New York City (“NYC”) has long been known for being one of the best cities to visit around the world. Aside from being titled as a “city that never sleeps”, it is also sometimes called the “Big Apple”. New York City boasts its wonderful streets, shops, Broadway performances, fashion, and arts. Listed in this article are the 10 facts about New York City that will surely make every traveler see it in a new way.

10 Richest City In The World

NYC is considered the richest city in the world because of its cumulative net worth of more than $560.6 billion. The city prides its impressive Wall Street, skyscrapers, and is housing most of the top billionaires around the globe. The average monthly cost of living per person is $1, 374 without rent. The wealthiest person in NYC is Michael Bloomberg with a net worth of more than $59 billion. He co-founded the Bloomberg LP and became the city mayor from 2002 up until 2013.

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9 The Best Food Trip

It is a fact that most of the best American food was created in New York City. The city was the one that gave birth to pizza in America, and they also have their own style of this masterpiece. The same goes with hot dogs, any traveler can easily find hot dog stands in every street in the city. Aside from these, food like eggs benedict, chicken and waffles, and red velvet cake were also first made in New York City.

8 Rich In Gold

Aside from being on top among other cities around the world, New York City also houses the most amount of gold around the globe. Over 7,000 tons of gold bars are stored in a high-tech vault 80 feet below the New York City Federal Reserve building. The gold bars are about $90 billion. However, these gold are only being guarded by the New York Fed on behalf of various account holders such as the government of the United States and other foreign governments and international organizations.

7 Birds

New York City is also known for housing pigeons, but other species of bird migrate in the city especially during the spring season. According to experts, about 27% of 800 North American bird species can be found in Central Park of New York City. Others can also say that the spring season is also a season of different bird species because it is their migration time wherein over 100 birds will be spotted in the city per day.

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6 New York Public Library

The public library of New York City is a true haven for bookworms because it features over 50 million books that are all available to read. Aside from this, the library has an aesthetic and wonderful interior which makes the ambiance more pleasing. The library also provides unlimited browsing with the use of laptops and computers. They also have a wide range of digital sources for everyone, these are databases, e-books, etc. Moreover, it is a child-friendly place because there are also available resources for kids.

5 800 Languages In NYC

New York is a diverse city which is why there is a variety of spoken languages in every corner of it. Almost 37% of the city’s population is also coming from different countries and places around the globe which is also one of its factors. Some argue that there are over 800 languages spoken in the city, but some say there are only 200 different languages. Nevertheless, this still shows how diverse multicultural New York is as a city.

4 The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is considered one of the most legendary bridges around the world, together with London's Tower Bridge. However, the Brooklyn Bridge is 11 years older than the tower bridge in London. This iconic bridge connects Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights with a total length of 6,016 feet. It was designed by John A. Roebling which began from 1869 to 1883. In 2018, over 116,000 vehicles, 3,000 cyclists, and 30,000 pedestrians passed over the bridge per day.

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3 Transportation In NYC

The common mode of transportation in New York is the stunning yellow taxis where anyone can easily find in every corner of the city. Fun fact, the original colors of taxis were green and red. The standard fare for a taxi ride is $2.5 but the kilometer price is $1.5. New York City has also the largest subway system in the world wherein it operates 24 hours a day. The subway ride costs $2.75 which lessens if passengers purchase a new MetroCard. Additionally, there are abandoned subway stations in the city which are included in public tours.

2 The Statue Of Liberty

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi along with Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel designed the Statue of Liberty. It was given by France to the United States to commemorate the friendship between the Americans and French people. The statue is one of the most iconic statues in the world because of its monumental historical background. There is also no entrance fee when visiting the statue but all visitors must purchase a ferry ticket, it is advised to book ticket reservations.

1 The New York Times Square

Known as the busiest region in New York is in its epicenter, Times Square. Originally, this street was called Longacre Street not until the newspaper publishing company New York Times had their headquarters in the area. Times Square also makes New York the “city that never sleeps” because of its digital billboards, bright lights, special events like countdowns, and roadway shows. According to records, over 50 million people visit this popular area every year.

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