"I didn't know if that would happen again and lo and behold, here we are. We're through an unknown and that was the hardest part, it was an unknown -- I didn't know if I'd be able to do this again or to what level or what degree and here we are with 80 wins. I'm just blessed, I'm just lucky. I am lucky, it worked out for me. My back was in a pretty bad spot there."

Those are Tiger’s emotional words following his recent Tour Championship victory. So many doubted Tiger’s abilities to get back on top of the leaderboard. It was quite the moment as Woods watched all of the naysayers following his epic victory. Ratings skyrocketed due to the win and golf just seems that much greater again.

In this article we highlight some of Tiger’s top performances. Of course, his recent showing at East Lake Golf Club makes the cut. We’ll also include other areas (aside from Atlanta) that Tiger loves to visit. On the flip side we’ll also take a look at some of Tiger’s toughest outings. These are areas he would rather avoid given his past history. However it should also be noted that he’s put up some great numbers in the recent months on courses he regularly struggled with in the past. Clearly, Tiger’s back folks!

Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share with a friend. Without further ado here are 10 cities Tiger Woods loves to play golf in and 10 he’d rather avoid. Let’s get started.

20 Loves - Atlanta, Georgia (East Lake Golf Club)

We begin with Tiger’s emotional victory just days ago at the Tour Championship. It was Tiger’s first tour victory in 5 years. Given the conditions of his back, it’s a miracle Tiger can be competitive, let alone win such tournaments. He describes his experience at the East Lake Golf Club with ESPN;

"It was a grind out there,'' Woods said. ”I loved every bit of it. The fight and the grind and the tough conditions and just had to suck it up and hit shots, and I loved every bit of it.''

At the age of 42 Tiger’s win in Atlanta might be the most memorable of his entire career when it’s all said and done.

19 Rather Avoid - Dublin, Ohio (Muirfield Village Golf Club)

Tiger doesn’t have the most luck when playing at the Dublin, Ohio golf course. Just this past year Woods finished tied at 23rd at the Memorial Tournament. Although this is not all that bad, Tiger also shot one of the worst rounds of entire career at the same course just years prior.

Back in 2015 (at the same course), Tiger hit a terrible quadruple bogey, one of the worst scores in his entire career. Four of the shots landed straight in the water and only seven landed on the fairway. He also missed three puts from five-feet out. It wasn’t a great day for Tiger and he hasn’t had the greatest success at the course in general to this day.

18 Loves - Town & County Missouri (Bellerive Country Club)

“Sure, yes, Bellerive was not the best. But thanks to a St. Louis crowd that was maybe the largest and loudest ever for a major, and a little vintage magic from Tiger, the PGA became a classic.”

SB Nation’s Kyle Robbins said it best. The tournament isn’t the most prestigious and neither is the golf course. However it was another terrific showing by Tiger and one that he nearly won. Had it not been for a late struggle Woods might have won it all potentially. Nonetheless it was a terrific atmosphere as the Missouri crowd showed their love for Tiger. Given the end result and fan support he won’t mind revisiting this course in the future.

17 Rather Avoid - Paramus, New Jersey (Ridgewood Country Club)

It has been a year of resurgence for Tiger Woods. However he did have some dud performances in 2018 and one of them was at the Ridgewood County Club out in New Jersey. He showed some flashes of brilliance however the August tournament wasn’t his best. Woods finished tied in the number 40 slot. He was pretty critical about the performance as well;

"No matter how good your drive is, you've still got to roll them and still got to make putts and I didn't putt very well today. I had a hard time seeing my lines, and consequently, didn't make anything."

16 Loves - Naucalpan, Mexico (Club de Golf Chapultepec)

Tiger isn’t only visiting Mexico for the tequila! He also does pretty darn well on the golf greens. In particular, Tiger has dominated at the Club de Golf Chapultepec. Dating back to 1999 Woods finished first in several WGC Mexico Championship tournaments. His latest win at the course came in 2013. He was also victorious in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003 and 2002.

At the latest tournament Phil Mickelson took home the top honors after a play-off victory. Although Tiger wasn’t the winner he was inspired by Phil’s play on one of his favorite golf courses.

15 Rather Avoid - Scottsdale, Arizona (TPC Scottsdale)

It was an absolute nightmare for Tiger Woods at the Phoenix Open. Not only did Woods shoot a career worst round but he also missed the cut. The time period was one of the worst of his entire career, struggling with various issues in 2015.

His game was a mess and several critics claim that this was the worst performance of his entire career. Following the tournament Woods made it clear he was going straight home to work on his game after one of the worst career performances;

"I'm going home right now," he said. "I'm going home right now."

14 Loves - Palm Harbor, Florida (Cooperhead Course)

He didn’t win but it was another epic display for Tiger in 2018. Woods finished the tournament tied for second place. At the time it was his greatest performance in years, almost notching the over-$6-million grand prize. It was another clear sign that Tiger is back on the comeback trail. Of course, the crowd was all over Tiger’s momentum throughout the tournament.

Tiger kept his words simple following the tournament;

“I believe my game is progressing.”

Months later Tiger’s progression reached the pinnacle, winning the Tour Championship - an accomplishment that seemed laughable just years ago.

13 Rather Avoid - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (PGA National Golf Club)

From a Florida course he loves to one that he might despise. Luke Guthrie was paired with Woods on the day. Tiger was clearly struggling and he was later forced to withdraw during the tournament. His back continued to act up. Guthrie also admits Woods wasn’t himself throughout his stint on the golf course;

“He made a couple of uncharacteristic shots," Guthrie said. "I didn't know if he wasn't feeling the greatest, and it kind of seemed like he might have been protecting — came up and out of it. I didn't think much of it until maybe 11. I noticed he was bending down gingerly.”

It was another nightmare scenario Woods certainly wants to leave in the rear-view mirror.

12 Loves - Sydney, Australia (The Lakes)

It’s a 19 hour flight from Florida to Sydney, Australia. However that didn’t seem to slow Woods down one bit. Tiger finished in third at the tournament. It was his first time playing in Australia (back in 2011) in 15 years. He showed no signs of rust whatsoever even leading the way at one point.

For golf enthusiasts the course is definitely worth the visit. Established in 1928 the course is an absolute gem and it isn’t far from the business district either. Along with golf there’s just so much the city of Sydney has to offer.

11 Rather Avoid - White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (The Greenbrier)

According to CBS Sports Woods doesn’t have the best history at the West Virginia golf course. Kyle Porter explains his difficulties at the Greenbrier Classic;

“He missed the cut by one shot after shooting 71-68. Ted Potter Jr. won a thriller that year. The strange part is that Woods was actually cooking at the time. Before the 2012 Greenbrier: win at the Memorial, T21 at the US Open and a win at the AT&T National.”

He would finish 32nd on his second try at the golf course in 2015.

10 Loves - Potomac, Maryland (TPC Potomac)

Before it all came crashing down Tiger was on a roll in 2012. Tiger won his third tournament of 2012 at the AT&T National. It was a dominant performance and one that he handled in true Tiger fashion.

“It was a silent day,'' Woods said. “I think everyone saved up for today. What an atmosphere to play in front of.''

Tiger quieted the skeptics that thought he was slowly fading back then. Ironically, years later he’s doing the same exact thing coming off another improbable tournament victory.

9 Rather Avoid - Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Golf Club)

This is another 19 hour flight for Tiger. However unlike his success in Australia, Tiger didn’t enjoy the same kind of tournament during the 2012 HSBC Championship. The Abu Dhabi tournament was a forgettable one for the golfing legend.

Woods was actually looking really good throughout the tournament though he would squander the lead later on. He explained the letdown to ESPN back in 2012;

"I just felt I was a touch off,'' said Woods, who can at least claim he has now been in the top three --- with an unofficial victory -- in his past three stroke-play events. "Obviously the ultimate goal is to win and I didn't win. I played well enough I thought to win the golf tournament. Unfortunately I just didn't get it done.''

8 Loves - Bay Hill, Florida (Bay Hill Club & Lodge)

He’s no slouch when it comes to the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Back in 2013 Tiger won his 8th Arnold Palmer trophy. Let’s just say he does pretty darn well at the Bay Hill Club in Florida.

His success at the golf course still holds true to this day. Had it not been for a terrible missed shot Tiger might have won the entire tournament back in March of 2018. Instead Woods still finished with an impressive score ranking in at number five on the leaderboard. Had it not been for some costly mistakes he might have taken home the $8.9 million grand prize.

7 Rather Avoid - Austin, Texas (Austin Country Club)

It wasn’t Tiger’s best round of golf at the 2012 Accenture Match Play. Tiger was ousted in the second round to Nick Watney. Even his opponent expected Woods to make the five-foot birdie, in fact Nick was already plotting on what to do at the next hole. However Tiger missed the shot and his tournament ended in utter disappointment.

“Unfortunately, I just didn't make a putt when I needed it.''

It was a surprising early exit for Tiger and one he likely wants to stay mum about, given his success in the past at such tournaments.

6 Loves - La Jolla, California (Torrey Pines Golf Course)

He didn’t have the best return to Torrey Pines during the Farmers Insurance Open. However take nothing away from Tiger’s past performances at the course; it’s truly one of his favorite spots to play at.

Eight wins including a US Open win in 2008 solidifies Tiger’s dominance at the course. As Alex Myers explains, Tiger’s record at Torrey Pines is great enough for an entire career, let alone one tour. Golf Digest explains just how dominant he is at Torrey Pines;

“Turns out, Tiger's fraction of a career at Torrey Pines is better than many of their entire careers.”

5 Rather Avoid - Charlotte, North Carolina (Quail Hollow Club)

It isn’t common for Woods to miss the cut at a tournament. However that took place at both the Wells Fargo Championship in 2012, along with an abysmal display at the 2010 Quail Hollow Championship.

In 2010 not only did Tiger miss the cut on the North Carolina course but he completely bombed. Tiger missed the final cut by eight strokes, if you can believe it. Tiger could have blamed his personal life for the less-than-stellar showing, but he did not admit that it was the root cause of the terrible display; however it’s quite evident that it was.

They call it a love hate relationship when it comes to Tiger and his history at Pebble Beach. However let’s remember the good times for a second. Woods won the 2000 US Open at the course and he did so with a record margin of 15 shots! He was on top of the world at that point. His performance was one of the best of his entire career and in fact, it is still regarded as one of the greatest performances in the history of golf. When Tiger calls it a day his 2000 US Open run will be the center of attention surely. That victory alone puts the setbacks at Pebble Beach in the rear-view mirror.

The conditions were absolutely awful back at the 2002 Open Championship. Tiger was performing quite well before the wind and rain completely shifted his momentum. Tiger was riding a high following the Master and US Open, however the Grand Slam hopes were completely squandered due to the conditions. The entire field was affected by it.

Woods ended up finishing in the 37th position walking away from the tournament with a little over $37,000 Euros. Ernie Els was the winner of the tournament outlasting the ridiculous conditions that reeked havoc on most of the other golfers.

2 Loves - Augusta, Georgia (Augusta National Golf Club)

Although he didn’t win the 2018 Master it was another motivational display by Tiger at Augusta. He was once again in fine form showing flashes of brilliance. Back in the April tournament it was clear that nobody should write Tiger off.

In addition, Augusta is also the home to Tiger’s first Masters victory way back in 1997, already two decades ago. Surreal to think that despite all the setbacks he’s still competing at such a high level, over 20 years later. Woods won the tournament back in the 90s with relative ease holding a 12 stroke lead – it was another record-breaking performance and he would crack the number one spot on the world rankings shortly after.

1 Rather Avoid - Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (TPC Sawgrass)

Woods has seen mixed results at TPC Sawgrass. One of the lowest points came back in 2010 when Woods was forced to withdraw due to ongoing back issues during the ninth hole;

“I've been playing through it," Woods said of pain he first felt before the Masters. "I can't play through it anymore."

If you can believe it, at the age of 42 Woods put up a career performance at Sawgrass, putting up a career low round – this most recently in March of 2018. He performed remarkably well. Perhaps he doesn’t hate it all that much any longer judging by his recent performance?