Want to know if you and your partner have a relationship that's meant to last? Find out fast by traveling together. There's nothing more telling about a relationship than taking a trip with your partner. Travel can cause a whole lot of stress, bringing out everyone's true colors. While traveling, you'll find out how your partner handles uncertainty, decision making, relaxation, and problem-solving. And, they'll learn the same about you. Plus, it's a great way to see how you work together when times get tough.

If you want to test out some travel with your partner you might as well make it romantic. A romantic getaway can spice up a relationship, and help you fall more deeply in love. The world is wide and there are a ton of places you can travel to. However, not every destination is romantic. Don't make the mistake of choosing a spot that is hectic, dirty, or unwelcoming. Do your research, and find the spots around the globe that are most romantic. Some destinations are obvious like Paris, Rome, and Bali. However, there are some hidden gems around the world that make for a super romantic getaway. Then, there are the places that seem romantic from the outside. However, you’ll be in for a rude awakening once you arrive. Want to know which destinations to avoid? We’ve got your back. Here are 10 of the most romantic destinations for couples, and 10 that you should avoid at all cost. Happy travels!

20 Romantic: Paris, France

Paris is as romantic as you can get. It’s been this way for decades, and it isn’t changing anytime soon. Grab a bottle of red wine, a wheel of cheese, a fluffy baguette, and head to the Eiffel Tower. Visit at night if you can because the tower lights up, twinkling in the background as you enjoy your picnic. Wander the cobblestone streets, look at the artwork in the museums, and enjoy coffee at an outdoor cafe. Even the language is romantic, so make sure to practice a few phrases together. Paris is the place to take things slow and enjoy each other's company.

19 Romantic: Ubud, Bali

Ubud is well known as being the destination of a recent divorcee, Elizabeth Gilbert, in Eat Pray Love. However, this destination isn’t reserved for those celebrating being single. In fact, Ubud is a beautiful, magical place for couples to admire each other. Get a couples massage at an outdoor spa by the river, washing off in a waterfall after an all natural scrub down. Take a yoga class, meditation session, or cooking lesson together when you aren’t lounging in your private bungalow by the rice fields. Ubud is all about peace, love, and natural healing, so enjoy these quiet moments with the person you love.

18 Romantic: The Finger Lakes, New York

If you want true romance, skip New York City and head upstate. The Finger Lakes region is all about nature, wine, and taking things slow. The stunning landscape is full of wineries, and you can take a tasting tour with your bae. Reserve a cozy bed and breakfast, and spend your mornings lounging while overlooking the vineyards. There are plenty of nature hikes, quaint restaurants, and ideal spots for beautiful sunsets. Pop into nearby Ithaca if you want to enjoy a small town vibe together. Make sure to visit the Corning Museum of Glass for beautiful glass artwork, as well as the other boutiques that dot the area.

17 Romantic: Kyoto, Japan

Skip Tokyo and head to Kyoto to experience one of Japan’s most romantic destinations. This city is all about tradition, and it can be seen everywhere. Learn how to make sushi together, shop for vintage kimonos, and share a bowl of the best Ramen you’ve ever had. Be silly together as you learn how to slurp up bowls of noodle soup, and grab sushi from the conveyor belt. Spend a night in a traditional, Japanese temple where you’ll meet real Buddhist monks. And, make sure to pop into a whole-in-the-wall sake bar where you can listen to live jazz and cozy up to one another.

16 Romantic: Chiang Mai, Thailand

The misty mountain town of Chiang Mai is much more romantic than the busy streets of Bangkok. Prices are low here, so you can stay in a luxury suite for half the price you’d pay in other countries. This is a great spot to visit the elephant sanctuaries together and give those gentle giants a bath. Wander the Buddhist temples, eat street food from the markets, and get a couples Thai massage. Push your boundaries by attending a ladyboy show or renting a motorbike and visiting the countryside. Explore the fresh fruit markets, the wild nightlife scene, and the culinary wonders of this beautiful city.

15 Romantic: Hong Kong

Hong Kong may be a bustling city, but it sure does have a lot of romance. It’s westernized enough that you’ll feel comfortable, but still offers a distinct culture. Hong Kong is a maze of boutique shops, fabulous restaurants, and cozy wine bars. Take a ride up to Victoria Peak to watch the sunset over the harbor. It’s one of the most romantic spots in the city. You can also visit the Tian Tian Buddha, Ocean Park for some amusement rides, and the night markets for some shopping together.

14 Romantic: Breckenridge, Colorado

This mountain town looks like a snow globe during the winter months. Its cozy feel and winter wonderland looks make it a shoe-in for the most romantic destination. Make sure to visit during the winter, when the tiny town is in full swing. You can take a dog sledding tour together, go snowshoeing through the pines or soak in one of the steamy, outdoor hot tubs. Rent a cozy ski chalet and stay warm together by the fireplace. Hit the slopes on skis or a snowboard, and take plenty of breaks for a glass of wine at one of the town bars.

13 Romantic: Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stunning canals of Amsterdam make this city a real beauty. While many think that this Dutch destination is all about partying, many don’t know that it can be a relaxing retreat for couples. The city parks are lush and full of spots for a picnic. Rent bikes and cycle your way around the canals, over bridges, and through tiny passageways. You can take a boat tour on the water, and spend an afternoon wandering the city. If you’re feeling adventurous, make a stop in one of the ‘cafes’ for a few laughs. Just make sure to skip the Anne Frank House and Museum, because it could put a damper on the romance pretty fast.

12 Romantic: Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is a destination known for romance, wine, and dining. However, the Big Island offers you the chance to get off the resort and into the rugged landscape. This can actually be quite romantic, especially if you rent a car and explore the island via road. Stop off at coffee plantations to learn about the beans, tour the facilities, and do some tastings. The Big Island is full of beaches and secluded snorkeling spots. Just park and hit the water whenever you see a beach. You may stumble upon giant sea turtles, hippie drum circles, and natural swimming pools.

11 Romantic: London, England

London is one of the most romantic cities in the UK. It’s full of the finer things in life, so you can really splurge on your vacation. Stop into The Orangery for an afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream. Snap photos in front of iconic sites like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s. Most of the museums are free in London so you can spend days looking at art and artifacts together. Take a ride on The London Eye to get some of the best views of the city at the top. And, don’t forget to explore the nightlife by having a pint at a local pub. It’s all part of the experience.

10 Avoid: Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is a haven for backpackers and adventurers who like to get off the beaten path. If you want a romantic date, this might not be the best place. Hanoi can be dusty, dirty, and very crowded. You’ll be dodging motorbikes, tourists, trucks, and the occasional chicken. The locals are used to tourists coming in droves, so many of them patrol the streets, trying to swindle the unexpecting traveler. Hanoi doesn’t have many traffic rules, so expect to have a hard time even getting across the street. With all of the noise, commotion, and rowdy backpackers, you may want to skip this destination if you’re looking for romance.

9 Avoid: Beijing, China

Beijing is an incredible city, but not for lovebirds looking for a romantic time. While it’s one of the top visited cities in Asia, Beijing makes it kind of difficult to navigate if you don’t speak Mandarin. Many of the important signs are not converted into English. And, if you go to a restaurant, you may find it difficult to communicate with the server to get a meal. The city is extremely smoggy, and many travelers complain of developing a cough while visiting. Also, the traffic is quite hectic, the crowds are immense, and you’ll find yourself without much personal space between the other tourists and locals.

8 Avoid: Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is another grand, Asian city that’s interesting in its own right. However, it isn’t all that romantic, and you’ll spend a lot of time on public transport just trying to get around. There are parts of Seoul that are opulent and beautiful, but a lot of it is pure, city, living. Seoul is quite a clean city, but it’s very much a concrete jungle. You’ll have to really make an effort to get to some of the more natural, and beautiful areas. Plus, this city is heavy on the college students, so the scene might be a bit younger than you’re looking for on a romantic trip.

7 Avoid: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

As soon as you reach Phnom Penh, you’ll notice that it is dirty, dusty, and a little confusing. That isn’t to say that this city isn’t interesting for travelers. However, it’s not a top choice if you want to go heavy on the romance. There are large crowds, plenty of shanty towns, and children begging for money. Many of the locals are out to swindle tourists, and you’ll find that you need to watch your back. Phnom Penh is famous for the Killing Fields, which is a horrific part of their history. While it’s an important site to see, it will ruin the romance in an instant.

6 Avoid: New York City, New York

Some people absolutely love New York City while others can’t stand its crowds. It’s a destination that everyone should at least see once, but it isn’t ideal for romance. Manhattan is where most of the sites can be found, but it’s extremely crowded, fast-paced, and loud. Horns are honking, people are screaming on their phones, and business suit-wearing pedestrians may push right by you. You may be so focused on merely walking that you can’t even enjoy each other’s company. Plus, the prices in NYC are a total buzzkill as it’s hard to wine and dine your partner when one cocktail costs $20.

5 Avoid: Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is a beautiful city, but it’s really not very romantic. It has a sleepy vibe, and much of it looks like the suburbs. It’s easy to get bored in Auckland, as many places seem to close up early. For some reason, this city just seems a little behind the rest of the western countries, and it doesn’t have too many unique offerings. What it does have is a close proximity to nature, which is great if you want to escape the sleepy city for a while. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself roaming from bar to bar, looking for anything even remotely interesting to do. If you find karaoke or quizzo, consider your evening made.

4 Avoid: Medellin, Colombia

This city is a popular spot for expats and backpackers. However, it isn’t the best place for inspiring romance. While generally safe, much of Medellin is a little sketchy, especially in some areas at night. The city has a questionable past that they are trying to move away from. There are a few areas with good restaurants, bars, and cafes, but none of it is overly exciting or interesting. You can take a city walking tour, but your guide will probably be warning you to keep your phone and wallet where you can see them. And, when you’re in taxis, they may request that you lock your doors at stoplights. Oh, and if you don’t speak any Spanish, good luck getting around or ordering food.

3 Avoid: Grand Cayman Island

People who love resorts might like Grand Cayman. However, this Caribbean island is extremely touristy. The cruise ships pull right up to the dock and hoards of fanny pack-wearing cruisers pile off. You’ll be stuck in long lines waiting to buy overpriced trinkets that you don’t need. Many of the beaches are filled with tourists, and the real culture of the island seems to be non-existent. Sure, you can get a swanky hotel room and live the high life, but what’s the point of traveling to a new destination if you can’t experience even a little bit of the culture there? It isn’t quite as romantic when you’re having the same experience as every other tourist in the hotel.

2 Avoid: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is an interesting city that’s full of art and nightlife. However, it isn’t exactly romantic. It has a large youth culture, which includes crazy clubs, lots of drinking, and parties until the wee hours of the morning. This may sound great for single people, but not necessarily for couples. Berlin also has a dim past, and many of the sites revolve around some pretty grim happenings. Plus, it’s a huge metropolis that may seem difficult to navigate at times. If you want romance, Berlin isn’t the first place that should come to mind.

1 Avoid: Denver, Colorado

While Denver has been the talk of the town when it comes to American cities, it isn’t the best place for couples. Once you arrive in Denver, it’s easy to see why people like it. However, the draw fades quickly after you visit your fifth craft brewery. Denver is more of a drinking (and smoking) town that is most enjoyed by younger people. Sure, there is a ton of nature and outdoor activity outside of Denver, but this isn’t necessarily romantic. If you want to spend every day eating, drinking, and calling ride shares to get anywhere, this is the place. However, if you want a truly romantic experience, this city isn’t the best choice.