10 Cheapest Weekends To Travel In The U.S. (10 Most Expensive)

Traveling is usually an expensive thing and many people will save up all year to take a vacation. Many people simply take weekend vacations because their schedule permits weekend vacations and it is usually the easiest way to get out of the house without missing too much work. However, some weekends can be much more expensive as far as travel is concerned. These weekends usually land on or around a holiday and means that many people will be traveling on those days. With these expensive weekends, it also means that there are inexpensive weekends that are usually better for traveling if you are trying to save money.

These inexpensive weekends usually land right before or right after a major holiday, so if you want to travel for the holidays traveling a weekend early would save you a lot of money. Plane ticket rates and hotel rates all skyrocket when it comes to holidays focused around weekends and this is due to the number of people traveling and taking up so many seats and hotel rooms. Traveling during slow times of the year will guarantee you great deals as these airlines and hotels are trying to fill seats and rooms.

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20 Expensive: The First Weekend In July

via: WBUR

The first weekend in July usually lands around the fourth of July making it a popular time to travel. Most people don't live near big firework shows so they usually travel to bigger cities to see their great fireworks displays. The Fourth of July is also a time for people to visit family whether that be to engage in a family barbeque or to simply visit to look at the fireworks together. If you do choose to travel on this weekend you will want to make sure to book far in advance to ensure you get a good price.

19 Expensive: The Fourth Weekend In November

via: Time Out

Thanksgiving lands on the fourth weekend in November typically and it is a huge time for people to travel back home and visit family. The holiday is very family forward so you will definitely see increases in people traveling to go back home whether that is one plane or in the car. It is also a huge shopping holiday, therefore, you will want to try and dodge the shopping crowds as well. Overall, it would be best to not travel on Thanksgiving weekend if you are looking to save some cash or plane far in advance to ensure you make it back home at a fair price.

18 Expensive: The Third Weekend In December

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Last minute travelers always book the third weekend in December to do their holiday traveling. The third weekend in December is typically around Christmas and everyone who couldn't get work off earlier than that is usually traveling. Things like flight costs, hotel costs, and even gas start to skyrocket around this time of year. If you are traveling internationally to see a Christmas in a different culture then you will definitely want to plan ahead as the United States isn't the only place that gets insanely busy during the Christmas season.

17 Expensive: The Fourth Weekend In December

via: Today Show

The week between Christmas and New Years is typically a busy one in terms of traveling. If you have traveled somewhere for the holidays you will likely be returning before or on New Years. The best travel advice for if you are traveling on this weekend is to avoid major cities that are known to do big New Years celebrations like New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. The hotel stays at these places are likely through the roof if there are even any spots left in any hotels. It is a good idea to celebrate New Years locally if you are trying to save a buck or two.

16 Expensive: The Third Weekend In January

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Now that most of the holidays have died down and things are getting back to normal you would expect the later weekends in January to offer cheaper rates, but it is the prime time to enjoy the many winter activities before Spring hits. Places like Colorado, Nevada, and Vermont are prime places to hit the slopes so you will want to avoid these if you can. If you participate in these winter activities then you will want to book flights and hotels very far ahead as these cold cities will fill up fast with people wanting to enjoy what is the beginning of a great winter.

15 Expensive: The Third Weekend In August

via: Campus Explorer

The third weekend in August is typically the last weekend of summer vacation for many people. It is the time where college students start their new semester and if they are freshmen that means that their parents are likely to travel with them to ensure they get situated. It also means a lot of families are trying to get their last minute vacations in before their children have to go back to school. Many beaches and resorts are booked around this time of year and it is a good idea to wait a week or two before trying to enjoy the summer sun at a fair price.

14 Expensive: The Third Weekend In April

via: Philly.com

While the holiday of Easter changes year after year it typically lands around the third weekend in April and increases prices of travel tenfold. Easter is another family holiday and it offers a good time to see family in the middle of the year instead of towards the end of the year. Many people take road trips meaning that gas prices are higher and hotel costs will also be up. If you are planning to travel the third weekend in April you will likely want to try and avoid driving and see if there aren't any better ways to travel.

13 Expensive: The Fourth Weekend In May

via: Time Out

The fourth weekend in May is typically a long weekend for most people who work so they use that opportunity to take the family out on a vacation. Seeing as it is near the start of the summer season many people travel to beaches to start a summer of soaking in the sun. Many people also host barbeques at their houses so basically anywhere is going to be hectic and overly expensive. The gas prices during the fourth weekend in May are usually much higher as many people are taking road trips to the beach or to see their family.

12 Expensive: The First Weekend In September

via: Pensacola News Journal

The first weekend in September is the last chance for many people to get out into the sun and enjoy the last bits of summer. The first weekend in September usually lands around Labor Day making it a long weekend for many. Similar to the fourth weekend in May many people take to the beaches to enjoy the last bits of summer. This is another time of year where gas prices skyrocket. If you are looking to get out on Labor Day weekend it may be a better idea to take the long weekend to relax at home as you will save much more money that way.

11 Expensive: The Third Weekend In June

via: CNN.com

The third weekend in June officially marks the point in which most schools in the United States are released for summer vacation. This means that their parents usually try and take some time off to take the kids on a vacation. Many road trips happen during this time of year and many beaches begin to slowly fill up. With this comes the lack of vacant hotel rooms and the rise of gas prices. There are many weekends in the summer to travel so it would be best to avoid the third weekend in June at all costs.

10 Cheap: The Second Weekend In January

via: Town & Country Magazine

This weekend in January is a sweet spot and a perfect medium between the chaos that is everyone heading home after the holidays and people getting out and enjoying the winter activities. If you are looking for a great weekend to book a winter getaway this weekend is a great time for hotel rates and other activities. This is also a great time to visit beaches as there won't be many people wanting to visit the beach due to the cold weather. You can find many things to do in the winter if you aren't particularly into winter activities like skiing and snowboarding.

9 Cheap: The Second Weekend In September

via: Toronto Star

Around the second weekend in September is when most kids go back to school. This makes for great deals as their parents are also going back to work. The weather during this time of year is perfect as it is starting to cool down for Fall weather but it is still warm enough to enjoy summer activities like going to the beach and other resorts. Prices for hotels and resorts will be much lower as these businesses are trying to fill rooms. The second weekend in September may be the best time of year to travel financially.

8 Cheap: The First Weekend In February

via: Visit Philly

Winter has fully set in by this time in February and all of the holidays are officially over. This can be a great time to travel if you are in an area that doesn't receive tons of snow. Tourism is at an all-time low for this time of year so it can be a great opportunity to get out and see the sights you have wanted to see all year. If you are into winter activities it can be a great time to get out and hit the slopes. Perhaps you are more into staying warm during the winter season, this is the perfect time of year to book a cabin and snuggle up next to the fire.

7 Cheap: The First Weekend In November

via: Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

For many in the United States, this is the month for when Fall officially comes into fruition and Summer has finally faded out. This can be a great time to hit the colder areas of the United States as by the end of November they will likely be covered in snow. It is also a great opportunity to travel to places like Maine to see the beautiful colors of the trees changing seasons. Flights are also super cheap during this time of year if you are traveling to places like Rhode Island and Kansas which gives a lot of options for cheap travel.

6 Cheap: The Second Weekend In August

via: My Belize Blog

The month of August is one of the hottest months for many southern states in the United States and makes many people want to just enjoy the air conditioning inside their homes instead of traveling. Places like Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Georgia are hit the worst so if you can stand extreme heat this may be a good time and place to take a vacation. There are cooler alternatives that just hitting up the beaches in this area like the  San Antonio Riverwalk in Texas and the Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Staying cool is number one and make sure to drink a lot of water!

5 Cheap: The Third Weekend In September

via: Sundance Resort

Late September can offer great prices on resort type areas like Hawaii. Schools have been back in session for quite a while and resorts are trying to fill up spots quick. Traveling during this time of year can cut your costs in half and the weather is still great to enjoy summer type places like Hawaii and other beaches. If you aren't a fan of the resort life then you can head up north where it will likely start getting colder, and you may even see some of the leaves change color if you are lucky!

4 Cheap: The Fourth Weekend In January

via: Visit Philly

Places in the northern United States typically lower their rates in mid to late January to attract tourists. However, many people aren't traveling during these few weeks as the holidays are over and they are likely going back to work. This can be a great time to travel as everyone is back at work and kids are likely back in school after winter break. Places like Iowa and Pennsylvania make for great cheap vacations. These places have great cities to stay in and flights that will be much cheaper than peak times of the year.

3 Cheap: The Second Weekend In February

via: NY Daily News

February isn't exactly the most ideal time to travel for people in the United States. Most have just got home from the holidays and are likely trying to save up for the next big vacation. If you were patient and waited past the holidays the second weekend in February may be the perfect time to travel especially if you enjoy the snow. Most of the major cities in the northeastern United States are hit with snow storms or blizzards. This can make for a great vacation for anyone who enjoys the colder weather or winter sports.

2 Cheap: The First Weekend In May

via: Hand Luggage Only

As Spring is just hitting for most places in the world, around the first weekend of May you can typically find cheaper places to stay and travel to around this time of year. If you are looking further North then you are likely to find cheaper vacation spots as the weather hasn't exactly warmed up and many people are still avoiding the outdoors. The first weekend in May also makes for a great opportunity to travel internationally as the summer crowds haven't flocked to these places yet. You may even want to look at places that aren't typically vacation spots to really start saving money. Places like Wisconsin and Minnesota are good examples.

1 Cheap: The First Weekend In October

via: Medium

The first weekend in October is the transition period between Summer and Fall. You will likely have a great opportunity to see the leaves changing color if you decide to travel during this time. This can be a great time to travel outdoors and see mother nature during her prettiest. Traveling all over America's national parks will give you a good sense of the changing of seasons and it is cheap enough to where you won't be breaking the bank to visit most places. Places like Colorado and Vermont are beautiful around this time of year.

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