Organizing a Cyprus guide might be difficult, especially since many of these Mediterranean isolated countries usually provide a package vacation. Cyprus has plenty to show tourists that it is well worth investigating. It has everything, from legendary and partitioned city areas to antiquated ancient monuments to pristine beaches as well as enchanting mountain hamlets. Cyprus will always be the ideal spot for tourists seeking a Mediterranean experience. To know further, here are the ten-day itinerary to the Mediterranean Island.

10 Kolossi Castle

The historical fortress at Limassol named Kolossi functioned as a rest station for warriors to Jerusalem. The fortress was initially established in the thirteenth century to serve as a great central location for St. John's Knights of Sacred heart. Nowadays, the fortress is a unique three-story structure with an adjacent rectangular courtyard. The remnants of a century-old sugar factory are located beside the castle. Kolossi Castle is available throughout the year, except for holidays and Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday. The admission price is €2.50 for each person.

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9 Nicosia

Despite being Europe's oldest divided town, Nicosia is a thriving metropolis with cafés, bars, restaurants, boutiques, and museums that provide a multitude of cultural riches. Nicosia's ancient city is encircled by an excellent, utterly circular barrier, studded by forts that make the city appear to be shining from above. A jogging path, meadows, as well as an art museum, may be seen throughout the ruins—the tourists need at least $129 per person per day in this area of Cyprus.

8 Paphos

Paphos is situated on the southern coast of Cyprus. It is well-known for drawing a tremendous amount of sun-seeking tourists each year for various factors. Paphos is famous for being the hometown of the Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. The principal ancient finds and most accommodations and restaurants are examples of the island's history. Paphos is best visited in springtime or early fall. Furthermore, tourists should budget $88 per day for their holiday in Paphos since this is the daily average cost depending on the spending of other guests.

7 Limassol

Situated in the most southern city of Europe, Limassol. It is a Cyprus resort town where people enjoy simple things and enjoy Mediterranean living. There are pristine bodies of water, the Troodos Mountains moderate the heat, and tourists may enjoy great dumplings and fantastic local wines at hospitable bars and pubs. Limassol is a popular year-round holiday spot for lovers, family members, and young individuals. Furthermore, travelers should budget $94 each day for their holiday in Limassol.

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6 Protaras

Protaras has been one of Cyprus's favorite tourist destinations, a haven for beach enthusiasts with magnificent coastlines and pure seas ranging from secluded coves to extensive expanses of sandy beaches. In addition, there is a comprehensive range of diners and scenic taverns, trendy and classic pubs, and laid-back cafés. It is an excellent vacation spot for both couples and families. Protaras is best explored between May and June, especially September and October. Tourists should budget roughly $74 each day for their holiday in Protaras.

5 Aphrodite's Rock

This tourist destination is a sea stack situated between the cities of Limassol and Paphos. Despite the fact that it is a stunningly beautiful region, dozens of people go to the famous rock because of its mythological significance. The spectacular rock forms and turquoise waters provide excellent photo prospects. Therefore it is definitely worth the time for every traveler to go and experience the beauty of the site. Entering Aphrodite's rock is free, and there are restaurants and parking lots available.

4 Cape Greco

Cape Greco is nestled on Cyprus's southeast coast and is ideal for nature enthusiasts having to pay back to its breathtaking coastlines. It's also a nationally protected reserve that is a renowned tourist destination due to its stunning landscaping scenery. The coastline is gorgeous, as is the majority of the country's shoreline. There are also several other fantastic waterfront spots for people to discover and visit. The cost of a ticket is $2 in the afternoon and $4 after 9 p.m.

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3 Stavrovouni Monastery

Stavrovouni, located on a rocky ledge, translates as "Mountain of the Cross." The brothers here are well-known for their iconography artwork. Ladies are not permitted to enter Stavrovouni Monastery; however, males can enter the abbey but must be appropriately attired. It is also forbidden to use camera systems. The Monastery's entry is limited for males. Women are allowed to linger through the bookshop at the monastery's threshold, where they can buy mementos such as pictures, booklets, crucifix, candles, waxes, and sugar syrup. Tickets are free, and they also accept optional contributions.

2 Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is Cyprus's highest point. It is situated in the Troodos mountainous region, throughout the island's east sections. A trip to the highlands, including a tour to Mount Olympus, are among the most exciting adventures from any coastal region in Cyprus. Tourists can visit the area during the winter to visit a ski area. Furthermore, if traveling on a mountaintop expedition, tourists should bring warmer clothing since the temperature in the Troodos highlands is colder than in the seaside beaches. Admission is free.

1 Larnaca

Larnaca is a beach town where east and west collide. Tourists may start their journey at the gorgeous palm-tree studded coastal boulevard with Europe Square, the city's largest plaza. The historic colonial structures established by the British Empire in 1881 and today accommodate museums, as well as other cultural institutions, add a splash of vibrancy to Larnaca. A little further is the Piale Pasha seaside street, where travelers may get a sense of the town's history. Tourists should budget around $98 per day for their holiday in Larnaca.

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