Europe is best known for its diverse culture across all its countries on the continent. Easily known as one of the most romantic places in the world, Europe is an ideal place to live out the honeymoon phase of newlyweds. With its old-age architecture mixed with new and modern cities and a cosmopolitan population, anyone with the interest and means can actually start a life there (Klook team, 2020). While it's important to find a beautiful place, it is also important to find a place that is within a reasonable budget for people just starting out as a family.

10 Prague

The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is home to a population of approximately 1.3 million (2019) individuals. It is rich in its heritage, culture, and architecture; it has a low cost of living for its residents. Newlywed couples can look forward to going sightseeing on weekends as there are a lot of activities to do. There is free public education for the residents. Prague uses the metro system, with stations all over the city, as its form of public transportation. The metro is safe, affordable, and accessible to all. Prague also has high medical standards for both its public and private health institutions.

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9 Athens

Depending on the budget that travelers have, Athens can either be expensive or affordable. Living in a smaller city or village will be much cheaper than living in a big city. Travelers can also open their own businesses as a means of living.

8 Venice

Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital city of the Veneto region. This beautiful city has no roads, and instead has canals that are lined by palace-like buildings. It is one of the oldest tourist and cultural places in the world. Italian is the official language, but most people speak Venetian, so travelers can look forward to learning a new language. With permission from the relevant people, travelers can open their own business, as Venice is known for its tourist attractions in the arts, its bridges, and carnivals.

7 Dublin

As the cultural capital of Ireland, Dublin is a mix of international people, with different cuisines all over the city’s restaurants. It's also a hotspot for a variety of different Irish accents. Compared to other big cities, Dublin has a very cheap education system with almost free or low-cost institutions. With the proper medical card approved, couples can get expense-free medical services.

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6 London

One of the most expensive cities to live in, London is also a great place to start your life. With more and more startup companies beginning to open up there, couples literally have limitless options on what business to open or what work to do for a living. Although the cost of living is pretty high in rent, food, and entertainment, this is balanced out by the high salaries that people get. London also has beautiful beaches and resorts, but the weather is usually cold with little sunshine; it is more of a cozy and chill place. The healthcare system there is of great quality, but it is advised to get health insurance there with access to private doctors and private institutions.

5 Barcelona

Known for its arts and architecture, Barcelona is for the young and beautiful. This is definitely a hotspot for the youth, with a busy nightlife, beaches, and its famous football team. Barcelona is the perfect place for newlyweds who want to explore and grow together. With Spanish and Catalan as its official languages, the city is filled with many bilingual people. The city has an international and diverse community, and it is a safe city with a perfect balance of work-life, cheap groceries, and has a free public healthcare system.

4 Vienna

Known for its imperial palaces and famous residents, like classical musicians Beethoven and Mozart, and first psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Vienna is Austria’s capital city. Newlyweds can choose to live in a cheap, multicultural community with inexpensive shops, a view of the canals, and socializing with people. Newlyweds can also choose to live in a more quiet neighborhood in the suburbs or in a villa. Here the places are surrounded by vineyards and more green areas and beautiful gardens. It is recommended for couples who prefer their space to themselves with less socializing.

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3 Milan

Starting and growing a family in Milan is great, as the place is fun for kids with many educational museums. It is famous for football. Milan has a diverse economy with fashion, technology, and communications industries gaining momentum and entering the economy. Finding work there will not be a hassle. Public transport is cheap, efficient, not overcrowded, and accessible to all commuters. Housing is more affordable in the suburbs than in the city.

2 Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital city of Poland, famous for being the place of residence of the Polish president. Warsaw houses the central institutions of the national government of Poland. Violent crimes in this city are almost non-existent, with some minor pick-pocketing and purse snatching here and there. The public transport service is cheap and safe, though not used by many people. More and more people are taking up cycling as cycle lanes are being opened around the city. This can help newlywed couples to save on fuel prices, car insurance, and car maintenance. More diplomatic and economy-related work is found here, as well as some tourist attractions.

1 Amsterdam

The capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a quiet, relaxed, and family-friendly place. The buzz of the city is balanced out by the calm, green parks and photogenic streets. The weather is wet almost all year round; this is cozy weather and great for bonding. Amsterdam has high-quality education and healthcare. There are also a lot of job opportunities for different professions. Dutch is the official language, but most people in the workforce know English, so it is easier to communicate.

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