Although the life of a WWE Superstar might seem glamorous on the outside, it isn’t the easiest for those on the inside. The reality of the life is basically living out of a suitcase; WWE Superstars travel like a circus act going all over the world. In just a couple of weeks WWE has shows in both Shanghai and Australia. Although that all sounds quite glamorous, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and maintaining strong relationships outside of the ring becomes that much more difficult.

That’s the tough side. However working with the WWE gives Superstars the chance to see places they never could have imagined visiting prior to joining the company. In this article we feature some of the top locations recently visited by these WWE stars for work purposes. Without a doubt they did some exploring following these shows.

Vacations tend to be few and far between due to the rigorous schedule. However some Superstars found the time to get away. We’ll also highlight some of the favorite vacation destinations of some of the most popular stars, including Ronda Rousey, Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss and Seth Rollins.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado here are 10 destinations these WWE stars love to travel to for pleasure and 10 for work. Let’s get started with Roman Reigns and a special trip he’ll never forget.

19 Pleasure - Roman Reigns (Bahamas)

Taking time off isn’t common for Roman Reigns (especially these days). Roman is the face of the WWE. He’s typically on tour wrestling in front of a live audience at least three times a week. That’s not including various PR appearances for the company both in the US and overseas.

He was able to take some time off back in 2014 and for good reason. Reigns took a family trip to the Bahamas. It was no ordinary trip, as Roman married his long time partner Galina Becker on the beach at the Castaway Cay, a (Disney) Private island in the Bahamas. His daughter also took part in the ceremony.

18 Work - Bayley (Regensburg, Germany)

Although the travelling aspect of a WWE Superstar can be quite brutal, it can also be rewarding at the same time. WWE holds several overseas tours per year. One of the yearly tours takes place in Europe. Last year Bayley took part in the European tour, one of the destinations was Regensburg, Germany. Bayley posted to Twitter and IG expressing gratitude for being in the lovely city.

Bayley might only be in her 20s but she’s already experienced so many different cultures in just a short amount of time. Just this year she was in Turin, Italy at the Juventus practice facility alongside Cesaro.

17 Pleasure - Nikki Bella (Paris, France)

She hasn’t been on WWE television for quite some time. However not to worry, Nikki is still keeping very busy with her clothing line and various reality shows. In the last season of Total Bellas one of the biggest talking points was the celebration of Nikki’s bachelorette party. She decided to take a trip to her favorite destination for the event, Paris, France.

Bella took part in all the famous French activities, such as sipping on some fine wine and indulging on bread and cheese. The trip was a great success, however sadly it was all for nothing as the famous couple broke up shortly after. Hey, at least she got to experience her favorite place in the world with the people she loves!

16 Work - Brock Lesnar (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

We’re not sure what’s more surprising here; WWE getting Brock to agree to take part in a show outside of the US or WWE hosting a show in Saudi Arabia... Nonetheless this was a ground-breaking moment for the company and quite the statement. WWE cashed in big time with the show and it is said that McMahon made a fortune.

With such a massive budget McMahon made it a point to feature some of the very best. That included legends that returned for one night only such as Triple H, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, The Undertaker and lots of others. Brock was another surprising name to make the trip (he enjoyed a fine restaurant alongside his boss and co-workers as well). It is expected that the company will host another Saudi Arabia show in the near future.

15 Work – Stephanie McMahon (Dubai)

As the Chief Branding Officer of the WWE, Stephanie McMahon is required to grow the WWE globally. Looking at the company’s reach nowadays we can safely say she’s succeeding. WWE’s stocks continue to soar and a lot of that has to do with global expansion.

One of the places recently visited by Stephanie is Dubai, back in 2017. She took part in a leadership panel. McMahon also discussed wanting to grow the company in Dubai as well;

“In terms of growing our presence here in the Middle East, localisation is a huge part of that strategy and we couldn’t be more proud to take our partnership with OSN to the next level and have the opportunity to super serve our fans with localised, in language, content.”

14 Pleasure - Renee Young (Maui, Hawaii)

Seriously, is there a hotter couple in the WWE than Dean Ambrose and Renee Young? Dean recently returned to WWE programming after missing months of action. He’s now rocking an all-new look and he appears to be better than ever physically. As for Renee Young she’s also enjoying a heck of a run, most recently becoming the first female to broadcast an episode of Raw.

Before all of that, Renee took a well deserved trip to Maui, Hawaii. Perhaps she anticipated a crazy schedule looming with the Raw gig along with commentating for the Mae Young Classic as well. Judging by her IG post, Renee was fully able to soak up her beautiful view by the water.

13 Work - Sasha Banks (Abu Dhabi)

Sasha’s trip to India is one she’ll never forget. Yes, it was work-related but Banks took a lot of pleasure in being the first ever WWE female to put on a match in the United Arab Emirates. Both Sasha and Alexa Bliss were handpicked to take part in this groundbreaking encounter.

Both wrestlers wore modified gears to conform to the regulations. Banks was extremely emotional throughout the match as chants of “this is hope” broke out. Following the match Sasha got to visit various breathtaking touristic spots.

12 Pleasure - Chris Jericho (Turks & Caicos)

How Chris Jericho found the time to take a family trip is beyond us. Jericho seems to be on the road 24/7, whether he’s wrestling overseas with New Japan, touring with Fozzy or heck, even Podcasting on a weekly basis. How he finds the time to do all that baffles lots of wrestling enthusiasts.

Out of the ring he’s quite the family man. Despite such a hectic schedule, Jericho is still happily married to Jessica Lockhart. This tends to be a rarity in the wrestling business. The couple has three children. Just a couple of months back Chris took the entire family out to an all-inclusive in Turks & Caicos. Y2J can do no wrong, it seems!

11 Work - Chris Jericho (Hamburg, Germany)

In all likelihood Jericho visited more places in 2018 alone than you did in your entire life. In terms of wrestling-related gigs Jericho travels quite far as a member of New Japan. He’s also constantly on the road with his band Fozzy. One of their recent tour destinations took place in Hamburg, Germany. According to the former WWE star, Fozzy has quite the fan base overseas (hence the reason the band has lots of shows away from North America).

Don’t expect his work schedule to slow down any time soon. Jericho recently promised a crazier year in 2019. He’ll be all over the map once again.

10 Pleasure - Alexa Bliss (Disneyland, Paris)

Rarely do active wrestlers have the time to post about a trip strictly done for pleasure. Most wrestlers spend a couple of days on a beach only to return to TV without anyone noticing. However in May, Bliss posted photos of her brief Paris getaway.

She took the trip alongside WWE personality Mike Rome. Like Kevin’s wife earlier in the article, Bliss is a massive Disney lover. She indulged at the Disneyland park in Paris. Of course, she also snapped a photo of the Eiffel Tower later that night. It was a short trip but one that was well worth it for the former WWE Women’s Champion.

9 Work - Renee Young (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Unlike European destinations, it isn’t all that rare for WWE to book a show in Canada. However the company typically travel's to Toronto, even next year rumblings indicate that SummerSlam might take place in the hot spot Canadian city.

Montreal however, is just as vibrant as Toronto when it comes to both the city itself and the rowdiness of the WWE crowds. This year’s Raw Montreal crowd had to be the very best Monday audience of the year. Not only that, but Montreal has plenty of hot spots. Just ask Renee Young who indulged on some authentic Montreal bagels. She was able to find the establishment thanks to Sami Zayn, a WWE star who grew up in the Canadian city.

8 Pleasure – Lana (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Lana chose Las Vegas as the destination for her bachelorette party. Ironically both Dean Ambrose and Renee Young call the destination home. During an episode of Total Divas Lana celebrated her bachelorette at the location. The episode was particularly awkward due to the fact that Rusev was also present.

Lana enjoyed lots of different establishments such as a daytime Vegas pool party. Lots of the other WWE Divas were on hand for the festivities as well. Despite some controversy during the trip Lana had herself a pretty darn good time. We’re not entirely sure if we can say the same for her husband Rusev, though...

7 Work - Roman Reigns (Rome, Italy)

As the current face of the WWE Roman is usually front and center when it comes to tours overseas. WWE is set to head to Australia in a couple of weeks – in all likelihood Roman will headline the event as the marquee attraction.

He’s taken part in plenty of tours, including one that took place in Rome, Italy. Going to such a beautiful destination Roman couldn’t help but to sight-see the city before his show. The only problem is lots of fans were able to snap a picture of Roman at the Coliseum alongside Braun Strowman. The issue with that is the two Superstars are heated rivals on television. When in Rome, right?!

6 Pleasure - Brie Bella (Napa Valley)

Another location the Bella twins love to travel to is Napa Valley. Both have taken part in several wine tasting events. Sister Nikki loves the destination so much that she planned on getting married there. Before the wedding was called off Nikki arranged to have an outdoor wedding at Napa Valley. That could have been quite the spectacle!

Both sisters might be moving around a little bit more in the upcoming weeks. Brie just returned to television aiding Daniel Bryan during an episode of SmackDown. Nikki is also rumored to return to Raw. According to recent rumblings she might be headlining the first ever all women’s PPV against Ronda Rousey. Get those suitcases ready, Bella twins!

5 Work - Ronda Rousey (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Before she entered the WWE Rousey had quite the schedule with UFC. Among her most notable matches was a bout overseas. This particular match took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This was the home country of her opponent Bethe Correia. The only problem was that Ronda got heavily cheered while the “hometown hero” got drowned in boos. The outcome wasn’t a favorable one for the Brazilian - she got destroyed in mere seconds by Rousey.

Following the match Rousey enjoyed the Brazilian beaches alongside some of her other close friends. Surreal to think how much has changed in just three summers – instead of stepping foot in the octagon, she won the Women’s Title at the WWE PPV SummerSlam.

4 Pleasure - Ronda Rousey (Chile)

We’re not entirely sure how she managed to do so but Rousey planned a quick getaway in late May. Her destination of choice seems to be an area currently on the upswing: Chile.

Rousey took the trip alongside her mother. One of her favorite activities was horseback riding out in the wilderness. Rousey had a blast during the short trip. She also made the claim that she wants to adopt a Chilean horse at some point. Perhaps she can ride it to the ring just prior to a WWE Championship match? Too far? Probably.

3 Work - Finn Balor (Geneva, Switzerland)

A stunning mountainous European village, WWE Superstar Finn Balor had a blast while exploring Switzerland during a WWE tour. If you love beautiful post card type-scenery then this is the destination for you. Among the top tourist attraction areas include the Jungfraujoch, a train ride that takes a tourist atop a stunning glacier. The Pilatus and Lake Lucerne are other destinations definitely worthy of a visit.

WWE recently put on a show in Geneva. It was Ronda Rousey’s first live event match outside of North America. Not a bad place to start. Without a doubt she enjoyed the beautiful hot spots following the event - we know Finn did!

2 Pleasure - Seth Rollins (Iceland)

Similar to Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins is at the prime of his career and one of the main attractions on the WWE roster. Rollins is a poster boy for shows overseas. Personal trips tend to be few and far between, however he was briefly able to escape to Iceland back in late December.

Seth took the trip alongside his lovely partner Sarah Alesandrelli. One of their pit stops took place at a unique glacier experience called Into the Glacier. The establishment is located in a frozen cave. Rollins posted about the unique experience via his IG account. Iceland is a desired trip for many modern day tourists.

1 Work - John Cena (Shanghai, China)

Before Roman Reigns, John Cena was the face of the WWE. Some might argue that despite his absence he remains the WWE’s main man - hard to argue... Similar to Vince McMahon, Cena is all about global expansion. For that reason he made it a point to learn a totally different language. During a press conference in Shanghai Cena shocked the audience speaking fluent Mandarin back in 2016.

WWE is finally heading to Shanghai in early September. Ironically Cena posted to Twitter labelling this event as his return to the WWE. Working a movie with Jackie Chan at the moment, maybe he’ll get some tips on possible tourist destinations and cultural advice.