One of the most bizarre and controversial theories to gain popularity in recent years is the belief that the Earth is flat. Science and history say otherwise with a lot of facts that should prevent the Flat Earth theory from reaching the mainstream level. However, many people have their own reasons as to why they think the Earth is flat.

The theory has grown from something in the forgotten and obscure sections of the YouTube world to becoming a topic folks want to debate in person. Various celebrities have even started to claim that they believe the Earth is flat and that the majority of us actually believe inaccurate information.

We will look at some of the famous faces to come out as Flat-Earthers. Other celebrities have different theories and beliefs that also stand out as being quite odd. Those will be examined as well as to why these famous superstars are going out on a limb.

Each story features a familiar name believing in something the average person likely would not agree with. Some are more irrational with science and other things proving them wrong, while others are more subjective and provide interesting stories. Both sides will be approached as to why these famous folks do think these theories are worth exploring.

Here are ten celebrities that believe the Earth is flat along with another ten that believe in some seriously odd other things.

20 Flat-earther: Kyrie Irving - Flat Earth MVP

One of the most high-profile instances of a celebrity putting the Flat Earth theory into the mainstream spotlight. The NBA superstar is currently the Boston Celtics point guard and won an NBA Championship in 2016 with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Irving is among the most popular basketball stars in the world and his status made people listen to his Flat Earth theory.

The theory was something Kyrie would defend in various interviews. Irving has started to change his stance due to a teacher telling him that their students believed in the Flat Earth theory because of him and ignored their science classes. This led to Kyrie slowing down on the Flat Earth theory and claiming he can accept that the planet is not flat.

19 Odd belief: Miley Cyrus - Claims ghost lived on her sink

Many people believe in ghosts, but Miley Cyrus believes in them to another level. The pop superstar is one of the most famous people on the planet. That made it more surprising when she claimed a ghost went out of its way to find Miley and live on her bathroom sink.

Cyrus stated that the ghost of a young boy was sitting on her sink when she was taking a shower in the rented London apartment. The belief is that the ghost would never leave that spot in the home. Miley was spending a short time in this place and decided to leave early, for obvious reasons.

18 Flat-earther: Kanye West - Of course he is

Past interviews of Kanye West have seen him reference many unique beliefs. One controversial instance of this featured West questioning the shape of the Earth. Kanye has never officially come out as a flat-Earther, but he does certainly have enough questions to show that he’s leaning that way.

Most people have forgotten about this theory by West as he continues to have even more controversial beliefs and moments. The Kanye saga makes it difficult to keep up with what he is going on about lately. West’s flat Earth belief will likely become a bigger story if he is asked to expand on it in a future interview.

17 Odd belief: Demi Lovato - Believes a random ghost found her

Successful actress and singer Demi Lovato is one of the most popular celebrities on social media today. That made it a bigger story when she revealed that her Texas home was haunted, and she believed that a ghost wanted to find her.

Lovato stated that the home had a young female ghost named Emily. She hired ghost hunters that confirmed her suspicion of the ghost’s name. Lovato even claims she interacted with the ghost and referred to her as a best friend.

Some fans believed Demi was having fun by making up a wild story, but there are those that believe she was telling the truth.

16 Flat-earther: AJ Styles - Discusses flat earth in WWE locker room

WWE superstar AJ Styles is one flat-Earther that does not seem to want his secret out there. Styles is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world for the stellar matches he delivers for WWE on a weekly basis. However, he may not be the smartest performer when it comes to science.

Styles is known for being a flat-Earther and spewing his theories in the locker room. Fellow WWE star Daniel Bryan brought this up during a non-scripted talk show segment on WWE television. Styles didn’t seem thrilled about having this out there, but he did attempt to back up his claims.

15 Odd belief: Emma Stone - Believes ghost of a relative drops quarters in her home

Emma Stone is one of the most credible actresses in the world today. The roles of Stone will almost always either be a box office success or a film that will see many prestigious award nominations coming her way.

One wild thing about Stone is that she not only believes in ghosts, but she believes there’s a ghost currently in her home. Stone claims the ghost of her grandfather resides in her home and drops quarters in the house. This would be a cool one to hope for, but Stone also has never met this grandfather that she thinks is the one that enjoys leaving her coins.

14 Flat-earther: B.O.B - Tried to send satellites to space

Rapper B.O.B found huge success with a couple of hit songs. The musical hits allowed him to become a bigger name in the public spotlight. Following a few years of fame, B.O.B made one of his wildest thoughts public when it came to the shape of the planet.

It became clear that B.O.B was one of the most vocal flat-Earthers out there.

B.O.B claims the Earth is clearly flat and he wants to be the one that proves it. He even started a GoFundMe page with the hopes of raising enough money to purchase satellites to send to space.

B.O.B has become the most famous flat-Earther and that’s not a good thing.

13 Odd belief: Jaden Smith - Thinks a real-life Wakanda exists

Jaden Smith has started to find his own fame outside of being the son of the iconic Will Smith. The unique personality of Jaden has his music connecting with many young fans. Jaden is known for having an open mind and many thoughts that are outside of the box.

The success of Marvel’s Black Panther film led to Jaden sharing his latest wild theory. Jaden claims that places like Wakanda exist in today’s world. His belief is that there are secret places operated by high-technology like Wakanda in the Black Panther movie. Jaden would like to find a place like this to offer his help in growing it.

12 Flat-earther: Stefon Diggs - Quietly revealed his wild belief

Athletes seem to be at the forefront of the biggest names that get convinced that the Earth is indeed flat. Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs is one of the most explosive wide receivers in the league and certainly works hard to get to a relevant position in his field.

This makes it more surprising that someone as commendable as Diggs can get coaxed into believing the Flat Earth theory. Diggs made it known publicly on social media that he agreed with NBA star Kyrie Irving that the Earth is flat.

Despite believing it, Diggs has not elaborated more on his flat Earth belief nor has he argued against the science against it.

11 Odd belief: Megan Fox - Wants to find and take out Bigfoot

Actress Megan Fox has become a huge star following roles in franchises like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the box office big screen. There are many interesting beliefs from Fox that makes her unlike many of her peers in Hollywood.

One of the more bizarre beliefs from Fox is that Bigfoot is real. That would be wild enough, but Fox also wants to be the one that finds and destroys it. Fox shared her theory at San Diego Comic Con by stating she believes she can be the one to find Bigfoot if she were to take an expedition to find and destroy it.

10 Flat-earther: Tila Tequila - But she says anything for attention

Tila Tequila found fame during the social media internet rise allowing average folks to develop followings. The reputation of Tequila is not credible as she has been known to play things up to find popularity online.

There are quite a few questionable theories from Tila who goes overboard with most of her talking points. The Flat Earth theory has become one of her most vocal opinions.

Tila believes that buildings would be titled if the planet was round, but it's hard to take her seriously in any manner. The past hopes of a singing career seem to be over, and many say she now is just seeking attention.

9 Odd belief: Whoopi Goldberg - Thinks the moon landing was staged

Many theorists often question if Neil Armstrong walking on the moon was indeed accurate or not. Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most famous skeptics that publicly started asking more questions about the footage we have seen of it.

Goldberg wondered who exactly shot the footage of the man on the moon. She also asked why the flag was rippled if there was no air. Goldberg seemed more curious than adamant about her concerns, but it led to the others talking about this subject due to the high-profile points made.

Future moments have seen Whoopi unable to give a strong opinion either way about the moon landing.

8 Flat-earther: Draymond Green - Thinks his iPhone is proof

Another NBA superstar somehow found their way on the side of the flat Earth belief. Draymond Green is a three-time NBA Champion and former Defensive Player of the Year for the Golden State Warriors. Despite being a genius at playing basketball, Green clearly can be easily swayed on certain topics.

Kyrie Irving being vocal about the flat Earth belief led to Draymond chiming in that he doesn’t think it’s a ridiculous idea.

One reason given by Green for his theory is that he can make pictures round with his iPhone today, so he doesn’t trust any scientific evidence of the shape of the planet. LeBron James should dunk on Draymond solely for this rationale.

7 Odd belief: Kylie Jenner - Believes in chemtrails

Kylie Jenner has become a massive celebrity thanks to a combination of the reality television buzz and the marketing of her products. Millions of people all over the world follow the life and lifestyle of Jenner on her various social media platforms.

That made it surprising when Kylie decided to express that she believed chemtrails were very real. The theory is that condensation (or other substances) from aircraft drop and provides a negative impact on the world. Theories range from it hurting plants to controlling the weather.

Most people believe this is a ridiculous theory, but Jenner has discussed it on her powerful social media pages.

6 Flat-earther: Shaquille O'Neal - Starting to backtrack off belief

Shaquille O’Neal is the third basketball player on the list to find his way into the Flat Earth theory. The conversation started by Kyrie Irving led to many NBA players and personalities talking about their beliefs about the planet. O’Neal claimed the Earth looked flat from the average eye and he didn’t necessarily believe the science behind it.

Criticism towards Shaq along with more people sharing the exact science behind it led to O’Neal changing his stance. Shaq says he is still keeping an open mind on any subject, but he accepted that the Earth being round has been proven and the flat theory has no concrete evidence.

5 Odd belief: Dan Akroyd - Thinks aliens are watching Mick Jagger dance

The belief in aliens and life outside of Earth is a relatively popular one when it comes to theories. However, Dan Akroyd is one celebrity that takes the thought to another level. The actor is known mostly fondly for his role in Ghostbusters, hunting down wild ghosts in New York City.

Akroyd has made it public that he strongly believes aliens are planning to invade Earth at some point in the near future. The theory from Akroyd is that aliens have been coming to Earth to study human activity ranging from Picasso’s painting to Mick Jagger’s dancing. Hopefully these aliens are impressed enough to join in on the dancing and painting fun.

4 Flat-earther: Sammy Watkins - Shared belief with reporter

Sammy Watkins is yet another athlete that has been exposed as a flat-Earther. The wide receiver currently plays for the Los Angeles Rams after having many standout seasons for the Buffalo Bills. Watkins has not been as public with his Flat Earth theory as others, but he did share it with a reporter.

One of the LA Times reporters to cover sports had a conversation on the record with Watkins where he revealed he believed the Earth is flat. The reporter shared the story and it put Watkins out there as a new favorite of the flat-Earthers and an enemy to scientists.

3 Odd belief: Terrence Howard - Believes math is wrong

Terrence Howard is a talented actor known for giving his best to every role he plays. The chances are slim that Howard will disappoint if cast in any role on television or film. Howard may be a genius in the acting industry, but he is not the person you should trust with math.

A bizarre belief from Howard is that we have all learned the incorrect math system. Howard created his own version of math where he strongly believes 1 x 1 should be 2 instead of 1.

The genuine belief from Howard is that his version of math is the one we were meant to follow. Howard wishes school systems would start teaching the odd formula he uses.

2 Flat-earther: Sherri Shepherd - Nervous to discuss earth shape

Comedian and talk show host Sherri Shepherd was in the public spotlight for suggesting the Flat Earth theory was indeed accurate a few years ago. Shepherd has been a part of the highly successful talk show - The View. Many of the hot-button topics are discussed on the show, and Shepherd let it slip that she believed the Earth may be flat.

A future statement featured Shepherd claiming she was just nervous discussing the topic and she accepts the science behind the Earth being round. However, the initial questions speculating if the Earth was flat seemed more authentic from her than the backtracking.

1 Odd belief: Lala Kent - Believes Tupac is living within her soul

One popular conspiracy theory out there is that late rapper Tupac Shakur is still alive somewhere in the world. Actress Lala Kent found an even stranger theory regarding Tupac. Kent was asked about her hip-hop persona on social media and claimed she thinks she has it because Tupac took over her body and soul.

The wild claims from Kent also got wilder when she revealed she got a “Thug Life” tattoo to celebrate the Tupac side of her. Most people believe Kent is just trying to get attention with this, but the fact that she even came up with it is a bit difficult to process.

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