Seoul is a massive city with many neighborhoods, each of which has a set of advantages and disadvantages. South Korea's spectacular capital stretches across twenty-five neighborhoods, each with its own set of tourist spots and background. The Han River divides Seoul into two different directions, Gangbuk situated towards the north and the world-famous Gangnam towards the south. To learn more, here is a list of the best neighborhoods in Seoul, as well as information for tourists:

10 Seoul's Historic Center, Jung

Jung District, located just south of Cheonggyecheon River, comprises the other portion of Seoul's historic district. The architectural style is typified by modern European building structures from the Japanese colonial period. Tourists can also visit the Myeongdong area, home to one of the world's most valuable commercial districts. While still in Jung, visitors can also visit Namsan, Namdaemun Market, and Dongdaemun, the neighborhood's clothing district, which is centered on the magnificent rocky volume of Heunginjimun Entrance, with its wide-ranging exterior.

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9 Home Of Tourists, Yongsan

Yongsan is home to the majority of Seoul's international visitors and, bizarrely, a US Infantry Facility. The Itaewon district is in South Korea's greatest varied cultural region. It is a sanctuary to the country's only mosque. The neighborhood is distinguished by a plethora of fast food places and import shops, and foreign visitors can also see the massive merchant Yongsan Electronics Market within the vicinity. Furthermore, Itaewon has been the only location where foreign visitors can discover an authentic variety of international cuisines.

8 Cheap And Laid Back District, Gwangjin

The formation of Gwangjin District is notable for its diversity. It is the hub of Konkuk University school, located near Seoul's most popular nightlife areas. People are coming here for affordable food options and a more relaxed shopping environment away from the masses. Also, Common Ground Center is one of the exceptional centerpieces of the Gwangjin neighborhood, with retail establishments built out of cargo containers that sell Korean brand names for tourists. Furthermore, this district serves as a logistics and mail delivery hub.

7 Hub Of Universities, Nowon

Nowon neighborhood is sustainable mainly in the town's distant northeast and is a center for academic institutions and training facilities, which clarifies the massive crowds of learners and young dependents. This is also a fantastic spot if tourists have an uncontrollable desire to get out of the downtown and exercise their feet in the wilderness. The northern part of the district is surrounded by the Bukhansan and Suraksan hills. Moreover, the Jungnang River that runs through the neighborhood is ideal for skateboarding, biking, and running. Also, there are numerous nurseries and playgrounds for children to run around in.

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6 Most Famous District, Gangnam

Gangnam, Seoul's most notable neighborhood, was placed strongly on the global map by the worldwide dance craze, Gangnam Style. Gangnam isn't only well-known but also rich and influential. The COEX Mall, Asia's biggest basement shopping experience for tourists, is a significant location in this neighborhood. Health care is also the leading cause for the large influx of international tourists throughout this neighborhood, along with some of the finest cosmetic physicians in the district. Netizens will also genuinely appreciate the community's linked art museum and widespread merchandise retail outlets.

5 Home Of Lotte World, Songpa

Songpa district has been primarily domestic, but with the emergence of Lotte World, it has progressed into a widely successful entertainment destination. This establishment is a big shopping center that houses the world's biggest enclosed theme park. Songpa also houses the Seoul Sports Complex and Olympic Park, in which global pop stars put on a few of Asia's greatest concerts. Overall, this is among the most vibrant districts situated in Seoul.

4 Manhattan Of Seoul, Yeoui-do

Yeoui-do, also known as Seoul's Manhattan, is a peninsula around the Han River home to a few of the state's tallest skyscrapers. The National Assembly and Seoul Stock Exchange, and even one of the region's most famous spots, can be found in this neighborhood of Seoul. Furthermore, visitors to Yeoui-do throughout the spring will witness and encounter the yearly Cherry Blossomevent, in which 1,800 tree branches erupt into plumes of translucent, ethereal petals.

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3 Quiet District, Gangdong

Tourists can locate Gangdong, a peaceful neighborhood on Han River, somewhat on the city's eastern outskirts. It is also the location of the Amsa Dong Prehistoric Relocation Facility, where visitors can learn what Korea resembled during the Neolithic period through ancient artifacts and extensive simulations. Gangdong is also only one subway stop ahead of Mount Acha, a scenic trekking destination for tourists with spectacular city views.

2 Home To Educational Facilities, Mapo

Being among Korea's top famous academic institutions, Yonsei University is located in the Mapo neighborhood. The most lively locations in this portion of the neighborhood are Sinchon and Hongdae, which are always thriving with retail customers and a whirlwind of restaurant chains. Moreover, residents, including indie artists and musicians, have lived in the vicinity, owning self-sufficient studios, restaurants, nightclubs, and coffee shops. This district is also perfect for tourists who want to experience a vibrant way of life.

1 Tallest Residences, Yangcheon

Yangcheon district, located in the southern part of Han River, is a place of residence to several of the town's largest skyscrapers, which are offset by the numerous trees and recreation areas. The Mokdong Indoor Ice Rink, situated in the neighborhood's center near numerous cafés, nightclubs, and shopping areas, is famous. Furthermore, Yangcheon District is primarily populated by middle-class or upper individuals. It is regarded as one of Seoul's best districts to settle in.

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