One of the best perks about being an A-list celebrity is the ability to travel on private jets, and being able to bypass the hectic lines, security and cramped seats of economy class with the masses. Images of celebrities boarding luxurious and spacious private airlines are the epitome of high-profile status and celebrity culture and can sometimes be downright annoying as you make your way to the window seat on your next flight. For some celebrities, there is simply no other way to travel than private and you will never be able to sneak a picture of them on a commercial flight.

Surprisingly, there are some celebrities who not only fly commercial, they make their way past the business and first class lounges and slum it with the rest of us in economy. While it is unclear whether the sightings of these celebrities in coach are due to limited options of first class seats, or simply pure humility and humbleness, it is always nice to know that even the rich and famous get to experience the thrill of conventional travel with the general public. Take a look at some of the celebs who travel in luxury and the others that are just like us.

20 20. Kim Kardashian, Private (Friends and Family are Welcome)

It is no secret that the reality star turned business mogul lives a life of extravagance and luxury. While she has been seen flying first class on a few trips, the queen of contour regularly flies private with Kanye West and her children. While promoting her KKW makeup line, Kim highlighted her private jet life for the world on her instagram, making sure everyone was aware of her comfortable travelling routine. While she enjoys the good life, she often brings her friends along for the ride as well and once had four separate private planes bring her and her friends to a Bahamas resort- with transportation alone costing $264,000!

19 19. John Travolta, Private (Fleet of Planes to Choose From)

Most A-list celebrities have a fleet of luxurious vehicles. For John Travolta, his love of everything aviation related has resulted in his own fleet of private jets. After taking flying lessons early on in his career, Travolta is now certified to fly numerous different aircrafts, which he flies regularly throughout the week. His airplane collection varies, and he has owned up to 6 airplanes at once. He is the proud owner of a Boeing 707, a commercial airplane with a 10,000km range. What’s better than flying private as a passenger? Flying yourself to exotic vacation locales, in your own airplane!

18 18. Beyonce and Jay Z, Private (Father's Day Gift)

Beyonce and Jay Z are living examples of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. As a thoughtful father’s day gift that will put every other father’s day gift in the history of gifts to shame, Beyonce bought her husband a $40 Million Bombardier Challenger 850. The couple travels frequently and is currently on their second world tour together. No word yet on how often they utilize the jet for their tour, but given the amount of time the couple spends vacationing with their family, we are sure that it will come in handy.

17 17. Kris Jenner, Private

Considering Kris Jenner began her career in her early 20s as an air hostess, she sure has come a long way.  Vacations on private jets are a regular occurrence for the 'momager' who frequently travels between all 5 of her daughter's various professional obligations.  Episodes of their trademark reality show 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' frequently show the entire clan boarding and de-boarding private planes while they travel the world promoting their endless products. And what isn't shown on TV is broadcast via snapchat or instagram, such as when Kris chartered a private jet so her kids and grandchildren could participate in a scavenger hunt- because hiding chocolate eggs around the house is so 2000.

16 16. Rihanna, Private (For Vacations and Trips Back Home)

The multi-millionaire pop sensation is known to be a big spender on lavish vacations for herself and her friends. She is often seen jet-setting to her hometown of Barbados on private jets, and was once rumored to have boarded a private plane to New York just to get a tattoo. And while some celebrities may want to keep a low profile, Rihanna’s instagram account is full of pictures of her travelling the world on private planes. From Poland to Manchester, Rihanna takes full advantage of her hard earned money and travels in luxury and style.

15 15. Mariah Carey, Private

It is no surprise to see Ms. Carey’s name on this list. Known by many for her ‘diva-ish’ attitude, would you expect anything less from the Queen of R and B? As the best selling female artist in the history of the Billboard charts, Mariah is estimated to be worth $510 million. Given her earnings, she could spare a few millions for her own private jet that she frequently uses when travelling with her family. When married to her now ex-husband Nick Cannon, he famously posted a picture of his Lamborghini parked outside of his wife’s private jet- boasting about being married to a boss- and rightfully so!

14 14. Taylor Swift, Private (Brings her Friends Along)

The luxury of flying private was previously reserved for slightly more mature and established professionals or celebrities. Not anymore. As one of the youngest and most successful stars of the day, Taylor Swift has established herself as a force to reckon with. As early as 2011 she picked up a $40 Million private jet, which she personalized with the number ‘13’ on the nose of the plane. She is known to fly her ‘squad’ to their vacations on the jet, and with 12 seats she has more than enough room for the ultimate girl’s trip.

13 13. Kyle Jenner, Private (Regularly with her Family)

It is fair to say that almost nothing is normal about Kyle Jenner’s life. From starring in a massively popular reality show from the age of 8, to becoming the youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire from a line of lip kits made popular by her growing pout, the life of Kyle Jenner wouldn’t be complete without an elaborate private jet reference. For her 18th birthday, Kyle shared a picture of her white Ferrari parked outside a private jet in Los Angeles. Years later as a new mom, Kyle travels on a private jet with her daughter Storm – starting a new generation of babies on jets.

12 12. Justin Bieber, Private (Travels the World)

After a slew of road incidents that landed the Canadian crooner into some hot water, Justin Bieber decided to start travelling in the friendly skies with his own private jet. The 24 year old star purchased a G4 Gulfstream jet to tour the world with his friends and girlfriends in tow. There has not been any reports as of yet of any sky related incidents, so perhaps the skies are a safer bet for the star. Most recently, he was seen boarding a private jet with his new fiancé Hailey Baldwin - with a whirlwind romance and quick engagement we are sure the private jets will come in handy with the wedding planning and honeymoon.

11 11. Oprah Winfrey, Private (Since One Bad Commercial Experience)

While she famously gifted an entire audience a car on her daytime talk show, the Queen of everything TV gifted herself a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express XRS for a cool $45 Million. While it may seem obvious that a celebrity of her stature would have a private jet, Oprah purchased the plane after a self-described “rude” incident with a fan at an airport in the 1990s. After being harassed by a fan at an airport early in her career, Oprah decided that flying private was the way to go. She credits the purchase of her own plane as her “greatest luxury” recognizing the privilege it is to fly private.

10 10. Bow Wow - Commercial (Unwillingly)

Posting pictures of lavish lifestyles has become common among the young instagram stars who seem to want to prove that they are living a life much better than the rest of the average folks.  It can be tempting at times to flaunt a lifestyle you might actually not even be living, just to be on par with your peers. That seems to be exactly what happened to rapper Bow Wow, who posted a picture of a private jet on his instagram with a caption suggesting he was boarding for a press tour in New York City. The problem with social media, however, is that almost nothing is private anymore.  A fan spotted the rapper on a commercial flight the same day, and proceeded to take a picture of him flying commercial, get this, coach!

9 9. Kate Middleton - Commercial (at Least Once)

While you might get lucky and spot a celeb on a plane ride from LA or New York, the last person you would ever think to see on a commercial airline is a real princess. After completing her first solo tour after marrying into the Royal Family, Kate Middleton boarded a British Airways flight from the Netherlands to London, to the shock and delight of several passengers on board. She sat in the first row of the plane and was let out before anyone else, but the fact that she boarded a regular flight along with the fellow commoners shows that she really is the people's princess.

8 8. Jessica Alba - Commercial (Happily)

In perhaps the most shocking move made by a celebrity yet, Jessica Alba not only regularly flies commercial (despite owing a company worth billions), she was once spotted flying in economy class with her husband, while her children were seated in first class.  Yup, unlike other stories of celebs who sit in business class while the nanny and children are sent to coach, Jessica wanted to make sure her children were taken care of and well rested while she stayed behind with her husband. She is often seen carrying her luggage in airports for her numerous business and work related trips, and doesn't seem nearly as grumpy as the rest of us are when travelling. Beauty, brains and humility, this woman literally has it all.

7 7. Amy Adams, Commercial (Nice Gesture)

The talented actress made headlines when she gave up her first class seat for a solider who was sitting in coach, and took his place instead.  While traveling from Detroit to Los Angeles, the Oscar nominated actress notice the soldier as he was in his uniform and was preparing to board the flight.  She was in Detroit filming Batman v Superman at the time, and perhaps wanted to continue with the good deeds and offered her seat to the man.  She quietly took her seat in coach, and told a passenger sitting close by that the gesture was something she always wanted to do.

6 6. Alec Baldwin, Commercial (When he isn't kicked off)

Alec Baldwin is most recently known for his spot on impression of Donald Trump. He is often seen imitating the President making ridiculous comments and throwing some sort of tantrum over somewhat trivial events.  In some ways then, his famous incident in 2011 with American Airlines crew on a flight from Los Angeles to New York was perfect practice for his famed impression to follow years later.  Baldwin was engaged in an argument with the crew who asked him to turn his phone off as the plane was getting ready to take off.  He was immersed in a gamed of 'Words with Friends' and refused to turn off his phone off and was eventually removed from the flight. At least we know the rules apply to everyone!

5 5. Katie Holmes, Commercial (On her way Home)

Following her divorce from A-list actor Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has lived a much simpler life. While she once jet setted on private jets to exotic vacations, she now happily takes the New York subway to her appearances and jumps in a cab with her daughter Suri to take her to school.  While she most definitely still flies private, she is often seen flying commercial whenever she takes a vacation to travel back to her home town of Toledo, OH.  She has been spotted with Suri on numerous occasions travelling between Toledo and New York on commercial airlines. It is unclear why this particular route is reserved for commercial airlines, but it's nice to know she is open to the option.

4 4. Claire Danes, Commercial

When she isn't saving the world from terrorists on Homeland, Claire Danes is a regular on commercial airline flights across the United States.  She regularly talks about her flying experiences and can be seen in numerous paparazzi photos travelling through airports. She recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel  and explained the struggles of flying while pregnant and having to try to put compression socks on while in the tiny airplane bathrooms.  She also caught a red-eye flight right after winning a Screen Actors Guild award in order to make it to New York for a shoot. Proving that some stars really are just like us.

3 3. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Commercial (On Short Flights)

The former couple is probably more suited to the list of actors who fly private given their large family.  It may almost be more economical for them to fly private as they would have to pay for 8 seats on any flight any time they took a family vacation.  While they surely take their fare share of private jets, they were once spotted on the short 80 minute flight from Paris to Nice, in economy class! The website for Air France only provides economy options for this short flight, so it may have been there only option, but at least their children know what economy travel is!

2 2. Nicolas Cage, Commercial (And he Takes Selfies!)

There have been so many sightings of Nicolas Cage on various airplanes, it is as if he is trying to become known for his love of economy airfare.  While he is often seen trying to blend into the crown with over sized glasses and hats, there are a slew of Nicolas Cage selfies floating around the internet, all taken from a plane.  He has been spotted on economy class flights in Canada, as well as between Los Angeles and New York, and he clearly doesn't seem to shy away from a fan.  Keep an eye out for a man wearing a black fedora and glasses- it seems to be his go-to disguise.

1 1. Berne Sanders, Commercial (Most of the Time)

Would you expect anything less from the candidate who ran on the grounds that he is just like the average American?  Early on in his campaign it seemed as if everyone was spotting Berne Sanders either on a plane or in an airport waiting for a commercial flight.  He had no problem flying coach (and often was seen sitting in the dreaded middle seat), and his supporters loved the fact that he was putting his money where his mouth is, and following through on his humble claims.  However, once his campaign heated up he was placed under Secret Service protection, he was also seen using chartered airlines.