It's not uncommon for visitors to picture tropical islands when they consider visiting the United States New England. Islands off the coast of New England are just as beautiful as the Virgin Islands or Hawaii, and they provide breathtaking views, exciting outdoor activities, and beaches. Tourists may find New England's natural beauty nowhere better than on the fascinating and enchanting islands that make up its coastline. Here are the top islands in New England to visit for a trip. Travelers should be sure not to forget them when designing their ultimate coastal travel itinerary in New England.

10 Chebeague Island In Maine

Chebeague Island, one of tens of thousands of islands in the state of Maine, stands out for its stunning natural beauty and easy accessibility. Portland, Maine's maritime metropolis and the state's most populous city, is only 10 miles from the historic Casco Bay Islands, which include Chebeague Island. Today, visitors can take in the beautiful Greek Revival homes that have survived from the century in which they were built. A visit to the Chebeague Island Inn feels like a step back in time, thanks to its expansive wrap-around veranda, which is well situated to take in the view of the water.

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9 Cuttyhunk Island In Massachusetts

Cuttyhunk occupies a unique position in the Elizabeth Islands archipelago. Despite its small size, the island boasts an abundance of breathtaking natural beauty. More than half of the island is designated as a wildlife preserve, making it a bird watcher's dream come true. Rare migrants like the Painted Redstart, which is normally found in Mexico, stop over here on their way south. Because of its modest size, the island's population of fewer than 50 people means it is easily walkable, and the only vehicles you will see are golf carts driven by the island's occupants.

8 Thimble Islands In Connecticut

Thimble Islands, a 25-island chain of rugged shorelines, wooded areas, and breathtaking views, are so diverse that it's difficult to pick a favorite. This place is a group of private islands located in Long Island Sound, just a few miles off the coast of Connecticut. A boat tour from Stoney Creek, Connecticut – a lovely seaside community not far from here – is the ideal way to view and enjoy this protrusion of craggy islands.

7 Star Island In New Hampshire

Star Island, the largest of the fabled Isles of Shoals that straddles the New Hampshire-Maine border, is a gorgeous island surrounded by the rough natural landscape. Only one of the nine Isles of Shoals can be visited by the general public, and that's only in the summer. The island's pristine, unadulterated scenery surrounds the artists' colony here, providing a constant source of inspiration.

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6 Grand Isle In Vermont

The Champlain Islands of Vermont are a group of five lakefront towns that sit between Vermont and New York on Lake Champlain. Grand Isle, the archipelago's most populous and largest island, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wealth of opportunities for activities such as kayaking, camping, boating, fishing, and more. In addition to miles of hiking and bike routes, Grand Isle State Park is home to an abundance of gorgeous wildflowers and lush foliage.

5 Mount Desert Island In Maine

Mount Desert Island, a rocky island off the coast of New England, is unlike any other place in the world, The park's recreational and sightseeing choices here on this island are virtually endless throughout the year. Here, there are so many things dedicated to tourists. They have endless opportunities to see and experience this island. This part of the island has some of the best places to stay and eat!

4 Boston Harbor Islands In Massachusetts

This location is an island that was once a garbage dump that has been transformed into an excellent place for swimming, picnicking, and even trekking. Tourists can take part in ranger-led activities and have lunch overlooking the bustling Boston Harbor while seeing the ruins of Fort Warren. If they are looking for something a little more adventurous than camping, the Harbor Islands have several other options for them to just wander the island to see for themselves.

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3 Monhegan Island In Maine

Tourists are drawn to the beauty of this island, as there are a lot of things to do and see here. Monhegan is accessible by ferry from the different towns in the area where visitors can view the works created by visiting artists. The art is all related to the island where, according to them, they find inspiration. If visitors are looking for a trip that will keep them relaxed throughout their journey, they should try to roam around the island and window shop. This island has many stores and restaurants that visitors can try.

2 Great Diamond Island In Maine

Great Diamond Island was once a haven for American writers – such as Wadsworth and so many more – who came here to relax and write everything that they were interested in. Here, visitors can now enjoy the scenic views of the bay and the maritime tranquility of this location.

1 Peaks Island In Maine

Peaks Island is a great place to get a flavor of island life, according to frequent travelers of this area. Peak's Island is just a 20 to 25-minute ferry ride from the mainland island. Many of the residents here know each other very well, as they frequently ride the boat service together. If looking for someone, they can just ask anybody and for sure they will get answers in no time!

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