The rich and famous are constantly on the go, traveling from one city to the next or even from country to country. Singers, actors, artists and media moguls don’t have the luxury of staying stationary as they have to keep their brand alive and relevant. This often means promoting their work across the globe, generating interest with fans the world over. But before they can feed their product to the masses, they have to create it to begin with. These celebrities shoot films on location all around the world, looking for the perfect set. They go on music tours, playing to arenas and stadiums night after night. Or it means they are working behind the scenes traveling across the states, writing and coming up with the ideas that ultimately turn into the art we look forward to.

Whatever their work entails, it is no secret that celebs, along with athletes do more traveling than just about any other type of job. With so much success, these same folks also get their air miles in by taking some of the most extravagant vacations on the other side of the world. What better way to travel to all of these places than to do it on your own time in your own privacy?

Rather than fly like the rest of us, some of them ultimately choose to purchase their own planes to facilitate travel, bypassing airport security and boarding times. The richest have this luxury and sometimes it just makes more sense.

Here are ten celebrities who own private jets and the places they love to fly them to.

20 TOM CRUISE: Top Gun Maverick

Tom Cruise is the owner of a Gulfstream IV-SP, also known as a G4 Jet, popularized in film and music. His G4 cost him $36 million, a small price to pay for the luxury and wealth he has become known for, after acquiring a massive net worth through his decade’s long career in the film industry. The jet is probably fitting of the actor who played Maverick in the movie Top Gun, a hot-shot jet pilot. Known for his high octane action roles, the G4 is perfect for Cruise!

19 WHERE TO: Trekking Around the World

On record saying that he doesn’t take vacations or need one, Tom Cruise probably isn’t using his G4 Jet to visit Tuscany any time soon. But he definitely puts the aircraft to good use as the actor stays busy filming to this day. Considered one of the most successful actors of all time, Cruise is known for starring in action movies that take the stakes to a new level, filming on location in some of the most intense scenes put on film. He gets around the world in his jet to film in places like Dubai, Prague, London, Sydney and Berlin, to name just a few!

18 JAY Z: Father’s Day Reward

Owner of a Challenger 850, Jay Z, the multimillion-dollar rap mogul received the best Father’s Day gift from his wife Beyonce. With levels of wealth making them one of the most successful couples not just in the entertainment industry, but in the world, a jet is probably a fitting gift for the occasion.

The Challenger 850 is an 87 foot long private aircraft that comfortably holds up to twenty passengers in maximum style, which comes with a living room, several bathrooms and a kitchen. Of course, when it was gifted to the rapper, it was decked out with even more upgrades.

17 WHERE TO: From the Big Apple To Texas

With Jay Z and Beyonce residing in New York City, the childhood home of Sean Carter, the couple has to make frequent trips to visit her family. The jet is primarily used to move back and forth between their homes in NYC and Houston, Texas, as family is very important to Beyonce.

The married couple has accumulated a wealth that puts them well over the billion dollar mark, meaning that these trips to the rest of the world are a cinch. They also use their jet to get from city to city as they have recently started touring together as a duo act.

16 OPRAH WINFREY: Building an Empire

Owner of a Global Express XRS Jet, the most popular aircraft amongst celebrities, Oprah Winfrey, the billionaire entertainment mogul, forked over nearly 42 million dollars for her private plane. Oprah, who is worth almost three billion dollars, definitely seems to fit the bill for someone who would own a jet. She has ensured that her Global Express be maintained and fitted with amenities that are all about class and sophistication.

The entire thing basically looks like one giant first class cabin including a living room and kitchen!

15 WHERE TO: Wherever Work Takes Her

Considered the Queen of All Media, Oprah has businesses that have afforded her unimaginable wealth in writing, publishing, radio, online websites, the film industry, and of course, where it all started, her TV career. All of these different forms of revenue are based in cities throughout all of the United States so it stands to reason that Oprah is constantly on the move in her plane, making sure that her empire is not only running, but thriving.

Oprah also uses her incredible Global Express XRS Jet to travel between homes with residences in California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois. And of course, she makes time for vacationing as seen above in Sydney, Australia.

14 JOHN TRAVOLTA: Licensed To Fly

Probably the most deserving celebrity of any on this list is John Travolta, movie star since the late 1970’s. He has earned his place on any list related to flying as he is a certified pilot after having completed the Qantas course, making him licensed to fly.

He is so devoted to piloting that he has used much of his wealth to accumulate a fleet of planes including the Bombardier Challenger, a Boeing 707, and three different Gulfstream jets. Altogether, Travolta owns seven jets!

13 WHERE TO: Home, Pretty Much

Although Travolta can use any of his numerous planes to travel just about anywhere in the country, he is simply a fan of taking them out to fly for the simple act of piloting them. He loves to take them out and visit, but always ends up back at home in Florida, where he constructed a couple of runways customized for his jets. Of course, that doesn’t mean he isn’t traveling the world and getting to know parts outside his multimillion-dollar mansion.

12 JIM CARREY: All About Performance

Jim Carrey is a comedic legend and has delivered some of the best on-screen performances the film genre has ever seen. It should come as no surprise that he is going to be a perfectionist in all things, including what he flies in.

The Gulfstream V, at nearly $60 million is one of the best built private aircraft, with the ability to reach altitudes of 45,000 feet high and move at nearly 500 miles per hour. The jet can seat almost twenty passengers comfortably and is easily considered one of the world’s best.

Carrey definitely spared no expense when purchasing this high-performance aircraft.

11 WHERE TO: It’s All Personal Now

With Carrey, for the most part, putting his film career behind him, he is mainly focusing on his personal life and promoting the work of the things he believes in most. He spends much of his time flying around the country speaking and being active in his political activities, activist engagements and personal art. He has become a strong believer in certain aspects of politics and how to live one’s life, so he is constantly on the go, using his Gulfstream V to get around and make a difference. He also takes time to vacation and unwind!

10 TYLER PERRY: Ultimate Luxury in the Sky

The Gulfstream III is considered one of the premier aircraft in the world of private flying. At $65 million, this jet is definitely in the upper echelon of personal use planes. Either way, Tyler Perry, of Madea movie fame, has upped the stakes by customizing the plane to the tune of a $125 million total cost! The upgrades include a state of the art theater, customized windows, and a library, to name just a few.

With such an extravagant dive into this luxurious jet, Perry gets to travel in his own flying theater home!

9 WHERE TO: Madea Keeps Him Moving

Tyler Perry has amassed a net worth of $600 million, a huge portion of that coming from his Madea movie series, which put him on the map. The director and actor is constantly on the move, staying busy to keep his movie business growing.

Recently branching out beyond comedy and working as a producer and actor in other film genres, Perry has to jet set across the country for work, making his Gulfstream III Jet a must-have!

8 ANGELINA JOLIE: Impressing Her Kids

Anyone who knows anything about Angelina Jolie knows that she is all about her kids. She is a mother to six children and is fully dedicated to them. It’s why she recently purchased the Cirrus SR22 aircraft.

Jolie's son was so impressed by the world of flying that she bought a small personal use aircraft of her own to let him experience it all on his own. The Cirrus SR22 is a small plane that only seats a handful of passengers and is mostly for recreational use and not traveling from city to city. It's definitely a great way for her son to learn more about air travel!

7 WHERE TO: Learning First!

Because Jolie’s plane isn’t meant to be used for major travel of long distances, her Cirrus SR22 is primarily used to take out for fun flies. Her children get to experience the world of flying unlike most folks and Jolie is taking it to the next level by working toward getting her license in aviation one day. That’s definitely dedication to making her kids happy, as she will soon be on her way to piloting her very own plane in no time.

For now, most of her flying is right in her own backyard!

6 CELINE DION: Traveling First-Rate Singer

Celine Dion, considered by many, to have one of the best voices in the world, has been singing for decades, building up her fan base and selling tens of millions of records in the process, making her one of the most successful musical acts of all time. She has been known to enjoy spending her wealth on the finer things in life, so she paid nearly 40 million for her Bombardier Global Express Jet.

It was definitely a great investment as the singer continues to perform and tour to sellout crowds to this day.

5 WHERE TO: Viva Las Vegas

With Celine Dion’s career moving away from recording new music for album releases and more towards performing live for audiences, she decided to take her talents to Sin City. One of the most successful residencies of all times, Celine’s yearlong show in Las Vegas has kept the money coming in at an incredible rate. She moved her life to Nevada, specifically the town of Henderson, where she purchased a mansion to continue on with her successful Vegas shows. Her jet is pretty much in constant use taking her from her small hometown into the city to put on her weekly shows.

4 STEVEN SPIELBERG: Film Heavyweight

Steven Spielberg, often considered the most successful and arguably most talented film director of all time, owns the celeb aircraft favorite, the Bombardier Global Express Jet. Oprah and Celine Dion are also owners of the plane model as well. Spielberg, whose name has become synonymous with Hollywood, has accumulated a net worth of 3.7 billion dollars, essentially all through his film direction and time as a producer.

With so much time spent on films which are infamous for being shot throughout the world, the director is constantly on the move, visiting set after set and location after location, using his personal aircraft to fly in privacy and style.

3 WHERE TO: Work and Play!

Although it should come as no surprise that Spielberg works hard, allowing him to become wealthy beyond imagination, he has also been known to take a breather from the hectic life of filmmaking.

The director and movie producer definitely uses his Global Express Jet to get around for moviemaking, but he also takes the time to hit the stop button and vacation with close family and friends, having used his plane in the past to visit countries like Ireland and Italy.

2 BONO: Serious Flying For The Whole Gang

The Airbus A310 isn’t really a personal use aircraft. It’s more like a small commercial jet for regular passengers as it is able to seat nearly hundreds of travelers. That makes it all the more astounding that Bono, from the wildly successful band U2 has been leasing an Airbus A310 plane for the last several years. The plane is over 150 feet long, can reach altitudes of over 41,000 feet and fly distances of over 5,000 miles, able to traverse across the country with ease.

Bono, who travels often, basically went all out when setting his sights on the Airbus A310!

1 WHERE TO: Touring The World

Bono and his band U2 are still rocking out and selling out stadiums and arenas, singing their number one hits around the world. The band has a huge following so the shows they put on are very intricate, often involving crews of hundreds.

The Airbus A310 aircraft allows them to all travel in luxury and style across the world from one city to the next, ready to put on a show for their waiting fans in countries like the Netherlands, Italy, United States, England, Ireland and Denmark.