This year, everyone that loves to travel is already planning trips. We all know that the more affordable it is, the longer one gets to stay. We all have a lot of questions in mind. Where can one tour in 2022, which will allow them to stay for longer, save money, and enjoy a high standard of services?

Traveling to low-cost countries where a full meal at a local eatery for the price of a movie ticket or where one gets to sleep in a gorgeous hotel for the price of a hostel in a different place. Below are the ten cheapest destinations worldwide that one should consider visiting around the globe.

10 Cuba

If one is looking for a cheap destination in the Caribbean, then Cuba is first on the list. The best option is to travel independently and not all-inclusive, and then one will have a richer experience at a lower cost. Cuba has stunning beaches, a distinctive Spanish and Caribbean vibe, friendly people, incredible landscapes, and tasty cooking. One gets to meet Cuban people relaxing on virtually empty beaches, dancing in the streets hiking tobacco fields and celebrating in Havana.

The cost of food in Cuba is dependent on the city one is in and the restaurant. But anticipate spending on a range of $5- $10 for food.

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9 Bulgaria

Bulgaria is on the top list of the cheapest nations in Europe. It has phenomenal wine, attractive old towns, relaxed and super friendly people, and a lovely coastline. Bulgaria offers pretty hostel rooms in a 200-year-old building costing just below $20 per night, and the wine bottles don’t go past $8.

If one wants to visit Europe, taste the best wine globally, meet cool people, and then place Bulgaria on the wish list.

8 South Africa

South Africa is one of the most natural and adventure-packed nations on earth. It has a stunning and rugged coastline, friendly people, and incredible wildlife without forgetting delicious Indi-afro fusion food at great prices. South Africa is the ideal starter stepping stone into the more adventurous and chaotic travel of other nations in that region with so many free activities to take advantage of.

7 Columbia

Columbia has lush and pristine jungles, breathtaking beaches, friendly people, and beautiful Spanish post-independence cities. The Colombian Peso dropped in the past year, which isn’t suitable for Colombians who want to travel, but it provides budget travelers with an advantage to tour the country. When visiting Columbia with a Euro, Yen, Pound, Dollar, or Yuan, Columbia is significant to all budget travelers.

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6 Indonesia

Indonesia offers globe-fast class surfing, white sandy beaches, top-tier scuba diving in the world, and some of the most pretty rice paddy scenery and jungle. It is pretty cheap to travel in Indonesia. For instance, if one travels to Raja Ampat in Indonesia, this Archipelago is infamous for its dive locations around the globe. It has cheap accommodation options that give one an entire board and diving included in the room rates.

5 Mexico

Mexico is one of the cheapest nations to take an adventure in North America. It has a diverse and tasty cuisine, world-class beaches, and affectionate local people, all facilities that one would wish for, and a thrilling vibe that makes Mexico a country that one would return to again and again.

There are many spectacular locations to visit in Mexico on a budget. Mexico is affordable due to the struggling peso and the low cost of living. So as a foreigner, one gets to enjoy more since your currency is higher than that of Mexico. Here Tacos cost 30 cents and a kg of prawns cost $3, and margaritas served at $1 each.

4 India

India is among one of the most thrilling travel destinations in the world. It is urban and untouched, furious and friendly, tranquil and chaotic, frustrating and free. India is the embodiment of all the paradoxical escapades that make traveling breathtaking.

India is a cheap destination thanks to the struggling Indian Rupee. It is the best location to visit when one wants to stretch their Euros, Dollars, or Pounds. With 20 cents, one can buy a pile of puris (fluffy fried bread) and two curries without forgetting that their meals are sumptuous.

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3 Turkey

Turkey attracts thousands of tourists because of Istanbul, one of the most exciting and glamorous cities in the world. It offers a euphorically attractive Mediterranean coastline, friendly people, and inspiring Islamic architecture and culture.

In Turkey, things are cheaper right now for travelers due to the economic crisis. One can get delicious traditional delicacies for $5. Kebabs are also a few dollars on the street, and one can get a pretty guesthouse for under $20 per night.

2 Thailand

Thailand is on the list of cheap travel destinations. There are many places to visit in Thailand, ranging from jungles, national parks, islands, or cities.

Thailand gives a person value for their money. Here beach huts and guest houses go for around $15 per night while the spicy Thai dishes cost under $2 for a plate and scuba diving costs under $20. It is a significant competitor on the list of the cheapest nations to tour in the world. The considerable expense when traveling to Thailand will be the cost of one’s flight.

1 Greece

If there were a list of countries giving tourists the best value for money, Greece would be the first. Greece has always been on the Euro since2002, so during the devaluation of the Euro in the past few years. So Greece has always been considered a low-cost destination in Europe.

In Greece, one can rent a modern 550 sq. ft. studio apartment that views the sea for $20 a night in Zakynthos Island. Greek foods are delicious, and one can get seafood meals for below $8.

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