Colombia has something to offer for everyone, from the white sand beaches of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts to the Mountains and even rainforests. Its cultural heritage reflects the traditions of its indigenous peoples and the influence of the Spanish, who first arrived in the region.

Although, Colombia was not on the tourist map for a few decades or so because it was considered a dangerous place to visit. The government is now working hard to improve the country's image; it is also making it safer for visitors to enjoy the numerous benefits Colombia offers. So here are some of the best places that visitors should visit here in this country.

10 San Agustin: A Must-Visit Location To Know More About The Forgotten Civilization

As a result of its idyllic location and the presence of a long-forgotten civilization, San Agustin is a simple yet beautiful little town perfect for tourists that would love to know more about this location's history. The majority of San Agustin's stone carvings date from between 100 and 1200 A.D. A wide variety of animals are depicted in the works of these ancient findings, such as snakes, birds, and jaguars.

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9 Tayrona National Park: Must-See Place For Travelers Who Enjoy Nature And Exploring Old Ruins

Visitors who enjoy nature and ruins will find Tayrona National Park a must-see location in Colombia. The park's diverse ecosystems include swamps, scrublands, and even cloud forests, all of which can be found along Colombia's north coast. The park's beaches, located in deep bays and shaded by coconut palms, are a major draw for many visitors. Tayrona's beaches are among the most beautiful in Colombia. The Andean condor, a threatened species, is also a draw for birdwatchers to the park. Aside from those, Tayrona is a great place to go snorkeling, hiking, and seeing wild animals in their natural habitats.

8 Popayan: Visit The So Called “Ciudad Blanca”

Popayan, Colombia's colonial capital, is a stunning place to visit. It is sometimes referred to as the "Ciudad Blanca" or White City in English because of the color of its buildings, which are all chalk-white. This is a popular tourist spot because of the aesthetic vibes it gives to tourists.

7 Jardin: Visit This Rural Area Perfect Fors Visitors Who Want To Escape The City

Jardin is known as "the less touristic Salento" because of its proximity to coffee plantations. However, the secrets have been spilled, and Jardin is quickly becoming a popular destination in Colombia. Visitors can accomplish a lot in Jardin. In fact, among the best activities are cable car rides, coffee plantation tours, and horseback riders.

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6 San Andres y Providencia: Visit This White Sand Beach In Colombia

Andres is the largest and most populous of the islands and their capital. Providence Island was originally populated by English Puritans who employed slave labor on their estates and engaged in privateering activities to supplement their income. The main features of San Andres are the white sand beaches and palm trees. Visitors will surely enjoy the rest of their summer if they visit this place.

5 Cartagena: Take A Stroll In This Historical Land

Taking a stroll within the city's historic walls is an experience visitors won't surely forget. Cartagena is a city with a long and fascinating history to the north of the Caribbean. As a result of the three distinct cultures they have here (Spanish, African, and Native), visitors won't be short on options because of the different traditional cuisines they can offer. Step back in time by strolling through historic neighborhoods, and see how significant this city was by walking along the massive fort wall that surrounds the city. Playa Blanca, a white sand beach in the Caribbean, is just a short drive away from the resort. Visiting Cartagena may take weeks, as there is so much to do here. However, suppose visitors want to understand more about the city's history. In that case, it is recommended to take a walking tour, explore the old quarter, dine at La Cervicharia, and take a day trip to one of the neighboring islands or beaches.

4 Costeño Beach: A Place For Beach Lovers

On this beach, several hotels and hostels may be found on this secluded stretch of coastline. This place is recommended for visitors to avoid the crowds as this is one of the first beaches following Tayrona National Park. Costeño is just 10 minutes away from the park's entrance so try hitting two birds with just one stone! Also, at Costeño, visitors may take a surfing lesson, go horseback riding, or have a peaceful massage.

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3 Leticia: Experience A Trip To The Amazon

A trip to the Amazon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Amazon Jungle may be visited in Colombia, which many people are unaware of. Leticia is only one of a handful of Colombian cities from which to explore the Amazon, but it is the best. This little village is located on the Amazon River's upper reaches right on the Peruvian and Brazilian borders. After arriving in Leticia, there are a plethora of trips to choose from, the most popular of which are Amazon Riverboat cruises. So, it is recommended that visitors try this!

2 Cali: Try Dancing Salsa In This City!

Salsa is one of the most popular and must-do activities in this city. This city offers salsa lessons as well as performances. Delirio is a highly well-known salsa circus, and the shows are entertaining to see. If visitors don't want to go to a show, they can still practice their salsa moves in one of the hundreds of salsa bars in the area.

1 Las Lajas Cathedral: End One's Journey With A Blessing

In the middle of Ecuador, Ipiales is a relatively squalid town with a notable cathedral. The most gorgeous cathedral in South America may be found just outside the city, making visiting here worthwhile. Las Lajas was meticulously constructed in a narrow valley, and the result is a work of art. So visitors can visit here on the last day of their trip.

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