When traveling and exploring different parts of the world, one will need to have the best experience by finding the most interesting ones. Although some regions are great to visit, a change of the environment is one of the ways to keep discovering and finding interesting things when traveling.

This is the case for Georgia. Georgia is a great place to visit and it receives many people every year. However, some people have already been to Georgia several times and explored enough of the Savannah area, and now want to explore other areas. Here are cities to visit in Georgia that aren't savannah.

10 Madison

The history of Madison dates long back to the civil war. When the city was spared during the civil war and not destroyed, the town was nicknamed "the town Sherman refused to burn." Madison is an interesting place in Georgia to visit as it is part of the Antebellum Trail. This means that there are many historic homes to tour. An amazing place to visit is Madison-Morgan Cultural Center. The center offers an amazing history of the area and it is a Romanesque-style house and serves as both theatre and museum.

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9 Athens, GA

For someone interested in seeing the real history of Georgia, Athens is the right place to visit. Since the city is found along the Antebellum trail, there are many things one will enjoy. It is a city that was part of the affected area during the Civil war. The place is full of many war homes that take the shape and architecture of the time. Places worth visiting when in Athens include the University of Georgia which offers a great history of Georgia. Another place to consider is the Georgia Museum of Art.

8 Atlanta

Atlanta is a big city and the capital of Georgia. It has the nickname Hotlanta. One of the things that people know about the city of Atlanta is that it is a business hub with many big companies such as Delta, CNN, and Coca-cola. It is also home to Legoland, Discovery Center Atlanta, and Georgia Aquarium. Other places to visit in the city of Atlanta that offer interesting history include the Martin Luther King, Jr National Historical Park.

7 Marietta

Marietta is found on the northern side of Atlanta. It started as a Cherokee settlement and has developed to become a great place worth visiting. It is one of the towns that were affected during the Civil War. The town has many historic homes and a historic square worth visiting. When touring Marietta, there are many places attractive enough for visitors. Some of them include the Marietta Museum of History, Ghost of Marietta, and the Marietta Museum of Art. For someone who likes interacting with the locals and trying the food, the Marietta Square Market is a good place to visit.

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6 Rome

Rome in Georgia is found just next to the Appalachian Mountains. It is another city found in the northwest region of Georgia and worth visiting. It is one of the places settled by native Americans before the area was devastated by the Civil War. Visitors to Rome have several places to tour that offer interesting history and activities to do. One of those places is the Martha Berry Museum. The clock towers in the city were built back in 1872 standing as one of the oldest monuments in the city.

5 Johns Creek

For someone looking for a unique city to visit in Georgia, there is Johns Creek. It is a city located 25 miles from Atlanta. There are many things that make Johns Creek interesting and attractive and that includes so many parks and annual festivals worth attending. What many tourists like about the city is its relaxed and lively environment. Chattahoochee River is known to be the best place for picnics, while Autrey Mill Nature Reserve is the right place for hiking.

4 Duluth

Duluth is well known for many festivals and public events. As a result, it is a lively place to visit for people who like socializing, parties, and a big-city vibe. The place attracts so many tourists as a result of this. Tourists visiting Duluth have a chance to go to the Southeastern Railway Museum, which is one of the best and most visited. Another place one can visit is the Hudgens Center, which provides excellent arts. Visitors who like concerts can also enjoy Duluth by visiting the Gwinnett Center Arena which is popular for their concerts. A walk in the park will also provide an excellent chance to relax.

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3 St. Marys

A visit to St. Mary's is a good deal for someone visiting Georgia. It is an opportunity for someone who wants to explore a quiet and laid-back place in Georgia. It is the perfect gateway that is found close to Cumberland Island. Here there are many things that will interest a visitor with one of them being Cumberland Island Seashore. Taking a ferry to Cumberland Island is an interesting ride, with many attractions to see along the way. St. Mary's Submarine Museum is also worth visiting.

2 Darien

Founded in 1736 when the Scottish Highlanders first occupied it, Darien is found on the Georgia coast. It is a charming town for someone who does not want to visit crowded cities. Darien offers many attractive areas, most of them from the events of the Civil War. Darien is an area popular for the seafood industry. Places to visit include the Old Jail Art Center and Museum.

1 Thomasville

It is also called the “City of Roses”. Thomasville was founded in 1825 and is popular for having the best Rose Festival. There are many things to find and enjoy in this town, one of them being the Jack Hadley Black History Museum. A tour of Thomasville provides an interesting opportunity.

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