Colorful Flowers and traditional wooden shoes come to mind when travelers think of the Netherlands, but the country has so much more to offer! Tourists will enjoy the brisk breeze with a unique beach walk along the mesmerizing Dutch coast or an exciting Veluwe cycling trip. They will also discover North Brabant and Limburg's friendliness, the real charm of Hanseatic and Achterhoek towns, as well as Friesland and Groningen provinces. A visit to the Netherlands would be incomplete without stopping at one of the country's famous windmills. Luckily, there are hundreds of these massive machines strewn around the Netherlands. Here are the best 10 windmills to see.Related: Windmill Island Gardens: A Little Bit Of Holland Right In Michigan

10 The Mill Network At Kinderdijk-Elshout

This astonishing and complex system of windmills was built to pump water from the marshlands of Zuid-Holland, resulting in the creation of a huge, low-lying stretch of land that essentially transformed the surrounding region into a fruitful hinterland. During the 18th century, 19 amazing windmills were founded in this location, making the network the Netherlands' biggest concentration of ancient windmills. The region is now a Unesco World Heritage Site and may be reached by a bus service that regularly runs between Kinderdijk and Rotterdam.

9 De Gooyer

This beautiful traditional grain mill was constructed in the early 16th century and was one of the highest structures in the Netherlands at the time. Its sails and main body are affixed to an exceptional rectangular stone structure, formerly a watermill. Even though the De Gooyer has always been in Amsterdam, it has been relocated several times and can now be found on its awesome eastern waterfront.

8 Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans is a historic district on the western outskirts of Zaandam, a tiny, attractive town north of Amsterdam. Due to its remarkably well-preserved and splendid homes, bakeries, and windmills, this residential neighborhood resembles an open-air museum. The majority of the mills in Zaanse Schans were first located elsewhere in the Netherlands and were moved to the region throughout the twentieth century. These colorful and bright machines are still in use today, producing various products such as dye, mustard, and timber.

7 Molen De Valk

Since the early 17th century, an enchanting windmill has stood on the strong foundations of Molen de Valk, and its sails have become an iconic aspect of Leiden's skyline. Its current structure was constructed in 1743 and has been in use for most of its history. This massive machine had six millstones, making it one of Leiden's primary grain suppliers. In 1996, the mill's interior was converted into a municipal museum, which now houses numerous interesting exhibits on Molen de Valk's cultural significance.

6 The Windmills Of Schiedam

The little Dutch town, Schiedam, became famous for its jenever distilleries in the 18th century, and these businesses constructed twenty magnificent windmills to grind grain quickly for their factories. Due to the scarcity of wind in Schiedam, these astonishing machines were particularly tall. Five of them are still standing today, and Schiedam's windmills are regarded as the loftiest in the world. Visitors may learn more about the history of these spectacular constructions by visiting De Nieuwe Palmboom, a massive windmill that has been transformed into a museum.

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5 Molen De Adriaan

The eastern canal belt of Haarlem flows through Molen De Adriaan, a lovely windmill constructed by a wealthy local trader in the 18th century. Unfortunately, a storm blew through Haarlem in the 1930s and almost totally destroyed the De Adriaan. Following this incident, the mayor of Haarlem decided to rebuild the wonderful windmill to restore the city's skyline to its previous splendor. The windmill has been converted into a museum with various exhibits focusing on the Netherlands' history with milling technology.

4 De Dikkert

De Dikkert is a dazzling antique sawmill that used to be located in Zaandam. It is presently a grain mill and can be found in Amstelveen. It has now been agreeably renovated. As a result, if travelers are in the Amsterdam region, De Dikkert would be an excellent site to visit. It's special since it's also a restaurant, so if tourists have ever wanted to claim that they have dined in an ancient windmill in Holland, now is their opportunity!

3 Rotterdam

Windmills aren't well-known in Rotterdam. Nevertheless, there are several stunning windmills in that charming Dutch city. Although they are not situated in the city center, it's still not difficult to find them. There are two splendid and highly popular windmills in Kralingse Bos, one called The Star and the other called The Lily. Wind Korenmolen de Distilleerketel, an operating windmill that produces several types of flour, is located in Delfshaven, a historic district.

2 Heusden

Heuseden is a beautiful fortified settlement with a long history. However, it is not well-known. In Heusden, there are three breathtaking windmills, all of which are corn mills, and they're all really charming. The city's self-sufficiency was secured by the windmills during sieges. Visitors may watch the windmills turn every first Saturday of the month and on National Mills Day, and the millers will gladly impart their knowledge. The exceptional mills are open to the public by appointment all year.

1 Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

In terms of the greatest and most interesting places to see incredible windmills in the country, the Netherlands Open Air Museum is another excellent option. This unique museum in Arnhem provides travelers with a great historical overview of the delightful Netherlands, from public transit to the evolution of architecture. There are a few stunning windmills strewn across the exciting open-air museum, and they're all very adorable!