Airports are so much more than departures and arrivals. Food choices, the overall atmosphere, and ease of getting around are all important and impact a trip, both coming and going. As a result, most people want to pick a great airport to fly to (or through) if there is the opportunity.

Airports are ranked on several factors, which include immigration body, check-in, shopping, terminal comfort, bars and restaurants, accessibility, cleanliness, and security. The list below contains 10 of the best airports in the world and are listed based on the factors mentioned above. These airports also receive a high number of travelers due to their performance. The following ranking is as of 2021.

10 Doha’s Hamad Airport

Doha’s Hamad international airport is the largest in the country of Qatar and home to Qatar Airways. The airport has been performing well in recent years as it was in the second position in 2020. It was ranked first due to its high cleanliness levels, posh boutiques, unique artwork, comfort, and great response to covid-19.

The airport is modern and has several amenities, including train shuttles within the terminals to pick passengers.

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9 Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Located in Japan, it is a second primary airport for the country and known to handle high levels of domestic traveling. However, the airport has grown to become an international traffic channel. Tokyo Haneda is the best domestic base for All Nippon and Japan Airlines.

It is also known to serve the region well and its regional airlines such as Solaseed Air, Skymark Airlines, and Air Do. In addition, the airport has many shopping areas with unique products for customers. The systems for clearance are efficient hence serving many people within a short time.

8 Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport is one of the most beautiful airports in the world. The airport is ultra-modern, big, and clean, which are factors that have enabled it to hold the first position for eight years. The airport is known to be the most entertaining, with several movie theaters, a butterfly garden, and many international shopping centers.

Singapore Changi airport handles several local and international flights. It is also the Singapore Airlines Cargo, Singapore Airlines, BOC Aviation, and Jetstar Asia Airways base.

7 Seoul’s Incheon Airport

Seoul’s Incheon Airport is located in South Korea, and it is the largest airport in the country. It is found in the Seoul region. The airport is built on an artificially made piece of land west of the city, and it is home to over 80 airlines. With the airport offering fast and efficient services, it serves the highest number of flights in the country.

The airport has been highly ranked due to its cleanliness, modern infrastructure, ease of access, good immigration process, and shopping areas. Some of the major airlines operating in the airport include Polar Air Cargo, Jin Air, Korean Air, and Asiana Airlines.

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6 Narita International Airport

Narita is another airport in Tokyo found in the top 10 best airports in the World. It is also among the primary airports in Tokyo and handles the highest number of international passengers in the country.

With the airport having smooth operations, well-organized systems, comfortable terminals, and a seamless immigration department, Narita airport is able to host airlines such as Japan Airlines, Nippon Cargo Airlines, All Nippon Airways and, Peach and Jetstar Japan.

5 Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is the largest airport in Switzerland. As a result, it has some of the best systems in the world; hence it is placed in the list of top 10 best airports. With the Zurich Airport having great transport channels from the ground that enable travelers in and out, it offers easy access for its customers.

Additional features of the airport are efficiency in immigration, cleanliness, and shopping areas. That way, the airport serves many countries as well as parts of the country. It is the Swiss International Airlines' primary hub and serves Edelweiss Air.

4 Munich International Airport

Apart from Frankfurt, Munich is the second-busiest airport in Germany. Munich airport receives a high number of passengers due to its amazing systems, and in 2019 it received 47.9 million. The airport has modern infrastructure and systems that make it easy to handle the high number of travelers.

In addition, the airport has many international stores that give its passengers an easy time and wide environment to shop. One other strength is the ambient and comfortable terminals that make it easy for passengers to engage in various activities. It is home to Air Dolomiti, Lufthansa Cityline and Eurowings.

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3 Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport has climbed in the rankings over the past few years. This shows that a lot has improved in the airport to increase its demand by travelers. It is the busiest airport in Europe and acts as a gateway into London. It is an airport with good systems that have enabled it to serve more than 90 countries and 180 airports.

Some of the airlines that operate from Heathrow airport include Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa Qantas, and KLM.

2 Kansai Airport

Japan's airports are some of the best in the world. As a result, Kansai is the third on this list. It was built on a man-made island in Osaka Bay. It acts as a gateway into the Greater Osaka Region. Additionally, it is close to other international airports such as Kobe and Kyoto.

Kansai Airport is known to have the longest terminal on the globe. It also operates as a hub for Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Nippon Cargo Airlines, and others.

1 Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong airport is not only known for its cleanliness, good terminals, immigration, and shopping areas but acts as the biggest cargo gateway in the world. It is able to serve passengers connecting from China to other parts of Asia.

Hong Kong airport is a hub to HK Express, Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Air Hong Kong Cargo.

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