solution is a win/win type of scenario. Rest is important – be smart.

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