10 Best Places To Breakup (10 That'll Make The Breakup That Much Worse)

Oh, relationships. Both the best and worst part of anyone’s lives, these affairs of the heart can be the cause of exuberant happiness… or breaking heartache. No doubt you will go through a few relationships before you find THE one. Isn’t that the point, though? To date someone and see if it is a relationship that will end in wedding vows and chiming bells? Still, when the honeymoon phase of a relationship (dating or marriage) fades, and you realize that he or she isn’t THE one, then the difficult task of breaking up must commence. Whether it is because you found someone else (don’t cheat!) or you are just no longer happy in your current relationship, the time has come that you and your significant other must part ways. The question is, how to do it?

It is never easy, and there is no nice way of breaking up with someone, although there are definitely a few horrible ways to do it. If you break up with someone with a text message you’re probably the lowest of the low. But you also shouldn’t stay in a relationship that you don’t want to be a part of anymore. If you're going to cut ties, then you should plan your words and actions carefully - unless they cheated on you, then all bets are off. Even location is essential; bet you didn’t think of that! This is why we’ve come up with a list of the best (and worst) places to break up with someone. Here are 10 best places to break up and 10 that'll make the breakup that much worse.

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20 Do It! - Rio de Janeiro - The Brazilians Love To Party


If you’re going to break up with someone, Rio de Janeiro is not a bad place to be. Whether you’re the person breaking the relationship off, or you’re the person who was broken up with, Rio de Janeiro offers enough activities to help you get over it. If we could only use one word to describe Rio de Janeiro's favorite pastime, it would be: partying. There are millions of clubs that pound out a heavy beat that will get you dancing. Smokey jazz bars play bossa nova music with relatable lyrics about heartache and love. Instead of focusing on being sad and miserable, you can direct your energy into learning how to dance the samba. The streets of Rio de Janeiro urge you to live life to its fullest. If you’re lucky, you can be in this city during one of the most famous festivals in the world, the Carnival of Brazil. A few days before Lent, Brazilians let loose one more time before Easter. At this carnival, everybody is dancing, singing, laughing and having a hell of a time. Each neighborhood throws a party and parades are hosted on almost every street. You won’t have a chance to feel brokenhearted before you’re whisked off your feet by all the excitement.

19 Don't Do It! - Paris - It's The City Of Love For A Reason


Breaking up with someone should be the farthest thing from your mind when you are traveling in Paris. It is the City of Love! Everywhere you go, you see couples posing for cutesy Instagram pictures or showing a little bit of PDA (sometimes a bit too much). The iconic Eiffel Tower has probably seen more marriage proposals than the Pope. At night the streets are lit up, and the city looks like a scene out of a movie. Then again, if you’re unhappy in your relationship, every passing couple and statue dedicated to love is probably pounding away at you in the worst way.

Still, even if those five words “I want to break up” are bubbling at your lips, this is probably one of the worst places to do it. Your significant other is likely to be blissfully unaware that you’re unhappy. They are too busy being enchanted by the romance of the city, so breaking up is the last thing that would be on their mind. If you broke up with them while you are in Paris, you will shatter any ideas of love and romance in your partner.

You might scar them for life. Because if they've been dumped in the city known for romance, then what does that say for all future relationships? At least you don’t have to worry about locking your love on the famous Pont des Arts bridge, since the practice has been banned.

18 Do It! - Zagreb, Croatia - Get Inspired At The Museum of Broken Relationships


Yes, we know. Zagreb, Croatia sounds like a very odd place and not at all likely a location that you would choose to break up with your partner. However, aside from an intense history that dates back to the Roman times, fantastic food, plentiful arts, and music, this city also has a very famous museum. Zagreb is the proud home of the Museum of Broken Relationships. This bizarre and wonderful museum houses mementos of failed relationships. The pieces are collected from around the world and range from an axe that an angry lover used to hack up her ex’s furniture (yikes), to a jar of pickles that another person never got a chance to give to her supposedly first love. Take your partner on a tour through this quirky museum and read the descriptions of other people’s relationships. It could put yours into perspective. Then, at the end of the tour, you have a fantastic opening to introduce the topic of your own breakup! It won’t seem out of place because you will both be thinking of breakups already.

You could even buy your (now ex) a consolation prize at the gift shop. They have an excellent ‘bad memories eraser’ that you can purchase. Fair warning, you may or may not get slapped in the face.

17 Don't Do It! - Yankee Stadium (Or Any Stadium) - It Can Wait Till After The Game

Okay, we’ll admit, we’re not a sports aficionado. Yankee Stadium was the first famous sports arena that came to our mind. It’s a football stadium, right? We’re just kidding! Everyone knows it’s a basketball arena. Still not funny? Okay, you get the picture, we really mean any sports arena. Sports and their respective fans are a tricky field to navigate. We’ve all seen the videos of over-exuberant fans in the parking lots. Sometimes they are crying and getting into fights because their team has lost, or cheering and celebrating because they’ve come away with a victory (either way they always act as if they were the ones on the field). Still, a person and their favorite team is like a relationship, too. So if you break up with someone at Yankee Stadium (or any other sports arena) you’ll not only destroy one relationship, but two.

That’s right. From now on, every time they go to a game or watch one of TV, their mind will always drift back to the devastating moment you broke up with them. They will associate you with their favorite sport.

It could even come to the drastic point that they can’t watch the games anymore, or even worse, switch teams. So if you feel an overwhelming urge to break up with someone when that JumboTron Kiss Cam focuses in on you, maybe hold off till you get home. What’s another few hours?

16 Do It! - Las Vegas - The Flowing Drinks Will Help You Move On


Aside from being a paradise to gambling addicts and flashy magicians, Las Vegas also has the lovely reputation of being THE place to have a spur-of-the-moment wedding. This seems more like the place to start a relationship, not end one. But let’s be real, with all the drunken slurs of “I do” at 1 am in the morning, there is probably just as many screams of “I DON’T” when the newlyweds wake up. So we would say that the numbers of new relationships and ended relationships are probably fairly balanced. After an intense night out in Vegas, your inhibitions are lowered by alcohol and your adrenaline is high from gambling at the tables, the words “I want to break up” slip through your lips. Your partner is going to be horrified and heartbroken. But what better place to get over heartbreak than in Las Vegas? They could probably turn around, find a rebound, get a rebound for the rebound, and wake up in the morning with a new solitaire on their finger. Who knows, you might have even helped them to find their real soulmate. In all honesty, you did a good thing breaking up with them (or so you'll tell yourself).

15 Don't Do It! - Kensington Gardens - Home Of The Royal Family's Lovers, Not Of Your Break Up


First off, congratulations to the royal family on their new addition. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot recently in a magnificent ceremony as the whole world watched on in awe. When the gorgeous couple return home after their honeymoon, they will be living at Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace – where William and Kate live. You won’t be able to tour their home (a bit too creepy anyway), but you can visit the Kensington Gardens. A garden doesn’t sound all that special, so why would breaking up with someone amongst the plants and trees be an issue? Well, besides being right next to the royal family – who just had a massive wedding, the gardens are also famous for its Peter Pan statue and Peter Pan inspired playground. If you’re a fan of Downtown Abbey (who isn’t?), you’ll remember when Lady Mary Talbot broke up with Lord Gillingham. She asked to meet in front of the exact same Peter Pan statue. Her friend, Charles Blake commented that it was a poor location because the statue would make Lord Gillingham “dream of happy families.” And if you’ve watched the episode, you’ll see how that conversation went. (We’ll give you a hint, not well!)


Your unsuspecting partner will look at the statue and the playground full of kids and probably think of a possible future with you. Don’t be cruel and break up in this idyllic garden. Wait till the hotel, maybe?

14 Do It! - Dubai - The City Almost Wants You To


People think of Dubai as the city with fast cars and streets paved with gold. While we can only confirm one of those (we’ll let you guess which), we also think this city is one of the least romantic places on earth. Although movies are continually showing Dubai off as this exotic place, where all the women are models wear bikinis, and all the men somehow seem to bathe in money, the reality is far from what is pictured.

Dubai has some of the strictest public display of affection rules that we have ever seen. From holding hands with the opposite sex to just being alone with someone, you have to be careful of your every action. Sex outside of marriage is a huge no-no and even sending an inappropriate text message may result in a court case.

So when you and your partner visit Dubai, romance will most likely be the farthest thing from your mind. What better time to have a talk about your relationship than in a city that seems to be keen on preventing them? Plus, you have a lower chance of getting smacked by your angry ex if you break up in Dubai. You can tell them that they might get in trouble due to the customs of this city.

13 Don't Do It! - Chatsworth House - It's Too Stunning For Heartache


Any true romantic will be looking for a marriage proposal and not a break up at the Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England. If you’re unfamiliar with the Chatsworth House, it is the gorgeous estate where parts of the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice was filmed. The property, known as Pemberley Estate in the movie, was the home of the (swoon) broodingly handsome Mr. Darcy. It is even possible that Jane Austen actually based Pemberley on Chatsworth House. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, Mr. Darcy was the romantic hero of the Jane Austin novel, Pride and Prejudice. As the title suggests, he was an overly prideful man, and Elizabeth was a touch prejudiced. But they soon find themselves falling for each other. Mr. Darcy realizes his faults and redeems himself with a huge romantic gesture – we won’t say what, we don’t want to spoil the ending! Still, both the book and the movie are meltingly romantic, and the Chatsworth House is stunning.

via: weddbook

If you turn to your significant other and say that you have something important to tell them, they’re going to expect a proposal. There is always a time and place for something, and this is definitely not the time nor place to break up with someone.

12 Do It! - Maui - Can't Stay Angry In Paradise, Right?


Alright, here’s the plan. Take your significant other to Maui. Ply them with delicious, tropical drinks. Take them to the warm, sunny beaches. Get them loose and relaxed and when you break the news that you want to separate, it won’t seem so bad. When you’re surrounded by paradise, it’s difficult to stay angry.

Is this playing dirty? Probably. But it will still be better than doing it over a text message, maybe if you’re lucky you can end up being friends. Spend the rest of the vacation not as angry ex-lovers, but as people mutually respecting each other. Take a long hike through the gorgeous tropical rainforests and reflect on all the good times you had together. Explain that this trip isn’t a bitter end, but instead a refreshing new start for the two of you. This is what we would all ideally hope would happen. In reality, you two will probably go your separate ways and put as much of the island between you two as possible. And that’s fine, too. Let your ex go find a hidden waterfall and rediscover him or herself. You can hang out with the locals and explain your pitiful situation to them. We can’t promise they’ll listen, though.

11 Don't Do It! - Disney World - Walt Disney Would Resent You For It


Disney World, home of childhood memories and dreams. It’s also known as the Happiest Place on Earth. Everyone has grown up with Disney films and even if you’ve never watched them, you still know how they all end. Happily Ever After. Every inch of this theme park is covered with happy people snapping photographs with some of the most famous couples in the world. Prince Charming and Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Beast and Belle, Snow White and Prince Florian, Mulan and General Shang, Tiana and Prince Naveen, Meg and Hercules (who even said she would never say “I’m in love” but the power of Disney changed that!) you get the picture. Couples are walking everywhere wearing matching shirts and Mickey ears. Disney World is literally THE place to go as a couple. The park even has a website dedicated to helping people plan the perfect proposal.


So maybe you think that breaking up in the world’s happiest place would be a good idea because the park would cheer your significant other up. Well, you would be wrong. In all honesty, you would probably scar them for life, and they will never love again and will die alone. Do you want to be responsible for that? We don’t think so. We’re going to go ahead and say that this is probably THE worst place to break up with someone.

10 Do It! - New York City - There's Almost Unlimited Distractions


New York City has probably collected more lost souls than Hades has. It seems that every person that has gone through a rough patch or wants to rediscover themselves somehow find themselves wandering the streets of the Big Apple. Why not save your ex a trip and break up with them there? After the relationship ends, they’ll be able to distract themselves with the city as they get over you. Did you know that when you’re in a relationship your brain produces dopamine? This hormone is what provides the feeling of happiness and euphoria that you feel. The loss of this production of hormone is what makes breakups so tricky. But, if you’re in the Big Apple, it’s easy to find something else that will get those hormones going again. Go visit Chinatown and eat some delicious dim-sum. Head to one of the hundreds of art galleries and get lost in colors. Make of list of restaurants and hit them up one by one. Rediscover what it is like to be alone and embrace it. As long as you avoid the Empire State Building, a break up in New York City will go as smoothly as a break up possibly can.

9 Don't Do It! - Wicklow National Park, Ireland - You'll Ruin One Of The Most Romantic Movies Of All Time


Oh god, we’re tearing up already just thinking about this park. These stunning, rolling, mountain and forest is where Holly and Gerry from P.S. I Love You first met. When Gerry passes away from an illness, he knows Holly would struggle to get over his death. So he writes a series of letters that guide her through her grief, each letter ends with “P.S. I love you.” Gerry’s voice narrates each message during the movie and every minute of it shows the deep love the couple has for each other. They prove that love can transcend death. Holly and Gerry are what every couple aspire to be (but without the dying part). When Gerry finally leads Holly back to Ireland where they first met and the movie flashes back to when they first kiss, you know we’re all ugly crying at the screen. Every one of us dreams of finding someone who will love us so much that they go above and beyond as Gerry did. So unless you plan on dying so that you can break up with your significant other, just don’t. If you do, you might find yourself stranded in the park like Holly first was, and you would deserve it.

8 Do It! - Grand Velas, Riviera Maya - You Can Stay In The Divorce Suite!


One of the best things about resorts is that they take care of EVERYTHING. The point of going to a resort is to enjoy your vacation, and they are fully aware of that. So these fabulous places do their best to cater to your every whim and predict your every need. The Grand Velas is a stunning resort out on Riviera Maya, Mexico. Now, why would this resort be a great location to stage your break up?

After you do the deed, your ex can immediately check themselves out of their suite with you, and recheck themselves into the resort’s Divorce Package. The Divorce Package is not just for divorcees. It’s for anyone who just went through a breakup. The package provides a night out in town – fully covered, a spa session, a cocktail-making class, and a ‘Trash the Memory’ ceremony that includes a piñata.

Don’t worry about how your ex handles the news. The resort will be sure to take care of her and ensure that you are the last thing he or she thinks about. Well, at least until it comes time for the piñata smashing. Then, he or she will definitely be thinking about you as they take their anger out on the poor paper-mâché piñata, most likely envisioning your face all over it.

7 Don't Do It! - Empire State Building (How Could You?!)


There are multiple movies that make the Empire State Building a romantic destination. One of the earliest is probably An Affair to Remember, where lovers Nickie Ferrante and Terry McKay promise to meet each other at the top of the NYC icon in 6 months time. Even though Terry was unable to meet Nickie at the top due to an accident, it still marked the landmark as a place for lovers to meet. Following movies and TV shows such as Sleepless in Seattle, Gossip Girl, and even King Kong follow in the wake. Hundreds of people every year plan their marriage proposal atop the skyscraper. This iconic location is undeniably a horrible place to break up with someone. Not only would you make an ass of yourself, you’d probably ruin someone else’s carefully-planned proposal. Who would want to propose to the love of their life after having to witness someone else go through a torturous breakup? That would be awkward. Even worse, don’t pull the awful stunt of asking someone to meet that the top of the Empire State Building and then not show up. That is just plain cruel and would ensure that the breakup would not be amicable.

6 Don't Do It! - Rishikesh, India - Cleanse Yourself With Fire And Yoga


Located in northern India, this city is known as the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’. People around the world travel here to find serenity and inner peace. This is a great place to break up with your lover because they can then use the opportunity to join a yoga retreat. At these retreats, they will follow a strict schedule of meditation, yoga, lectures, group meals, more yoga, and did we mention yoga? They might go through fire-cleansing rituals and purifying procedures to wipe away the bad juju they had with you. They will most likely be disconnected from the outside world and for a few days be forced to be fully present with just themselves. But, as a newly single person, this is a blessing.


Your ex can reconnect with her mind, body and soul to realize that their relationship with you did not define them as a person. By the time that the yoga retreat ends, you will just be a shadowy figure of the past. So be a good person and send your ex off fondly to Rishikesh, India. They might never say it to your face, but your ex will thank you. You might even rack up some good karma points.

5 Don't Do It! - Barcelona, Spain - This City Should Reignite The Passion, Not Destroy It


Barcelona is the city of passion. From sultry nights in dimly lit bars to fiery flamenco dances that make your pulse race, this city is an inferno of love. Breaking up with your significant other should be the farthest thing from your mind when you’re in this city. In fact, this city should fan the flames of your love even hotter!

Red wine, balmy nights, delicious food, why on earth does this seem like a good location to break up with someone? This city is more popular for honeymoons than it is for ending relationships. In fact, if you visit Barcelona with your significant other, you would probably end up extending your relationship rather than ending it.

You’re going to have a hard time finding the right moment to when your partner is going to spend every spare moment trying to jump your bones. If you’re looking for a good place to separate with someone, do it somewhere blander. Maybe somewhere like Kansas, that seems like an excellent place to break up with someone. Though if Kansas is where you and your partner decide to go to out of all the places you could travel, that seems like a doomed relationship anyway.

4 Do It! - Ibiza, Spain - Dance Your Sadness Away Till The Sun Comes Up


Any true best friend knows that the best way to help your friend get over a breakup is to make them wash their face, put on their best outfit, and drag them out for a night out on the town. We’re jealous of the people who live in Ibiza because a night out in this city is probably incredible. Listed as one of the top party cities of the world and also holding the title of ‘dance music capital’ by CITI IO, this city will give you a night out that you certainly won’t soon forget. If you decided to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend in this city, they would have no issue finding a place to dance their sadness away. The clubs in Ibiza host world famous DJs who play till sunrise and beyond, every single day of the week. People spend the day drinking on the beaches and the nights raving to electronic music. There is no time to feel sorry on the couch with a tub of half empty Ben and Jerry's when Ibiza has the world’s largest club ready for you. Able to hold up to 10,000 people, Club Privilege sounds like the perfect place for your ex to go and find a rebound.

3 Don't Do It! - Charleston, SC - C'mon, It's The Setting Of The Notebook!


Charleston has been consistently listed as the top city to visit in the U.S for the past five years by Travel + Leisure, and it is little wonder. With its plethora of drool-worthy restaurants, beautiful historic streets, hundreds of shops, and stunning beaches, there is something for everyone in this city. You want to know what this city doesn’t have room for? Breakups. This city is too perfect and lovely to break up with someone. This isn’t the location to separate from your partner, in contrast it is more like the place where you should actually be having a wedding.

Downtown Charleston has a historic church on almost every corner. Wedding photoshoots take place in every open garden, and the streets are lined with bachelor(ette) parties every weekend.

The world famous romance novel writer, Nicholas Sparks, has two of his books filmed in Charleston; the iconic The Notebook and Dear John. How can you break up with someone in the same place that The Notebook was set in? That is the most romantic movie of the 21st century! If you’re looking for a good place to cut those ties, we’ll just go ahead and tell you that Charleston is not the place.

2 Do It! - Berlin, Germany - There's So Many Young People In This City And Surely Another One For you


If you break up with your ex in Berlin, he or she will be going out and finding themselves a rebound at the snap of your fingers in this city. A large chunk of the population in Berlin are people under 45. Younger people are moving to Berlin because it is more affordable and because of the city’s fantastic social life (also, don’t worry if you’re older. It is Europe after all!). Many of the people who are moving to Berlin are from the UK and are frustrated with the political and financial issues. Since Berlin has been designated as the ‘cool’ place to live now, people are all flocking there. So if you and your partner are doing a Europe trip and you’ve decided that you cannot spend another moment in a grungy hostel with him or her, do the deed in Berlin.


Your now ex will be able to go out and easily find someone else’s shoulder to cry on. Or they can go dance their sadness away in the city that is known for having some of the best nightlife. Either way, once they hear that foreign accent, they will have no trouble getting over you.

1 Don't Do It! - Trevi Fountain - Don't Mess With The Wishes!


Every single movie that is set in Rome almost always flashes at least one scene of the iconic Trevi Fountain. This gorgeous site is a top tourist attraction and millions of people flock to it every year. There is no fee to pay to visit this fountain and that is probably because the fountain pays for its own upkeep. Every visitor that approaches this fountain makes a wish and tosses a coin in. In fact, just last year, the fountain gathered up 1.5 million dollars. That’s more than what most people make in a lifetime! Every night almost 3,000 coins are fished out of the fountain and all of it goes to charity. Why does this particular fountain collect so many coins?

Legend has it that if you toss in a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, you’ll return to Rome. A second coin means you will find new romance, and a third coin means marriage is in the future!

Then there are also coins that you toss in for your own wishes. So if you don’t see a future with your significant other and you see them tossing in three coins, maybe it’s time to have a talk. Just don’t do it at the fountain, though. That would be in bad taste. Maybe you should toss your own coin in and wish that the ‘talk’ will go well.

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