Many people know about the Leaning Tower of Pisa since it is one of the most unique buildings in the world. The most interesting thing is the leaning design that is observed well at a distance. This makes it among the most visited landmarks in the whole of Italy.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy receives more than 5 million visitors every year alongside being the most photographed and shared structures in Italy due to its tilt. However, there are many things people do not know about the tower down below!

10 A Show Of Power

Many people know about the history of the tower but few people understand about the funding and building of the tower in the 12th century. For starters, the building of the tower was a sign of showing off. The city wanted to show off its might since it was previously viewed as a small seaport, hence starting the ambitious project. The city investment in grand buildings was meant to send a message to others and display power and wealth.

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9 Not The Only Leaning Tower In The City Of Pisa

When Pisa is mentioned, many people think of the leaning tower of Pisa and assume it is the only leaning tower. However, this is not the case as there are others. The next and second most popular is the Church of St. Nicola’s bell tower which was built around 1170. The next one is the church of St. Michele dei Scalzi's bell tower. All these towers lean as a result of the soft subsoil found in the city.

8 Survived Second World War

The second world war saw many tall structures that would easily serve as hiding grounds for enemies destroyed. During the war, the American troops entered Italy and started destroying all tall buildings. The leaning tower of Pisa was on the list of buildings to be destroyed. Luckily, the troops retreated before they could reach the tower which led it to be standing before many people today.

7 Pisa Tower Is A Result Of A Mistake

Many people may think of the leaning tower as an amazing accomplishment in construction but that is not the case. The tower resulted from a mistake done when planning and building. The architects did not plan well on the foundation required when starting to build as the area’s subsoil is soft. As a result, they made shallow foundations that could not hold the building enough. Then the tilt started at the second floor. However, the construction did not stop there, and the tower continued to tilt with time.

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6 Has Seven Different Bells

The leaning tower of Pisa has seven very heavy bells that have remained iconic for a long time. The most interesting thing is that the seven bells are designed to produce different tones, sending different messages every time they ring. These bells even have nicknames as one is called "Sinister". The bells were also used for different purposes due to the difference in their ringing notes. For example, the bell of the traitor was used whenever a person was sentenced to death due to treason charges.

5 Leans In Multiple Directions

When many people hear about the leaning tower of Pisa and look at it, they just see it leaning in one direction. However, the tower actually leans in multiple directions. This is because engineers attempted to fix the mistake after it had been leaning for years. The construction resumed around the 13th century, and this is where sharper leaning happened. The engineers tried building upwards and what followed was the tower leaning in another direction. Then it leaned more to the south and has been like that to date.

4 Mussolini Hated The Leaning Tower

Mussolini wanted Italy to be clean, beautiful, and special as he was dedicated to all of his projects looking amazing. As a result, he felt that the leaning tower was a mistake that showed failure and he hated it. What followed were efforts to try and correct the mistake that he was even embarrassed by. A project started to correct the tower by drilling holes on its base and pumping mortar and grout to try and straighten the structure. However, the results of this were not good as they made the base heavier. With the subsoil still very soft, the building kept leaning even further.

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3 UNESCO World Heritage Site

The leaning tower of Pisa is one of the UNESCO heritage sites found in Italy. The tower is on the list of the most famous landmarks in the country. It was listed in the UNESCO heritage site in 1987. The iconic tower has become a great pride for the people of Italy and the city of Pisa.

2 Construction Took Two Centuries

The construction of the tower took longer than anticipated. It started in 1173. However, at around 1178, when the construction was in its third story, it was clear that the structure was tilting. What followed was military conflicts that made the construction stop. In 1272 it resumed and was continued for 12 years. Then came another war and construction was stopped. In the early 14th century, construction resumed and concluded in 1372.

1 251 Steps To Climb

Although many people enjoy looking at the tower from the ground, there is a chance of climbing to the top. Not many people do this because of fear and the distance. To climb, one would have to deal with 251 steps.

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