10 Disney Black Friday Deals You Don't Want To Miss (And 10 To Stay Far Away From)

Black Friday. Those two words instill a lot of fear in people who work in retail... and a lot of joy in those of us who love a good deal. In the past few years, it's become pretty common to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with your family and then immediately start wondering about what awesome, cheap things you can buy. Whether you're into online shopping or you're cool with braving the mall, you know that you're going to snag some great prices.

A trip to Disney World or Disneyland is always going to be magical... but sometimes all that magic can add up, from food to hotels to flights. That's why you need to know about the best (and the worst) Disney Black Friday deals.

Here are 10 Disney Black Friday deals that you don't want to miss, along with 10 to stay away from.

20 Good Deal: One Free Day At Disney

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Do you want a free day at Disney? Of course, right? It's the best and most magical place, after all.

That's why you should totally check out this awesome Black Friday deal from Picture The Magic. You'll get five days for the cost of only four days, which really couldn't be a more amazing price.

19 Avoid: Pay $175 For A Discount On A Future Trip

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This isn't the best Black Friday deal, though: according to Picture The Magic, there is a "Layaway Plan" where you can spend $175 and then get a future trip discount.

If you're spending money now, is it really saving money? And what kind of money would we be saving in the future?

18 Good Deal: Get Grown-Up Tickets For The Cost Of Kids Tickets

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Picture The Magic mentions an awesome Disney Black Friday deal: you can get grown-up tickets for the cost of the children's ones. You can use these tickets up until the final day of December 2020, and these prices apply to five, four, or three-day tickets at Disneyland. It's great that there a few options depending on how long your trip will be.

17 Avoid: Deals That Get You Into The Different Parks For Two Weeks

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Wouldn't it be super expensive for a family to go to Disney for two weeks? That's why this Black Friday deal mentioned by Radio Times might be something to skip.

While it would make sense to get any kind of discount that you can when you're going to Disney, many people aren't going to spend two weeks there, so this deal might not be realistic or necessary.

16 Good Deal: One Free Night In A California Hotel

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Picture The Magic mentions another amazing deal: if you get this Black Friday offer, you can stay one night totally free in a hotel in California.

Hotels can really add up and they can seem even pricier than airfare, especially if you stay near the Disney parks, so this is really good news.

15 Avoid: $5 Savings On A Minnie Or Mickey Stuffed Animal

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According to Picture The Magic, you can save $5 on a Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse stuffed animal/toy.

Even if you adore this adorable Disney figure (which you probably do), this doesn't seem like the best deal. It's not very much money off at all and you could honestly just buy this whenever you want it.

14 Good Deal: Go To Disneyland Plus Universal Studios Hollywood

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If you want to go to both Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, you might be concerned about the cost. After all, you're paying for two different parks, right?

Get Away Today has a great deal that you should definitely take advantage of this Black Friday. You can spend $397 on each ticket and you'll be able to go to both of these parks, which will be really fun.

13 Avoid: $32 Off Isn't Much (And It's Only On 'Select Dates')

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Theme Park Tourist says that you can grab a Black Friday deal that allows you to "save up to $32 on select dates."

This is another deal that you want to skip because first of all, $32 really isn't very much at all, and second of all, the "select dates" part isn't great. You don't want to boxed into certain dates because you might only be able to go to Disney at a specific time because of your job or something else.

12 Good Deal: This Website Helps You Get Flights To Disney For Much Less

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So you want to go to Disney... really, really badly. Maybe you've been before (multiple times) or maybe it would be your first visit ever.

Either way, you're looking through the airfare and starting to sweat because everything seems really pricey. Well, this is good news: Sky Scanner has deals on plane rides that will allow you to save some serious cash.

11 Avoid: It's Not That Exciting To Save $30 On Merchandise

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Disney Food Blog mentions a Black Friday deal that will get you $30 off some of the Disney merchandise. Sure, if you were already planning on buying some of these things, then there's nothing wrong with taking advantage of it.

But otherwise, it doesn't seem like the best deal ever.

10 Good Deal: You'll Get Cheaper Meals With This Deal

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According to Mouse Savers, you can get this great deal: "Enjoy WAIVED resort fees and 20% off lunch and dinner at DoubleTree Suites by Hilton in the Walt Disney World resort!"

It's always awesome to hear that you can get some meals for cheaper basically anywhere, but especially at Disney. You're going to be eating a lot of meals there and every bit helps.

9 Avoid: 15% Off Passes Isn't Super Exciting

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Do you want to get 15 percent off some passes at Disney? While saving any kind of cash is always welcomed, this particular Black Friday that Mouse Savers mentions might be worth skipping.

It doesn't seem as worth it as the other deals since that's really not much money to save.

8 Good Deal: Kids 3-9 Years Old Eat For Free

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Planning a trip to Disney with your little ones? You might be worried about paying for everyone's food.

Well, Black Friday is totally your lucky day. According to Mouse Savers, you can get a "FREE Walt Disney World Dining Plan for kids" if your children are between the ages of three and nine. You'll get a Disney World package that includes dining and if you set it up by January 1st, you'll be good to go.

7 Avoid: You Can Save $40 On An Airbnb In Anaheim Or Orlando

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Picture The Magic mentions this Black Friday deal which doesn't seem all that awesome.

What if you don't use Airbnb? You already have to have an account with the company in order for it to work. Not everyone could use this offer. You might also be interested in booking a hotel instead.

6 Good Deal: $25-100 Credit To Use On Your Disney Cruise

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Mouse Savers says that if you book a Disney Cruise, you can save from $25 to $100.

Getting a credit that you can use is really helpful, and when you're booking a cruise, which can be pricey, you'll definitely do anything that you can to save some pennies. Saving $100 isn't anything to sneeze at.

5 Avoid: Saving $10 On Tickets At Disney World Isn't A Lot

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While no one would say no to saving $10 pretty much anywhere, this Black Friday Deal mentioned by Picture The Magic isn't super exciting.

Saving $10 at Disney doesn't sound like enough, especially when you factor in everything that you have to pay for at the parks. That's basically a drop in the bucket of what you're going to spend.

4 Good Deal: Spend $89 A Day For A Four Day Pass

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When you go to Disney, you can get passes that let you hang out at the parks for a few days. One of the passes is for four days, which sounds like a perfect amount of time to experience all the magic that it has to offer.

This awesome Black Friday deal, according to  Theme Park Tourist, gets you a four-day pass and each day, you only pay $89.

3 Avoid: 25% Off Hotel Rooms Might Not Make A Dent

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Get Away Today says that if you use this Black Friday Deal, you can save 25 percent on whatever hotel room you're booking.

That doesn't seem like a very thrilling deal. When you're paying for a hotel stay near Disney, you're going to be shelling out quite a lot, and you want a bigger discount than this.

2 Good Deal: Save Almost $100 On A Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket

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Undercover Tourist has a really good Black Friday deal that you don't want to miss out on: saving $100 when you buy a Park Hopper pass. This lets you go to the various parks and areas. That's definitely a significant amount of money that you can save, so this is really good to know.

1 Avoid: You'll Get Into The Park One Hour Earlier

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The final Black Friday deal that you can avoid? This one mentioned by Miles To Memories: you can get into Disney one hour before other people.

Big deal (no pun intended), right?! It doesn't really seem worth it to sign up for that... especially since it would mean waking up early on vacation. And no one wants to do that.

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