It's always important to travel in comfort, regardless of whether or not you're on a budget airline or you're flying first class to Dubai. If you aren't comfortable then it can make for a severely frustrating few hours, and because of that, some folks decide to not even bother with commercial airlines. Instead, they go private - and when we say 'some folks', in this instance, we're referring to WWE personalities.

Courtesy of the nature of the professional wrestling business, the travel involved with going from show to show tends to be one of the big reasons why the guys and girls retire early. From driving around from city to city to being stuck in uncomfy airplane seats, it's no wonder that a good portion of the big names have turned their attention towards private jets.

Sure, they're a little bit pricey, but we tend to think that the finances involved are more than worth paying for when you consider the benefits. If you're a wrestler who prefers to save their money then it makes sense to steer clear of things like this, but if you've got the money spare in your bank account, then why not just go for it?

You aren't going to lose anything as it's an investment in your future, and if anything, you'll probably end up making more money off of it in the long run. Whatever the case may be, though, whether it's out of necessity or style, we can't help but be incredibly envious of the individuals who have the cash for it.

20 CURRENT: John Cena - Ultimate Workhorse

When you're a 16-time world champion and you're appearing in movies left right and centre, you need to have a logical way of getting around. Sure, John Cena may enjoy driving courtesy of his car obsession, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he has to fly to some pretty important places.

The guy travels around the world on a week by week basis, and it doesn't seem like the novelty ever wears off for him. Of course, we could be completely wrong about that, but it must be different for someone who can afford to travel in luxury.

19 PAST: Goldberg - Welcome Home

Despite what the critics may say in regards to his last run with WWE back in 2016 and 2017, Goldberg is great. The former Universal Champion is an iconic figure in this business and he deserves to be treated as such, but unfortunately, some fans are just a little bit too immature for our taste.

Still, WWE always seems to have valued him, at least lately, and even flew him in on a private jet upon Bill making his return on Monday Night Raw prior to Survivor Series. We hope that we'll see the former WCW Champion return one day, but even if he doesn't, WrestleMania 33 was a great way to bow out.

18 CURRENT: Vince McMahon - The Boss

Vince McMahon is in his 70s now, and yet he still seems to be equally as invested in the day to day operations of WWE as he was when he first started. Regardless of whether or not you like the guy, it's difficult not to respect that, and it's not difficult to understand why he'd need a private jet.

It's the dream of many WWE fans both past and present to spend some time with Vinnie Mac in order for them to pick his brain, and in most cases, we'd imagine that they wouldn't be all too opposed to it happening on his jet. After all, it's not every day that you get to ride with the boss.

17 PAST: Hulk Hogan - The Hulkster Lives On

While he may have experienced quite a dramatic fall from grace, there was once a time when Hulk Hogan was considered to be the biggest star in all of professional wrestling - and one of the biggest in sport as a whole.

The Hulkster's charisma seemed to capture the hearts and minds of fans around the globe, and in order for him to perform in front of them all, he required some special transportation. He likely wasn't always on a private jet given the more recent advancements in that kind of air travel, but he definitely enjoyed a flight or two.

16 CURRENT: Triple H - The Business Man

We'd argue that this is the most obvious entry on this entire list, and that's hardly a knock on The Game. He has dedicated his whole life to this business in more ways than one, and it's obvious for everyone to see that he is the natural successor of Vince McMahon.

Some may feel like that's a little bit odd with Shane also being in the picture, but just look at the work HHH does for the company. He goes jet-setting on a regular basis, from Jeddah to Plymouth in order to further the success of WWE. That's dedication.

15 PAST: Kevin Nash - Too Sweet

As a member of the New World Order, it shouldn't come as a shock to many that World Championship Wrestling forked out the necessary finances to allow someone like Kevin Nash to travel on a private jet.

The man they once called Diesel pretty much ran the show over in WCW, and beyond that, he was also a pretty important figure in the WWE. Sure, he's a controversial figure and sure, he may not be viewed as one of the all-time greats by everyone, but he certainly made his mark and during an era like the 90s, that's all you can really ask for.

14 CURRENT: Brock Lesnar - No Surprises Here

Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants and that's just a given. The guy has enough money to last him ten lifetimes, and in addition to his legendary WWE career, it seems like only a matter of time before he steps back inside the Octagon to face Daniel Cormier.

Alas, he seems intent on continuing both career paths simultaneously, which is pretty handy given that he's got a private jet that will get him wherever he needs to go. We've always heard that The Beast Incarnate doesn't like people, and this certainly helps to serve as legitimate proof of that.

13 PAST: Batista - Hollywood Star

Dave Bautista, aka Batista's return to WWE is something that many fans have been eagerly anticipating ever since he left for the second time back in 2014. Still, we can understand that he's pretty busy, given that he's one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now.

Big Dave has been able to forge a new career for himself that few could've expected, to the point where many view him as an even bigger star than John Cena. Nonetheless, private jets are pretty standard practices for The Animal these days, which you'd probably expect.

Just come back permanently, Dave. We miss you.

12 CURRENT: Ronda Rousey - The Next Big Thing

Ronda Rousey's rise to superstardom began in mixed martial arts, but now, she's able to take things to a whole new level with her professional wrestling career. The Raw Women's Champion is an elite athlete in every sense of the phrase, and she should have a long and fruitful career ahead of her in WWE.

Of course, she needs to get around, and it's no secret that she isn't great when it comes to dealing with media or people. It makes sense for her to travel relatively quietly, then, so that she can cut herself off from the rest of the world.

11 PAST: The Rock - It Has To Be Done

What is there to say about Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson that hasn't already been said? The man is one of the most famous individuals on the face of the planet, and WWE will ensure that you never forget where his story began.

He may not be all too affiliated with the industry these days but he still pops in every now and then, but when he isn't doing that, he's still keeping himself busy by travelling the world in order to star in about 50,000 different movies.

You may think we're exaggerating, but we're really not. He's just that good (and busy).

10 CURRENT: The Undertaker - A Literal Phenom

If you're creating a Mount Rushmore for professional wrestling, then in our mind, you absolutely have to include The Undertaker. This is a man who has given his blood, sweat and tears to the business for three decades, and he still seems to be going strong even in the modern era.

Of course, he has to protect himself now more than ever courtesy of his many injuries that have been stacking up over time, and a private jet helps a great deal with that. While he probably only has a year or two left in him in the industry, we're choosing to believe that he can go on for as long as he sees fit.

9 PAST: Shawn Michaels - The Heartbreak Kid

We're going to put Shawn Michaels in the past section of this article, because we can't bring ourselves to accept the fact that he'll be returning to the ring after maintaining his retirement for eight years. It just feels wrong, you guys.

Anyway, Shawn is a smart guy, and he'll be well aware of the fact that his best bud Triple H has a big, shiny private jet just sitting there waiting to be used. We're convinced they still fly around the world together, because why wouldn't they? We're talking about D-Generation X here, people.

Just, please, Shawn, retire as quickly as possible.

8 CURRENT: Roman Reigns - The Big Dog

The Big Dog Roman Reigns is slowly starting to become more 'accepted' in the realms of the WWE Universe, although the recent Shield reunion certainly hasn't helped matters. Either way, though, he's still the number one guy right now, even if his Universal Championship run has been slightly overshadowed by other storylines.

Roman has travelled on private jets many times in the past, including in the immediate aftermath of WrestleMania 32. His victory over Triple H that night was supposed to signal the start of something new for the former NXT standout, but it's still taking a while for that to become a reality.

7 PAST: Mark Henry - World's strongest man

Mark Henry's influence in WWE isn't just limited to what he can do inside of the squared circle, although his run with the World Heavyweight Championship back in 2011 certainly deserves to be remembered fondly.

Henry does a lot of appearances for the company that many would suggest he doesn't need to do, especially after all these years of service. Mark is a trailblazer, he's a Hall of Famer, and he's someone who deserves to be given his own private jet for free.

If this isn't already a reality, then we'd like to induct several individuals into the Hall of Pain on behalf of the World's Strongest Man.

6 CURRENT: Charlotte Flair - Well Earned

Charlotte may not be the most popular of figures in the present day (courtesy of Miss Becky Lynch), but there's no denying just how good she really is. The multiple-time world champion has done some incredible things since arriving on the main roster, and her rise to prominence really was a great thing to watch.

She's even had a taste of luxury, and we aren't just talking about the many times she's probably gone on a private jet with her dad. Flair joined Roman on that post-WrestleMania 32 jet to the Today Show, and she's never looked back since.

5 PAST: Stephanie McMahon - Well, Obviously

You may not like her, but you certainly have to respect the work ethic of Stephanie McMahon. Much like her husband Triple H she works extremely hard on a day to day basis in order to give the fans the best possible product, and behind the scenes, she strives to make WWE a better place as a whole.

She may succeed some of the time and she may also fail at other points, but isn't that all part of the journey? Either way, she often joins HHH on their private jet so that she can continue to shape their own vision of the business around the globe.

4 CURRENT: Big Show - A Necessity

This may come as a surprise to some, but The Big Show is a very large man. As such he requires certain amenities that others don't, such as, for example, extra leg room on long haul (and perhaps even short haul) flights.

He may not travel via private jet all of the time, courtesy of how much he enjoys spending time with his peers, but he's definitely still important enough to warrant being given a place on the plane from time to time.

If nothing else, he should have his own specified seat courtesy of his many years of commitment to WWE.

3 PAST: Ric Flair - Woo!

Can you imagine the things that Ric Flair did on private jets during his years in the business? It truly is something that fans will be pondering long after The Nature Boy is gone, and that can only be a compliment in our eyes.

The jet flyin' 16-time world champion has enjoyed one of the best careers, and lives, of any professional wrestler throughout the history of the industry. His luxurious lifestyle, of course, played a big role in that, and he certainly lived the character he played on television 24/7.

So for all of the memories and so much more - thank you, Ric.

2 CURRENT: Kane - The Devil’s Favourite Demon

Aside from the fact that he's also the Mayor of Knox County, Kane still holds a special place in the heart of many WWE fans around the globe. In fact, he's still considered to be relevant enough to star in one of the biggest matches of the year at Crown Jewel, when he'll team with The Undertaker to face Triple H and the aforementioned returning Shawn Michaels.

Given how busy he is, and given his advanced age, it makes sense for Kane to travel in style these days in order to preserve what time he has left in the business. After all, you can't say he hasn't sacrificed a lot to get to this point.

1 PAST: The Great Khali - What A Specimen

Take one look at The Great Khali, study the image, and then come back to us in order to tell us why you think this man requires a private jet. Can't figure it out? Well, it's because he's 7′ 1″.

With all joking aside, Khali did some wonderful things for the Indian market during his time with WWE. Even in the present day, he's hailed as a hero over there, to the point where Jinder Mahal could only dream of achieving that kind of adulation.

Khali was never the best worker but you can't deny that he's an intimidating presence, and that'll likely always the case when you're seven foot tall.