The decision of finding a place to stay is one of the toughest aspects of planning a vacation. Unless someone is staying with a friend or relative in a different area, the most likely realistic options offered will be hotels or Airbnb locations. Hotels used to be the only option in town with folks staying in the large buildings designed to host dozens of people looking for a place to stay. However, things have changed in recent years with Airbnb becoming a viable alternative for those looking to save money.

Even celebrities must make these decisions, just like the rest of us. Most people assume every celebrity will easily go for the five-star hotel choice due to these places basically being targeted towards wealthier people wanting a fancy experience. That is not always the case as Airbnb also provides extravagant private homes leading to celebrities renting them. There are still some celebrities that only want to stay in the five-star hotels despite the new alternatives being available. Find out what your favorite famous person enjoys most on vacation. These are ten celebrities that are known to stay in five-star hotels and ten that rent the fancy airbnbs.

20 Five-star hotel: Brad Pitt

Actor Brad Pitt has been one of the biggest celebrities in the world over the past twenty-five years. Many films, television appearances and general vacations have seen him travel all over the world. Pitt has been spotted at some of the best hotels available in each place he is at.

One of the most luxurious hotels Pitt has been seen at is the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Many celebrities spend time in NYC despite living primarily in Los Angeles. Pitt stays at one of the best hotels there and extends that when visiting other places, whether on business or personal trips.

19 Airbnb: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

The idea of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West trusting an Airbnb ad seems difficult to believe, but it is true. Both celebrities were considered high maintenance big names in their own right before dating. Now that they are together, most would assume the two have very demanding attitudes about where they stay.

It is a surprise that the couple have stayed at Airbnb locations in the past. Granted, Kim and Kanye are often in the most expensive Airbnb homes available. One standout location of theirs was a $30 million penthouse in New York City. The couple stayed there for a few days during Kanye’s tour in the area.

18 Five-star hotel: Paris Hilton

It should come as no surprise that socialite turned celebrity Paris Hilton is biased towards extravagant hotels as her ideal place to stay when in town for a few days. The fortune for the Hilton family came in the hotel industry which made Paris wealthy before becoming a television personality.

Paris uses her finances to stay at the top hotels in many cities all over the world. A memorable luxury hotel that she was once spotted at is the Palms Resort in Las Vegas. Many of Hilton’s appearances include partying at the most exclusive nightclubs. The five-star hotel appears to be the best place to cool down from an action-packed night.

17 Airbnb: Britney Spears

Pop music icon Britney Spears is still a top name in the industry after all these years. The songs of Spears have seen her have hits from the late 90s to the end of the 2010s with two decades worth of fans coming on her bandwagon. Between her touring schedule and the trips on vacation, Britney certainly must find places to stay when not in her home.

Airbnb is a service trusted by Spears as she has revealed using an extravagant Airbnb near Malibu Beach.

Balconies, a pool, a hot tub and an indoor fireplace were some of the amenities at this Airbnb location. Unfortunately, most of us won’t find these features available when searching within our budget.

16 Five-star hotel: Julia Roberts

Actress Julia Roberts has had a legendary career that is still going today. The peak of Roberts’ career came in the 90s as the ‘it actress’ in hit roles for a few years. Roberts is known for taking fun vacations in between her acting schedule as she enjoys traveling.

Five-star hotels have been the choice of Roberts for a place to stay when in an area away from home. Roberts stayed at the St. Regis Princeville hotel during a vacation trip in beautiful Hawaii. Most people want to live a little when visiting Hawaii. Celebrities extend that to staying at a five-star hotel.

15 Airbnb: Kendrick Lamar

Rapper Kendrick Lamar is among the top musicians in the world today. The career of Lamar has been booming for a few years now, and he continues to grow as a worldwide star. Kendrick having such success has seen him have tours most years along with extended trips for festivals and other job-related duties.

Airbnb has received Lamar’s business when it comes to staying at some of their better locations. During a headlining gig at Coachella, Lamar stayed at a fancy villa near Rancho Mirage. It was 7,700 square feet of space with many amenities like a pool and tennis court. Kendrick certainly had a great place to crash after his epic performance.

14 Five-star hotel: John Mayer

John Mayer is known for being a very talented musician and for partying in the public spotlight. Many hit albums have made him a major name in the music industry. However, some people know him more for partying on his down time with other celebrities.

Mayer is a celebrity that enjoys staying at the best hotels. The Beverly Hills Hotel is one of the more luxurious places he often stays at in the area.

There have even been rumors of Mayer throwing parties with his guests coming to the hotel for a fun time. Mayer certainly picks the best hotels to entertain friends.

13 Airbnb: Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has been a part of many hit films. The traveling lifestyle of Paltrow sees her often going on fancy vacations between her already busy schedule of taking on major movie roles. One recent trip saw her stay at an Airbnb in Mexico.

Paltrow stayed with her love interest and children at a beautiful seaside Airbnb villa in Punta Mita. It is considered a very high-end Airbnb location estimated at $40,000 per week. Beautiful views, amenities and on-staff service led to Paltrow having the vacation of a lifetime in Mexico while staying at a top Airbnb option.

12 Five-star hotel: Johnny Depp

Another actor known for living the high life is Johnny Depp. The talent of Depp has seen him achieve major success for most of his career. Depp is also known for taking vacations in beautiful places all over the world in addition to already traveling to great places for the job.

Hotels seem to be the ideal place for Depp to stay at when looking at his track record. A standout hotel option for Depp has been the five-star Metropolitan by COMO in London. Depp stays at the luxury hotel whenever visiting the capital of England for an extended period.

11 Airbnb: Mariah Carey

The legendary Mariah Carey has been a relevant name in the music industry for about twenty-five years now. Carey has been a top name consistently since her rise to fame. Many media outlets have referred to her as a diva, but Mariah does seem prone to accepting change.

Airbnb becoming an alternative to five-star hotels has seen Carey make the switch for the right situation. She stayed at a fancy Airbnb estate during a Christmas trip to Aspen with her boyfriend and children. A celebrity as famous as Mariah staying at an Airbnb for an important holiday trip is a great sign for the company.

10 Five-star hotel: Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. The success from the iconic work in the Beatles along with his individual work has seen him as a household name for almost six decades now. McCartney owns many homes but also stays in fancy hotels when on tour. The love of live performing sees McCartney still playing music in his late 70s.

McCartney reportedly stays at some of the best hotels in the world never settling for less than a five-star option.

However, his locations have not been confirmed due to keeping something that private a secret following what happened to John Lennon.

9 Airbnb: Justin Bieber

The career of Justin Bieber has seen him become a major superstar from his teenage years and so far throughout his entire adult life. Bieber travels all over the world between frequent international live tours and vacations for fun on his off time.

Airbnb has become a favorite of Bieber’s when it comes to finding places to stay at. One confirmed Airbnb location for Bieber was a mansion in California. Bieber apparently relaxed there with a few friends away from the public spotlight. Airbnb not only gave him a place to stay at but also a place to escape the paparazzi.

8 Five-star hotel: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been a huge celebrity since the success of Friends as the top sitcom of the 90s. Between Friends and various lead movie roles, Aniston has remained a fixture in Hollywood for the past twenty-five years. She takes a few vacations per year to enjoy the perks of her career.

Aniston has constantly been spotted at five-star hotels when on trips through the years. One recent instance of this featured her staying at the luxurious Las Ventanas Al Paraiso in Mexico.

The stay at a hotel of that caliber is a vacation in itself in addition to the fun stuff actually planned for the trip when leaving the hotel.

7 Airbnb: John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are one of the top power couples in entertainment. Legend is an extremely talented musician and Teigen is a supermodel turned author. Both are successful on their own, but they are also viewed together mostly for being a generally likable couple.

The couple stayed in various Airbnbs with their young daughter during Legend’s most recent tour. All were private homes with standout locations in the tour stops of Seattle, Kansas City and Nashville.

In the words of John’s hit song, they are just ordinary people (except with a bigger budget for fancier Airbnb options).

6 Five-star hotel: Tom Cruise

The star power of Tom Cruise saw him become one of the biggest celebrities over the past few decades. Cruise has remained relevant through the years with a hit movie as recent as this summer with Mission Impossible: Fallout.

The intense stunts of Cruise in his movies have him looking for the best hotels in the world when relaxing away from the movie sets. A vacation in Turks and Caicos saw Cruise staying at the five-star hotel of Parrot Cay by COMO. Cruise is known to stay in other high-end hotels when on vacations through the years, so don’t expect him to switch to Airbnb anytime soon.

5 Airbnb: Drake

Rapper Drake has become a huge name in pop culture following his rise to the top of the industry. The life of Drake is one many wish to live as he enjoys it with traveling. Drake takes many trips to sports events or vacation outings out of the blue just to live his life to the fullest. This is in addition to his already intense touring schedule.

One Airbnb location to receive Drake’s business was in Beverly Hills. Instead of staying at the five-star hotel in the area, Drake rented a stunning villa to spend his time there on a trip. It is obvious that Drake wants to enjoy his days as much as possible, and Airbnb helped him achieve that.

4 Five-star hotel: Anne Hathaway

Oscar winner Anne Hathaway has been a top actress in Hollywood over the past decade. The career of Hathaway continues to thrive with many hit roles coming her way. Hathaway loves to take vacations in between shooting films as is the theme with most major actors and actresses.

Despite one of the multiple homes owned by Hathaway being in the New York area, she was seen staying at the luxurious Gramercy Park Hotel.

Many celebrities prefer to stay at a hotel if on a short trip due to the convenience of having five-star amenities at their disposal.

3 Airbnb: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has become a household name following years of top-level success as a musician. Many believe Gaga is the top pop star of her generation. Between her touring schedule and taking fun trips during her off time, Gaga has embraced the lifestyle of a celebrity.

Much like Kendrick Lamar, Gaga decided to enjoy her time in California when performing as a headliner for Coachella in 2017, by using Airbnb. She stayed at a resort-style compound in Rancho Mirage. The place had a stunning place, beautiful views and a few amenities offered to give her a fun time before and after her Coachella performance.

2 Five-star hotel: Rihanna

Another top music star of the current generation is Rihanna. The success of Rihanna has seen her dominate the music charts and even take her career in another direction as an actress in a few major movies. Rihanna loves touring and loves vacationing which makes her travel schedule quite busy.

During her time in Sydney during a trip there, Rihanna was spotted at arguably the best hotel in the area. The five-star Park Hyatt was the choice of Rihanna to spend her time resting in between the other activities planned for the Sydney trip. A five-star rating is impressive, but having Rihanna stay there is the ultimate honor.

1 Airbnb: Beyoncé

Beyoncé is arguably the biggest name in the music industry today. Any news of a new Beyoncé song, tour or just about any other item relating to her career instantly becomes a trending story on social media thanks to her fan base known as the Beyhive.

Following one of her live performances, Beyoncé decided to stay at a breathtaking Airbnb in the California area. The price was estimated at $10,000 per day for such a high-end Airbnb.

An infinity pool, chef’s kitchen, game room and orchard all were incredible perks for Beyoncé during her Airbnb stay. She loved it like XO.

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