Most of us work hard the whole year and look forward to that vacation time where we can all just let loose. This vacation is normally in another town or city or if we’re lucky, we might just board a flight to see foreign lands – all depending on the budget, of course. Celebrities, on the other hand, don’t really need to worry much about a little thing called a “budget”. They just go where their hearts desire. Judging by quite a number of our favorite celebs, it seems as though their hearts really enjoy cruising around in ultra-luxurious yachts.

There’s something about the combination of celebrities and yachts that just makes sense. Yachts are fancy and can only be afforded by the rich – celebrities are rich and they like fancy things. It’s a match made in heaven! We have also seen some celebs, however, who seem too much rather prefer sticking to the beach. This is one of those lists that will either make you super envious as you know that your vacations look nothing like this or you could just be in a nosy mood to find out how celebs are cruising around. Scroll down below as we take you through the celebs that love the waters and take their luxurious yachts out at any chance they get, and the celebs who don’t really mind the sea, but would much rather stick to the sandy beaches.

20 Travels With Yachts - Bono

We’re starting our list off with a rockstar because, let’s be honest – they probably have the most fun on their vacations and they always travel in style. U2 frontman, Bono, owns a 198ft yacht which he has named – Kingdom Come. Bono usually travels with his wife, children, and close friends and they can do so comfortably as there is ample space on board. Celebs On Yachts reveals that “the singer splashed the cash on this yacht in 2014. Sources also revealed that it cost around $11.5 million after being on the market for around a year.” The yacht features a nautical-inspired master suite, a jacuzzi, and huge deck space for everyone to comfortably enjoy the waters.

19 Sticks To The Beach - Penelope Cruz

You might have seen Penelope Cruz a couple of times on a luxury yacht but judging by the number of pics on the net that have her on the beach with her husband, Javier Bardem, we think it’s very clear that the actress prefers to stick to the beach. Penelope and her husband are often seen showing major PDA as they visit some of the world’s most famous beaches. When asked about what a vacation means to her in an interview with Outlook India, Penelope expressed that “it is life! It is learning, it is fun, it is living! I am a compulsive traveler and I find a way to put in a bit of vacation even in my work-related travel”.

18 Travels With Yachts - Leonardo DiCaprio

Ah, Leo. Of course, we had to have him on this list. The truth is, Leonardo DiCaprio falls in both sides of the spectrum here. He certainly enjoys cruising around on his luxury yacht as we’ve seen the numerous paparazzi photos to prove that, and he also loves to enjoy some fun in the sun while taking it easy on the beach. We have to say though, after filming, it seems that lounging on a yacht on a hot summer’s day seems to be his favorite. The actor was recently seen spending the summer on his megayacht, all the way in Antibes, France. Antibes is located in the South of France is has become very popular with celebrities.

17 Sticks To The Beach - Chris Hemsworth

Ladies, this one’s especially for you. At number 17 on our list, we have the very good looking Chris Hemsworth, who has certainly moved up in our list of celebs that we adore since we see he loves to travel with his wife, over traveling with friends. The actor who has brought us a number of box office hits is undoubtedly very busy and one would, therefore, understand why he would need some downtime with his wife every now and then. Besides all the beautiful vacation spots that they can be found enjoying as seen on Instagram when Chris is not working, the pair are often seen together pretty much everywhere.

16 Travels With Yachts - Beyonce and Jay Z

The music industry’s IT couple, Beyonce and Jay Z, have also had their fair share of fun in the open waters, aboard a luxury yacht. While we enjoy seeing them together on a yacht, we love that we recently caught a glimpse of the couple with their children on a yacht, while in Europe. If you’re a little confused as to when they got the time to vacation with their kids when we know that they were just recently on their On the Run II tour, it seems that the couple made time in between all the touring and performing. People revealed that the family has been making time for mini getaways throughout the summer as they tour around Europe”.

15 Sticks To The Beach - Alessandra Ambrosio

The Brazilian beauty truly does love the beach and vacationing in general. We last saw a glimpse of her enjoying the beaches of her native land, Brazil, earlier this year for a vacation that seemed to go on for more than just a couple of days. The 34-year-old model was seen with a few of her equally stunning friends in different clubs, enjoying some festivals and of course, enjoying some much-needed sun time on the beach. She really did seem to be having a good time and we’re glad she captured it all for us. We can’t wait to see where else this beauty will vacation next as we’re sure we’ll have front row seats

14 Travels With Yachts - Diddy

So Sean “Diddy” Combs had to be on this list. He is pretty much one of the first celebs to famously host parties on their yachts. He gave us major FOMO when he hosted those “All White” parties annually on his luxury yacht. He also didn’t forget to invite pretty much all the coolest celebs around. The New York Post gave us details on his yacht. “The stunning $25 million Southern Cross III he’s relaxing on is the size of a small Hamptons mansion. It has seven posh cabins equipped with king-sized beds and Jacuzzis, fully stocked indoor and outdoor bars and a private deck with a hot tub”.

13 Sticks To The Beach - Jessica Alba

Another beauty who can’t seem to get enough of the sun and the beautiful beaches of different paradises is Jessica Alba. The mom of 3 is the very successful founder and owner of Honest – a company that is dedicated to bringing moms safe baby and beauty products. As of last year, the company was worth $1.7 billion. Considering that she’s young and still very passionate about her company and brand, the company will definitely be growing much more in the years to come. Because of this, we certainly understand why the internet is filled with so many of her pics on the beach – The woman works a lot! She needs a break.

12 Travels With Yachts - David and Victoria Beckham

The Beckhams seem to have it all – They have fame, good looks, they have beautiful children, and a marriage that has stood the test of time… and oh yeah, they have a superyacht to enjoy anytime they feel like cruising around the open waters. The pair, along with their kids and close friend Marc Anthony were recently (April) seen enjoying some Rest & Relaxation in the open waters of Miami. David was seen showing off his incredible sportsman physique as he only had on swimming shorts and the stylish Victoria was covered up in a black chic shift dress.

11 Sticks To The Beach - Hugh Jackman

We just had to have one of our favorite Australians on this list. Hugh Jackman is a celeb who definitely enjoys a lot of time on the beach. What we particular noticed about him is that he doesn’t look at a beach day as time to just lounge around and enjoy the sun. Sure, that’s nice and all but Hugh Jackman comes to have fun on the beach. He can regularly be seen playing different types of sports on the beach and also having fun in the waters. We especially appreciate the fact that through all the fun, he never leaves his wife behind – just giving us yet another reason to love him.

10 Travels With Yachts - Richard Branson

As a man who has his own private island, there is certainly no surprise that he has also splurged on a super luxurious yacht. Burgess Yachts highlights that “Branson was always passionate about the sea. He started sailing as a child and, after purchasing Necker Island – his private island retreat in the British Virgin Islands – bought the luxury catamaran [his yacht] to explore the breadth of the Caribbean”. This breathtaking yacht has an open-air cinema, a unique crow’s nest, and a diving board. It can accommodate up to 10 guests and we think that’s the perfect number for some good time out by the waters.

9 Sticks To The Beach - Britney Spears

Britney has certainly been through a lot through the course of her career. She rose to fame at around 17 years old and at now at 36, her superstardom definitely hasn’t faded. The mom of 2 has had smash records when her peers were still in High School, she has toured the world, she has starred in a few movies and also guest starred on a couple of television shows…We also can’t forget how she wows us on stage during her Las Vegas performances. In a nutshell, the next time we see Britney lounging around on the beach having some much-needed rest, there will be no judgment from our side because the girl definitely works a lot.

8 Travels With Yachts - Venessa Hudgens

One of the youngest celebs on this list to live the yacht life is an actress, Venessa Hudgens. She is truly giving us major FOMO because not only is she young and beautiful, but the actress can often be seen at different festivals and vacations, enjoying herself. The 29-year-old shot to fame from the High School Musical franchise and although she hasn’t really been in any movie or show that have since been on that level, she has still been busy on quite a number of projects. For her next project, she will be seen acting opposite Jennifer Lopez in the film, Second Act.

7 Sticks To The Beach - Heidi Klum

One look at Heidi on vacation and it is clear that the girl can certainly have a good time. In fact, it seems like she brings life to any party, regardless of whether she’s on a beach, in the waters, or just out and about at some of Hollywood’s IT clubs. The 45-year-old model can often be seen enjoying the beaches of Miami and a number of other destinations around the world. What we particularly like about Heidi’s beach time is that she somehow manages to balance it all – she can regularly be seen having fun with her children and she can also be seen having a good time with her close friends and family.

6 Travels With Yachts - Kourtney Kardashian

The first child of Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, seems to be living her best life lately. Firstly, the 39-year-old mother of 3 has clearly been working out hard at the gym as her physique is incredible, and secondly, we love how she’s certainly enjoying herself by regularly vacating. While on vacations, Kourtney simply has to have nothing but the best and we definitely understand – she’s a single mom. Kourtney enjoys cruising on luxury yachts, especially in the open waters of Europe. We also love how she will often take her kids along to share in the fun time.

5 Sticks To The Beach - Ricky Martin

The “Living La Vida Loca” hitmaker is often seen vacationing with his partner and children. Since we all know that Ricky is easy on the eye (so is his partner, by the way), he definitely leaves very little to the imagination when he is found at some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and we can’t say that we mind at all. Ricky has been hard at work recently not only with his music (as we’re accustomed to seeing him) but also with a few acting gigs. The most noticeable recent gig was when he joined the likes of Penelope Cruz on “The Assassination of Gianni Vercase: American Crime Story”, and we have to say that he certainly is one the few singers who can easily transition into acting roles.

4 Travels With Yachts - Scott Disick

So, we’ve already mentioned how Kourtney is certainly “living it up” on luxury yachts as we regularly see her Instagram account flooded with evidence of that. Guess who won’t be outdone – Scott Disick, of course. Scott, Kourtney’s ex and father to her three children, can often be found cruising around on luxury yachts and you know that “Lord Disick” has had some epic times on those yachts. As we’ve witnessed on the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Scott certainly knows how to “bring the party”. Perhaps the best part about Scott is that whether he is on land or out by the sea, he is guaranteed to give us Life on his Instagram with all the fun he gets up to.

3 Sticks To The Beach - Matthew McConaughey

The 48-year-old father of 3, Matthew McConaughey definitely looks like he knows how to enjoy some fun in the sun. This is why seeing him on some of our favorite beaches around the world is not a surprise. The actor has starred in some of our favorite movies and has earned the accolades for all his hard work. You would have noticed that his career has taken a bit of a 180 from the romcoms he started his career with, to more serious roles such as in Mud and Dallas Buyers Club. In an interview with The Independent, he explained that “I love being an actor and going as deep as you can in a role, to really commit to the craft. I put my head down and went after roles that scared me”.

2 Travels With Yachts - Kate Hudson

The last celebrity who just can’t stay away from luxury yachts is actress, Kate Hudson. This one on the list totally makes sense to us. As mentioned when we began this article, celebs and yachts make the perfect combination. Someone who has been around celebs her whole life is Kate. She is the daughter of Goldie Hawn, for goodness sake. She was probably born on a yacht (Okay, we’re kidding). But seriously, Kate has certainly lived the lavish life from an early age so cruising around on yachts while on vacation must be like second nature to her because there is simply no other way.

1 Sticks To The Beach - Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade

If there’s one celebrity couple that definitely gives us major vacation FOMO, it is actress Gabrielle Union and her husband, Dwayne Wade. The two can regularly be seen traveling some of the world’s most exotic and fancy locations. Perhaps what we love most about the pair is the fact that they love to share everything on Instagram for us all. Gabrielle and Dwayne vacation so much, we’d be surprised that they aren’t on vacation right now, as you finish reading this article.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve had a look at some of our favorite celebs and how they choose to vacation. We know that you appreciated this article because y may not all be rich and famous but we can certainly live vicariously through them.

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